watering hole


  • Water pours over the old woman from the hole in the pot
    Water pours over the old woman from the hole in the pot
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n watering hole a health resort near a spring or at the seaside
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Watering hole - (UK) A watering hole is a pub.


In literature:

A ton or two of water was also procured from some holes in the rocks on the island.
"Discoveries in Australia, Volume 2" by John Lort Stokes
Also they poison the water-holes.
"Tales of lonely trails" by Zane Grey
Camp was made at the salt water hole, and our wheat and meat boiled in it did not soften and get tender as it did in fresh water.
"Death Valley in '49" by William Lewis Manly
We started just at dusk and installed ourselves in the bushes a few yards from the water hole.
"Camps and Trails in China" by Roy Chapman Andrews and Yvette Borup Andrews
A muddy water-hole, surrounded by thickets of willows, indicated their camping ground.
"Overland" by John William De Forest
The Fijians fill a hole with water, and gaze into it.
"Clairvoyance and Occult Powers" by Swami Panchadasi
The women who were dipping water saw that the water which ran from their bodies were agates which had no holes.
"Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore" by Fay-Cooper Cole
Sometimes water holes are ninety miles apart.
"Port O' Gold" by Louis John Stellman
The vessel had a hole in her hull somewhere under the water-line, quite forward in the keel.
"The Man Who Laughs" by Victor Hugo
Not finding any fresh water wherewith to fill up their casks, they had dug a hole in a low situation about a hundred yards inland.
"An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, Vol. 2" by David Collins
The moment the cattle quit drinking, the water holes freeze over.
"Wells Brothers" by Andy Adams
In the latter case deep holes are dug in the sands, and the water that seeps in is used for household purposes.
"The Tinguian" by Fay-Cooper Cole
It was covered with holes brim full of water; and we at length arrived where long reeds grew in extensive patches.
"Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Vol 1 (of 2)" by Thomas Mitchell
It was late when at last they reached the water-hole.
"Steve Yeager" by William MacLeod Raine
The wells we now passed were mere water holes similar to those met with up country in Australia.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 1157, March 5, 1898" by Various
We camped near a water-hole, from which we obtained all the fluid we required for our morning's meal.
"Adventures in Australia" by W.H.G. Kingston
Water is admitted into the great cylinder through a number of holes in the bottom.
"Under the Waves" by R M Ballantyne
Jan assured us that he could find the way to the water-hole, and we therefore proceeded in the direction he pointed out.
"Adventures in Africa" by W.H.G. Kingston
There had been less rain than usual, and as the summer advanced the heat increased, and the creeks and water-holes dried up.
"Taking Tales" by W.H.G. Kingston
There was a large hole at one end, and it was nearly filled with water.
"Daniel Boone" by John S. C. Abbott

In poetry:

At an old water-hole,
Bones lay in the hide
And teeth gibbered up
Of things that had died.
"Crows" by Mary Eliza Fullerton
They bored a hole above the keel
To let the water out;
But, strange to say, to their dismay,
The water in did spout.
"A Sailor's Yarn" by James Jeffrey Roche
Then the darkness closed like a trap that was sprung,
And the night grew black as coals,
And we heard the ceaseless thunder
Of the water down the holes.
"The Legend of Cooee Gully" by Henry Lawson
Oh, mark how the spring in its beauty is near!
How the fences and tules once more reappear!
How soft lies the mud on the banks of yon slough
By the hole in the levee the waters broke through!
"California Madrigal" by Francis Bret Harte
The boat sailed on
The masts were made of straw
The sails were made of finest silken thread
And out of holes on either side the prow
Gushed endless streams of water and of flame
In which the passengers saw curious things:
"The Truth is Blind" by David Gascoyne
Poor souls they expected to be engulfed every hour,
And to appease their hunger they made dough with salt water and flour;
And made a sort of hard cake placed over a griddle hole,
To satisfy their hunger, which, alas! is hard to thole.
"Wreck of the Schooner 'Samuel Crawford'" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Bars and other watering holes will soon be welcome in Buda after residents overwhelming voted in favor of a proposition to legalize the sale of all alcohol within city limits.
"Watering hole" probably isn't the right phrase.
Traveling through Pittsburgh, the remnants of the steel city's past adorn the streets, with old-fashioned buildings transformed into local eateries, apartments, pubs and watering holes.
Police raided the watering hole earlier this month after getting a tip people were betting on the critters racing.
A familiar watering hole has changed locations and is building its menu around sausage.
After a good meal, it's only appropriate to head to a solid watering hole.
If you've got the scoop on this new watering hole in Horsetown, let me know, please.
It's the clamor of cocktails that brings people to the local watering hole, second only to the personality behind the.
Serial entrepreneur takes helm of Laguna watering hole.
" Resting at the old water hole ".
When stepping foot inside Wunderbar, the new German-themed Covington restaurant and watering hole, be prepared for the Wurst.
A mounted wolverine was taken from a Georgetown bar this week, leaving its owner upset and a local watering hole without its main ice breaker.
Longtime patrons gathered over the weekend for a potluck dinner and to bid adieu to one of the area's oldest and most beloved watering holes.
The two political factions that made up the so-called Super Committee have declared failure and retreated to their favorite DC watering holes.
Much like a Saturday night out at your favorite watering hole, it's rowdy and fun, but difficult to remember the next morning.

