• WordNet 3.6
    • v wet-nurse give suck to "The wetnurse suckled the infant","You cannot nurse your baby in public in some places"
    • n wet-nurse a woman hired to suckle a child of someone else
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Wet-nurse a nurse who suckles a child for its mother
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. wǽt; Ice. vátr; from root of water.


In literature:

The women from the neighboring mountain province of Asturias are the professional wet-nurses of Spain.
"Influences of Geographic Environment" by Ellen Churchill Semple
If the infant is older, or if a wet-nurse cannot be obtained, some of the substitutes for fresh cow's milk may be tried.
"The Care and Feeding of Children" by L. Emmett Holt
Hannah had thrown off her shawl and bonnet, and was hastily divesting Nora of her wet garments, when the old nurse appeared at her side.
"Ishmael" by Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth
And you needn't imagine I'm going to be wet-nursed along by your money.
"Poor Man's Rock" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
Nurse (wet) = sucxigistino.
"English-Esperanto Dictionary" by John Charles O'Connor and Charles Frederic Hayes
Our contemporaries are wrong in stating that the individual to whom the post of wet-nurse has been assigned is nothing but a housemaid.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, Complete" by Various
It was the nurse, who brought in her hand a rolled mass of wet paper.
"The Return of the Native" by Thomas Hardy
I hadn't hired out for no wet nurse, and I told the crowd so.
"Shorty McCabe" by Sewell Ford
The child's mouth should be wet with the same each time just before nursing.
"An Epitome of Homeopathic Healing Art" by B. L. Hill
For milds we went through the Valley of the Nile, that great wet nurse of Egypt.
"Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife" by Marietta Holley
One day a nurse took a wet towel and put it on his forehead.
"From Bull Run to Appomattox" by Luther W. Hopkins
He is the sum of his parents and his wet-nurse.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus" by G. A. Chadwick
In large cities there are women who lead dissolute lives, put away their own children, and then rent themselves out as wet-nurses.
"What a Young Husband Ought to Know" by Sylvanus Stall
We interpret the phantasy of being wet-nursed by the mother and find that the mother is replaced by a vulture.
"Leonardo da Vinci" by Sigmund Freud
It must have been the fault of his wet nurse!
"Famous Men of Science" by Sarah K. Bolton
Water-fowl swim and quack here, and children elude their nurses and get their feet wet.
"With the World's Great Travellers, Volume 3" by Various
She became an indispensable person in the household, officiating in all capacities, from cook and wet-nurse to seamstress.
"The Freedmen's Book" by Lydia Maria Child
The wet-nurse of this little child lived at Londa, above the Rufina.
"Thoughts on Art and Autobiographical Memoirs of Giovanni Duprè" by Giovanni Duprè
Venice never denied her enlightened and paternal rule, which embraced even the cut of ladies' dresses and the duties of wet nurses.
"Venice and its Story" by Thomas Okey
Harriet did not take much to her little girl, and gave her over to a wet-nurse, for whom Shelley conceived a great dislike.
"Shelley" by John Addington Symonds

In poetry:

Teeth of flowers, hairnet of dew,
hands of herbs, you, perfect wet nurse,
prepare the earthly sheets for me
and the down quilt of weeded moss.
"I Am Going To Sleep (Suicide Poem)" by Alfonsina Storni
There you are, alone again in a cockle-shell boat,
Fighting on a sea-bed with great clouds from the sky
And rocked by the sea, wild beast, as if by a wet-nurse,
Smothered in song by its iron paps.
"The Sea-Beast" by Tudor Arghezi

In news:

Would You Want to Be a Wet Nurse .
Would You Want to Be a Wet Nurse.
The sun reflects off the wood hulls of the 1920s powerboats docked at Gar Woods Grill & Pier as you nurse a Wet Woody, the signature frozen tiki drink, on the deck.
Two Siberian tiger cubs abandoned in Russia by their mother have found an unusual wet nurse -- a wrinkled, sand-colored Shar Pei dog named Cleopatra, a zoo worker said Wednesday.
Two abandoned Siberian cubs have found an unusual wet nurse named Cleopatra.