• WordNet 3.6
    • n wing-nut a threaded nut with winglike projections for thumb and forefinger leverage in turning
    • n wing-nut any tree of the genus Pterocarya; fruit is a small winged nutlet; Caucasus to southeastern Asia
    • ***


In literature:

Two nuts fell to the ground, and the air was filled with shrill screams and the flapping of innumerable wings.
"The Wings of the Morning" by Louis Tracy
He changed her instantly into a nut, and taking her thus disguised in his talons, flew away as fast as his falcon wings could carry him.
"Young Folks Treasury, Volume 2 (of 12)" by Various
Just you tumble off your camel and break a leg or a wing, or crack your nut, and let him put you right.
"In the Mahdi's Grasp" by George Manville Fenn
The spermoderm of P. flexilis is reduced to a marginal border, slightly produced into a rudimentary wing adnate to the nut.
"The Genus Pinus" by George Russell Shaw
He went over it bolt by bolt, nuts, screws, wires, and wings passing under his careful and critical eye.
"Battling the Clouds" by Captain Frank Cobb
Fruit with a single, rough, elongated, bony nut surrounded by a 2- to 4-winged coat; ripe in autumn.
"Trees of the Northern United States" by Austin C. Apgar
Von Holtz began to unscrew two wing-nuts which kept the top of the aluminum casting in place.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science January 1931" by Various
Tighten wing-nuts until paint container is air-tight.
"Advanced Toy Making for Schools" by David M. Mitchell
Seeds on winged nuts produced in long, drooping racemes, but of no special value.
"The Nut Culturist" by Andrew S. Fuller
Screws for vanes and tripod mounting are hand cut, with wing nut ends.
"Early American Scientific Instruments and Their Makers" by Silvio A. Bedini
Fruit a winged samara or nut-like.
"The Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States" by Asa Gray
Emit an oblong nut, deciduous, winged, 1-celled.
"Woodland Gleanings" by Charles Tilt
Winged nut Ecrou a oreilles.
"English-French and French-English dictionary of the motor car, cycle, and boat" by Frederick Lucas

In poetry:

I once saw a dying man who kept complaining they would not let him have
hazel-nuts to munch!… and only in the depths of his fast-dimming eyes,
something quivered and struggled like the torn wing of a bird wounded to
"What Shall I Think?..." by Ivan Turgenev

In news:

It's the watchword of the right-wing nut jobs who have turned the.
The heat is getting to me, but not as much as your great captions, so let's get to it, with this week's honorable mentions: Todd B In about thirty seconds, you will hear the term "wing nuts" used for the very first time.
The twist plug is inserted into the pipe and the wing nut twisted until the plug is tight.
Many jigs and fixtures have wing nuts for making adjustments without wrenches.
I slip the wrench over a stubborn wing nut or thumbscrew, rotate it until the wings catch in the grooves, and break the rascal loose.
Wing Nut with a clipping path isolated on white.
It's not just right-wing evangelical nuts who view cloning with a jaundiced eye.