• WordNet 3.6
    • adj whacking (British informal) enormous "a whacking phone bill","a whacking lie"
    • adv whacking extremely "a whacking good story"
    • n whacking the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Whacking Very large; whapping.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • whacking Very large; lusty; whopping: as, a whacking fish or falsehood. Often used adverbially: as, a whacking big fish
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Whacking very large, astounding
    • ***


  • Dolly Parton
    Dolly Parton
    “I do have big tits. Always had 'em -- pushed 'em up, whacked 'em around. Why not make fun of 'em? I've made a fortune with 'em.”
  • Alan Dixon
    Alan Dixon
    “Politic is going to be diluted down into a ten second window, where you whack the guy as hard as you can and then get out there.”


Out of Whack - If something is out of whack, it is not working correctly or not in the correct order.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary


In literature:

Them birds has two broods in a season, and then's the chance to get a good whack at 'em.
"Dickey Downy" by Virginia Sharpe Patterson
Say the word, and it's a whack.
"The Bread-winners" by John Hay
We'll whack up on it.
"Larry Dexter's Great Search" by Howard R. Garis
She whacked me on the head.
"The Voice of the People" by Ellen Glasgow
They then whacked their legs soundly and never flinched once, for they each had an artificial one!
"Fanny Goes to War" by Pat Beauchamp
Patsy marched over to Ajo and gave him a sturdy whack upon the back that nearly knocked him over.
"Aunt Jane's Nieces in the Red Cross" by Edith Van Dyne
Golly, what a resounding whack!
"Biltmore Oswald" by J. Thorne Smith, Jr.
Accordingly he made a sudden dash and commenced whacking them soundly with the stick he held in his hand.
"Oonomoo the Huron" by Edward S. Ellis
Father stopped and gave an ugly weed a whack with his cane.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 110, December, 1866" by Various
If you hear a frog say anything improper you fetch him a whack.
"A Man for the Ages" by Irving Bacheller

In poetry:

Whack fal de da, fal de darelido,
Whack fal de da, fal de darelay,
Whack fal de da, fal de darelido,
Whack fal de da, fal de darelay.
"The Rattling Boy from Dublin" by William Topaz McGonagall
"Then hewed and whacked and whittled I;
The wife, the girls and Kris took fire;
They spun, sewed, cut, — till by and by
We made, at home, my pack entire!"
"The Hard Times In Elfland [A Story of Christmas Eve]" by Sidney Lanier
'Ere's the axe - that's the genuine axe, Sir,
That's given Royal necks some 'ard whacks.
Tho' it's 'ad a new 'andle and perhaps a new head
But it's a real old original axe.
"The Beefeater" by Weston and Lee
So, with my darling shillelah, I gave him a whack,
Which left him lying on his back,
Saying, botheration to you and Biddy Brown,—
For I'm the rattling boy from Dublin town.
"The Rattling Boy from Dublin" by William Topaz McGonagall
The little boy struggled and tugged at his hair,
But the lion was roused, and Old PAUL didn't care;
He smacked him, and whacked him, and boxed him, and kicked
Till the poor little beggar was royally licked.
"Old Paul and Old Tim" by William Schwenck Gilbert
No roasting for the umpire now - his was an easy lot;
But here the pitcher whirled again- was that a rifle shot?
A whack, a crack, and out through the space the leather pellet flew,
A blot against the distant sky, a speck against the blue.
"Casey's Revenge" by Henry Grantland Rice

In news:

Cowboys' starts have thrown plans out of whack .
But the dominant theme is one Roach has harped on ad nauseum—his words, not mine—for years: The global economy is seriously out of whack and needs a complete rebalancing.
Ohio State's bowl ban out of whack .
Lockout has order out of whack .
Something Seems Out Of Whack With All Of This.
An out of whack pay system.
Yes, I am saying that media play a role in this out-of-whack system.
One Chart That Shows How the Great Recession Has Whacked the Young.
Who would you like to see whacked next.
John Beck getting whacked in the chin and completing a pass.
Watch as ESPN UK soccer commentator Martin Keown gets whacked in the face by a stray soccer ball.
49ers win because of "Whack" and "Bang".
Rainn Wilson to Marry Liv Tyler, Whack Dudes With Wrench.
Surely we can devote more effort to scanning for the whack jobs among us.
Fine, just as you enjoy fresh whack cream, you prey on fresh porn, so I'll elaborate: A porn trade group has called for a nationwide filming freeze while officials investigate an outbreak of syphilis .