• WordNet 3.6
    • n whippoorwill American nocturnal goatsucker with grey-and-white plumage
    • ***


In literature:

It belonged to the whippoorwill family, but was some larger.
"The Story of a Common Soldier of Army Life in the Civil War, 1861-1865" by Leander Stillwell
Down in the orchard a whippoorwill cried.
"Shapes that Haunt the Dusk" by Various
Into the tangled garden a whippoorwill flashed on noiseless wings, rested a moment, unseen, then broke out into husky, breathless calling.
"A Young Man in a Hurry" by Robert W. Chambers
The invisible stream gurgled sadly past its banks, the whippoorwills throbbed with ceaseless, insistent passion.
"Mountain Blood" by Joseph Hergesheimer
You know the cry of a crow, friend, from the whistle of the whippoorwill?
"The Last of the Mohicans" by James Fenimore Cooper
Only at intervals the whippoorwill's call arose, like a pulse of pain.
"The Love Story of Abner Stone" by Edwin Carlile Litsey
The whippoorwills had just returned to Sandgate, and over the meadows scattered fireflies twinkled.
"Uncle Terry" by Charles Clark Munn
He stood as motionless as a statue for a moment, and then gave utterance to a cry that resembled exactly that of the whippoorwill.
"The Ranger" by Edward S. Ellis
He listened tensely, too, and fancied that he heard a whippoorwill.
"The Roof Tree" by Charles Neville Buck
The whippoorwill walks as awkwardly as a swallow, which is as awkward as a man in a bag, and yet she manages to lead her young about the woods.
"Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 7" by Various

In poetry:

I lingered till the whippoorwill
Had cried delicious pain
Over the wild-wood--in its thrill
I heard your voice again.
"Lingering" by Cale Young Rice
The full moon is a splendid gong
That beats as night grows still.
It sounds above the evening song
Of dove or whippoorwill.
"What The Gray-Winged Fairy Said" by Vachel Lindsay
My mother was a whippoorwill pert,
My father, he was lazy,
But I'm Hell broke loose in a new store shirt
To fiddle all Georgia crazy.
"The Mountain Whippoorwill" by Stephen Vincent Benet
The whippoorwills are calling where
The golden west is graying;
"'Tis time," they say, "to meet him there--
Why are you still delaying?
"One Day And Another: A Lyrical Eclogue – Part I" by Madison Julius Cawein
They wasn't a sound when I stopped bowin',
(Whippoorwill, yuh can sing no more.)
But, somewhere or other, the dawn was growing
(Oh, mountain whippoorwill!)
"The Mountain Whippoorwill" by Stephen Vincent Benet
When he was finished, the crowd cut loose,
(Whippoorwill, they's rain on yore breast.)
An’ I sat there wondering "What's the use?"
(Whippoorwill, fly home to yore nest.)
"The Mountain Whippoorwill" by Stephen Vincent Benet

In news:

We listened to the night music of tree crickets, katydids, whippoorwills, and barking dogs.
Nelson Staples of Beckley's Mt Zion Baptist Church on Friday consecrate the Whippoorwill Cemetery graves of 41 black workers who died from silicosis after working in the Hawks Nest Tunnel in the early 1930s.
There's an old gravel road, winding over the hill out west of town Where the Whippoorwill sings its sleepy song, when the sun goes down I can still smell the woods as I swing.
Blackberry Smoke's 'The Whippoorwill ': Gritty realism and country charm.
When the ringing stopped, I heard the familiar call of a whippoorwill.
We turn to the animal kingdom for answers, which lands us on a tour of sperm battles in ducks, flying pig sperm , and promiscuous whippoorwills.