water ice


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n water ice an ice containing no milk but having a mushy consistency; usually made from fruit juice
    • n water ice water frozen in the solid state "Americans like ice in their drinks"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Spring peeper (a frog) can survive the winter season with 65% of its body water as ice
    • Water ice a confection consisting of water sweetened, flavored (usually with a fruit syrup), and frozen.
    • Water ice Water flavored, sweetened, and frozen, to be eaten as a confection.
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In literature:

Only one door, and that under the thick ice and water.
"Winter Adventures of Three Boys" by Egerton R. Young
If ice can be had, it may be put in the water used to cool the cloths.
"Papers on Health" by John Kirk
The ice had formed on the water, and he had but four logs of wood to keep his fire.
"The Myth of Hiawatha, and Other Oral Legends, Mythologic and Allegoric, of the North American Indians" by Henry R. Schoolcraft
A spring of water issuing from the ground, of which we drank, was cold like ice.
"Byeways in Palestine" by James Finn
Suddenly they found themselves in the midst of a tremendous rush of water and ice.
"The Boy with the U. S. Weather Men" by Francis William Rolt-Wheeler
Everybody had a water barrel by the fence which was filled with river water by contract and in the winter they used melted snow and ice.
"Old Rail Fence Corners" by Various
It was sparkling clear ice, and chipping off a piece and sucking it, I found it to be very sweet fresh water.
"The Frozen Pirate" by W. Clark Russell
And now, if you will bring me a pitcher of ice-water, I will take my needed siesta.
"Mary Louise in the Country" by L. Frank Baum (AKA Edith Van Dyne)
Between the huge ice-pans were gaping chasms, while half a mile out all was clear water.
"A Labrador Doctor" by Wilfred Thomason Grenfell
Presently we entered a thick mist that even to inexperienced eyes spoke of open water or new ice yet moist.
"Ten Thousand Miles with a Dog Sled" by Hudson Stuck

In poetry:

Water becoming ice is slowing in
The narrow channels.
Nothing at all will happen here again,
Will ever happen.
"Memory Of Sun" by Anna Akhmatova
Jest like ten thousand souls, all lost,
The wind howls—ain't it nice!—
The water-hole is froze acrost
With crinkly-crackly ice.
"October on the Sheep Range" by Arthur Chapman
He bids the southern breezes blow;
The ice dissolves, the waters flow:
But he hath nobler works and ways
To call the Britons to his praise.
"Psalm 147 part 2" by Isaac Watts
Hoarse below, the winter water
Ground its ice-blocks o'er and o'er;
Jets of foam, like ghosts of dead waves,
Rose and fell along the shore.
"The Dole Of Jarl Thorkell" by John Greenleaf Whittier
"To seek het water beneath cauld ice,
Surely it is a great follie:
I have ask'd grace at a graceless face,
But there is nane for my men and me.
"Johnnie Armstrang" by Andrew Lang
Great blocks of the floating ice were there,
And the water's roar was wild,
But the cruel trader's step was near,
Who would take her only child.
"Eliza Crossing The River" by Harriet Beecher Stowe

In news:

Be careful to note that many manufacturers' ice making claims are based on a 50°F water temperature and 70F° air temperature at the ice maker .
Ice Water Press has secured a deal for global e-publishing rights for the first season of the series "The WotWots" from Pukeko Pictures.
Atlantic County is offering free ice, water to residents affected by the power outages stemming from the past weekend's storms and thousands remain in the dark this morning as repair crews work to restore outages.
The county is offering water, ice to those affected by the outages.
Katrina was like 'hell without ice water '.
Such increased reflectivity indicates a transition from solid ice and snow to liquid water.
Ice Water Press has secured a deal for global e-publishing rights for the first season of the series "The WotWots" from Pukeko Pictures.
Katrina was like 'hell without ice water'.
Water ice detected at Mars' south pole.
Europe probe detects Mars water ice .
Water, Ice & Food in Somerset County.
Water, Ice and Food is available to Somerset County residents.
Sure, you may be able to sing, but can you do it when you're dipped in ice water with snakes.
0Some counties using mixtures other than salt and water to de-ice roads.
Last week in the journal Science, scientists reported that NASA 's Messenger spacecraft found evidence of water ice on Mercury.

In science:

We also attempt to test the theory that the family members are made of almost pure water ice by using optical light-curves to constrain their densities.
Characterisation of candidate members of (136108) Haumea's family
We use optical and near-infrared photometry to identify water ice, in particular using the ( J − HS ) colour as a sensitive measure of the absorption feature at 1.6 µm.
Characterisation of candidate members of (136108) Haumea's family
We use the C H4 filter of the new Hawk-I instrument at the VLT as a short H -band (HS ) for this as it is more sensitive to the water ice feature than the usual H filter.
Characterisation of candidate members of (136108) Haumea's family
We reject 8 candidates as having no water ice absorption based on our Hawk-I measurements, and 5 more based on their optical colours.
Characterisation of candidate members of (136108) Haumea's family
Brown et al. [2006] and Barkume et al. [2006] postulated that the density, shape and water ice surface could be explained by a large collision early in the history of the Solar System.
Characterisation of candidate members of (136108) Haumea's family