In science:

Frozen into vertical holes 2.4 km deep, drilled by hot water, the optical modules will lie between 1450 m and 2450 m below the surface.
The ICECUBE prototype string in AMANDA
The Hawking radiation emitted by the black hole can be used to heat up, say, a pan of water just as though the pan was kept inside a microwave oven.
Thermodynamical Aspects of Gravity: New insights
This is a small region of slightly lower potential and, like the channel in an artificial river bed designed to improve the flow of a small amount of water, it will concentrate the first few electrons (or holes).
The effects of charge transfer inefficiency (CTI) on galaxy shape measurements
Dramatic improvement in the calculated spectra is obtained with a proper excitation theory, as shown in a recent paper , which focused on water and adopted Hedin’s GW approximation for the self-energy of the excited electron in presence of a static core hole.
Role of quantum nuclei and local fields in the x-ray absorption spectra of water and ice
Ghez and Genzel’s stars, and Miyoshi’s water masers, are buried well within the sphere of influence of the supermassive black holes in the Milky Way and in NGC 4258.
Supermassive Black Holes
The holes where AMANDA strings are buried, were produced with high pressure hot water (∼ 90◦C ).
Neutrino Astronomy at the South Pole: Status of the AMANDA Experiment
The shell is not intended to withstand static pressure, but has several small holes which allow water to form a layer between the PMT and the shell.
Astrophysical Neutrino Telescopes
Holes are drilled with hot water, and strings with PMTs are frozen into the ice.
Astrophysical Neutrino Telescopes
The holes range from several hundred metres to 3 km in depth and the water in them rapidly refreezes, trapping the PMTs within the ice.
The History of Astrophysics in Antarctica
AMANDA contains 677 widely spaced optical modules, connected together by strings and placed into water-filled holes that were drilled into the ice, before the water re-freezed.
The History of Astrophysics in Antarctica
The distance to the spiral galaxy NGC 4258 can be determined to very high precision and accuracy (∼ 3%) through geometrical methods based on VLBI observations of water masers located in the accretion disk of its central supermassive black hole (Herrnstein et al. 1999; Humphreys et al. 2005).
Cepheids, Eclipsing Binaries and the Distance Scale: from the Galaxy to the Local Group
During re-freezing it increases since the hole freezes from the top, developing a con fined water volume.
Sensor development and calibration for acoustic neutrino detection in ice
Maser distances are inferred by comparing the rotation velocity and proper motion (angular velocity) of water masers in Keplerian motion around supermassive black holes in spiral galaxies.
Astrophysical Tests of Modified Gravity: Constraints from Distance Indicators in the Nearby Universe
Mylar must undergo special treatment in which a large number of microscopic holes are produced in order to ensure a good bond with the PVA glue and also to allow the water evaporation during the drying of the glue.
Review of double beta experiments
Thus, a black hole of the kind believed to exist at the center of our galaxy (108 solar masses) could form from a ball with the density of water.
The Quantum Physics of Black Holes: Results from String Theory