• English slip-decorated ware. Although made in England mainly for local consumption, many attractive examples were shipped to Virginia during the 17th century
    English slip-decorated ware. Although made in England mainly for local consumption, many attractive examples were shipped to Virginia during the 17th century
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v ware spend extravagantly "waste not, want not"
    • n ware commodities offered for sale "good business depends on having good merchandise","that store offers a variety of products"
    • n ware articles of the same kind or material; usually used in combination: `silverware', `software'
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Ware A ware; taking notice; hence, wary; cautious; on one's guard. See Beware. "She was ware and knew it bet [better] than he.""Of whom be thou ware also.""He is ware enough; he is wily and circumspect for stirring up any sedition.""The only good that grows of passed fear
      Is to be wise, and ware of like again."
    • n Ware Articles of merchandise; the sum of articles of a particular kind or class; style or class of manufactures; especially, in the plural, goods; commodities; merchandise.☞ Although originally and properly a collective noun, it admits of a plural form, when articles of merchandise of different kinds are meant. It is often used in composition; as in hardware, glassware, tinware, etc. "Retails his wares at wakes.""To chaffer with them and eke to sell them their ware .""It the people of the land bring ware or any victuals on the Sabbath day to sell, that we would not buy it of them on the Sabbath, or on the holy day."
    • n Ware (Bot) Seaweed.
    • n Ware The state of being ware or aware; heed.
    • v. t Ware To make ware; to warn; to take heed of; to beware of; to guard against. "Ware that I say.""God . . . ware you for the sin of avarice.""Then ware a rising tempest on the main."
    • v. t Ware (Naut) To wear, or veer. See Wear.
    • imp Ware Wore.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n ware The wares produced at the Etruria pottery, Trenton, New Jersey.
    • n ware a rather indefinite name applied to pottery supposed to have been made formerly at the town of Gombroon, or Bander-Abbas, on the Persian Gulf. Authorities differ as to the character of this ware. Some assert that it was pottery of soft body which was rubbed away from the interior, leaving only the harder shell or outside glaze (“shell-ware”); others assert that it was a creamy white pottery with perforated decorations filled in with translucent glaze; while some writers describe it as a sort of semi-porcelain of white and semi-translucent body, of Perso-Chinese origin.
    • n ware One class of Korean tea-bowls is known to the Japanese by the name of Mishima ware, because the formal lines of its decoration resemble at a distance the printed columns of the almanac which is issued from a famous temple at Mishima on the Tokaido, the great route from Kioto to Yedo.
    • ware Watchful; cautious; prudent; wary.
    • ware On guard; on the watch (against something). See beware.
    • ware Aware; conscious; assured.
    • ware To take care of; take precautions against; take heed to; look out for and guard against; beware of: as, ware the dog. Except in a few phrases, as in ware hawk, ware hounds, beware is now used instead of ware.
    • n ware Articles of manufacture or merchandise: now usually in the plural.
    • n ware A collective noun used generally in composition with the name of the material, or a term relating to the characters of the articles or the use to which they are put: as, china-ware, tinware, hardware, tableware.
    • n ware A decorative pottery made in the seventeenth century, many of the pieces having the forms of animals.
    • n ware The first real or kaolinic porcelain produced in Europe: it was first made by Böttger about 1710.
    • n ware A name given in England to vessels of pottery for domestic use, especially for table service. It is common to discriminate pottery from porcelain by the name Delft or Delf, and also Delf-china, etc.
    • n ware A fine terra-cotta, enameled in colors, made in England for architectural decorations, flower-vases, garden-seats, etc., especially that made at Tamworth at works founded in 1847.
    • n ware Specifically— A coarse earthenware covered with an outer coat of a different color, which, being deeply scratched, shows the body of the ware.
    • n ware A kind of pottery in which the body is scratched or scored, the whole being then covered with a transparent glaze, which shows a deeper color where it fills these incisions than elsewhere.
    • n ware A pottery made at Stoke-upon-Trent in England, imitated in the main from the Japanese Satsuma.
    • n ware Synonyms Merchandise, etc. See property.
    • ware To use; employ; lay out; expend; spend.
    • n ware Seaweed of various species of Fucus, Laminaria, Himanthalia, Chorda, ete. They are employed as a manure and in the manufacture of kelp, etc. See seaware.
    • n ware An obsolete preterit of wear.
    • ware An obsolete spelling of wear, 10.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Ware wār (used generally in pl.) merchandise: commodities: goods
    • v.t Ware (obs.) to expend, lay out
    • v.t Ware to deposit in a warehouse
    • adj Ware wār aware
    • v.t Ware to take care of
    • pa.t Ware wār in B. of wear.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. ware, AS. waru,; akin to D. waar, G. waare, Icel. & Sw. vara, Dan. vare,; and probably to E. worth, a. See Worth (a.)


In literature:

Several artists affect a peculiar style of dress to advertise their wares.
"As A Chinaman Saw Us" by Anonymous
In that mortar-chamber we have no hint of the finished ware.
"My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year" by John Henry Jowett
The ticket speculators were yelling their wares on the sidewalk.
"The Root of Evil" by Thomas Dixon
For God's sake, Waring, can't ye let a fellow in and say that I'm not here?
"Waring's Peril" by Charles King
Then her finger traced the way to where Ware's Wigwam would have been on the map if it had been a spot large enough to mark.
"Mary Ware's Promised Land" by Annie Fellows Johnston
The effect of trade is to develop one or more predominant wares.
"Folkways" by William Graham Sumner
With an air of importance they turned their attention to choosing its equivalent in crystal ware.
"Peggy-Alone" by Mary Agnes Byrne
The bewildering changes of varied colored dishes (I mean crockery ware), was something to make one stare.
"Bidwell's Travels, from Wall Street to London Prison" by Austin Biron Bidwell
We will go back now and look for Ware.
"The Eyes of the Woods" by Joseph A. Altsheler
For we need not more the Wares and Fabrics than the skill which fashions and the taste which beautifies them.
"Glances at Europe" by Horace Greeley

In poetry:

Berries here, an' berries there,
Heigho the blaeberrie!
I was kissed or I was ware,
Puin' o' the blaeberrie.
"The Sodger's Lassie" by Sydney Thompson Dobell
But yet his horse was not a whit
Inclined to tarry there;
For why? — his owner had a house
Full ten miles off, at Ware.
"The Diverting History Of John Gilpin, Showing How He Went Farther Than He Intended, And Came Safe Ho" by William Cowper
"But I will come thy bowr within,
An spear nae leave," quoth he;
"An this same bran that's i my ban,
I sall ware back on the."
"Rose The Red And White Lily" by Andrew Lang
For I have slaine the fairest sir knighte,
That ever rode on a steede ;
So have I done the fairest lady,
That ever ware womans weede.
"The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard" by Anonymous British
For whan a' ware sound and sleeping,
Still and on, baith ear' and late,
Will in briny grief lay steeping,
Mourning owre his hapless fate!
"The Waes O' War : Or The Upshot Of The History O' Will And Jean. In Four Parts" by Hector MacNeill
Swiftly the rival ploughmen
Turned the brown earth from their shares;
Here were the farmer's treasures,
There were the craftsman's wares.
"Cobbler Keezar's Vision" by John Greenleaf Whittier

In news:

Jen Norqual sells her wares at the Left Bank Art Festival on Sunday.
Vendors swap tricks of the trade, peddle their wares at Coffee Fest.
Peoplefluent, a vendor management system provider, appointed Derrick Ware as vice president, engineering.
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Cowboys LB DeMarcus Ware (c.) and the Dallas defense get in several direct… (Elsa/Getty ).
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Music Leon Ware and Quadron Have Crafted the Perfect Summer Song.
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Giants release Sash , DJ Ware.
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Fort Sumter is best known as the site upon which the shots initiating the American Civil Ware were fired.
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In science:

Shalev, Word maps and Waring type problems. J.
Some word maps that are non-surjective on infinitely many finite simple groups
During the first nights we were able to setup hardware and soft ware, adjust the instrument, take calibration frames and prepare routine observations.
The All Sky Automated Survey
Having this knowledge the middle-ware of an information integration system translates queries on the mediated schema to queries on the source relations.
Information Integration and Computational Logic
We ware not able to find in the literature most general consideration of the class of functions fǫ (x, x0 ) which can be used to define the 1D Dirac δ -function in the above sense, although a lot of specific examples are well known.
Novel Geometrical Models of Relativistic Stars III. The Point Particle Idealization
However, as pointed out in Pepe et al. (2004) and Ware (2006), statistical significance does not necessarily imply scientific or clinical significance.
A study of pre-validation