• WordNet 3.6
    • v waken stop sleeping "She woke up to the sound of the alarm clock"
    • v waken cause to become awake or conscious "He was roused by the drunken men in the street","Please wake me at 6 AM."
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Waken To excite or rouse from sleep; to wake; to awake; to awaken. "Go, waken Eve."
    • Waken To excite; to rouse; to move to action; to awaken. "Then Homer's and Tyrtæus' martial muse Wakened the world.""Venus now wakes, and wakens love.""They introduce
      Their sacred song, and waken raptures high."
    • v. i Waken To wake; to cease to sleep; to be awakened. "Early, Turnus wakening with the light."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • waken To wake; cease to sleep; be awakened: literally or figuratively.
    • waken To keep awake; refrain from sleeping; watch.
    • waken To excite or rouse from sleep; awaken.
    • waken To excite to action or motion; rouse; stir up.
    • waken To excite; produce; call forth.
    • waken A wake; not sleeping.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t., v.i Waken to wake or awake: to be awake
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  • Tryon Edwards
    “To waken interest and kindle enthusiasm is the sure way to teach easily and successfully.”
  • Pearl S. Buck
    “Love alone could waken love.”
  • William Dean Howells
    William Dean Howells
    “He who sleeps in continual noise is wakened by silence.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. waknen, AS. wæcnan,; akin to Goth. gawaknan,. See Wake (v. i.)


In literature:

The lock snapped into place, but Connie did not waken.
"Prudence of the Parsonage" by Ethel Hueston
During those terrible days men slept in dread and wakened in fear as to what might have happened on the Potomac or the Mississippi.
"The Battle of Principles" by Newell Dwight Hillis
When he wakened again daylight was at hand, and Mr. Dopples was kindling a fire.
"Ralph Granger's Fortunes" by William Perry Brown
He did, too, for at sharp five o'clock the next morning Wilbur was wakened to find the older man up and with breakfast ready.
"The Boy With the U. S. Foresters" by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
When she wakened it was not with a start or sense of anxiety even though she found herself sitting up in the broad morning light.
"Robin" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
What wakened Thady was the clang of his cluster of tinware, which the wave dashed against the wall behind him.
"Strangers at Lisconnel" by Barlow Jane
I wakened Mac, and we grasped our heavy walking sticks and lay still.
"Into the Jaws of Death" by Jack O'Brien
At noon they were wakened.
"Steve Yeager" by William MacLeod Raine
In the gray of pre-dawn on the fourth day Ashe wakened Ross.
"The Time Traders" by Andre Norton
And we wakened in the morning to catastrophe.
"Tenting To-night" by Mary Roberts Rinehart
Then all at once she wakened out of sound slumber with a violent start.
"North of Fifty-Three" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
But in the darkness he overslept and let the town waken before him.
"The Yukon Trail" by William MacLeod Raine
The fact is I was up early this morning, wakened by my little daughter, a baby not quite two years old yet.
"The Simpkins Plot" by George A. Birmingham
I wakened from time to time and I could hear Tish stirring next to me.
"More Tish" by Mary Roberts Rinehart
Titania wakened with eyes fixed on Bottom, who, by Puck's art, had an ass's head.
"The Mysteries of All Nations" by James Grant
Once she certainly wakened, for she pressed her lips to mine.
"The Uncollected Writings of Thomas de Quincey, Vol. 2" by Thomas de Quincey
She wakened in the morning to some one knocking.
"The Coast of Chance" by Esther Chamberlain
It struck a note she never knew, and wakened her to life and longing.
"Tiverton Tales" by Alice Brown
He went up in the bushes and wakened Clay and Randy.
"Canoe Boys and Campfires" by William Murray Graydon
He did not waken the sleepers.
"The Short-story" by William Patterson Atkinson

In poetry:

Zoo dan laat ons waken, werken,
En, op ieder lot bereid,
Rustloos voortgaan en voltooien,
In des Heeren mogendheid!
"Een Psalm Des Levens" by Jan Jakob Lodewijk ten Kate
"I flapped wi my wings, master,
Till a' my bells they rang,
But still, the mair that I did flap,
Waken woud ye nane."
"The Broomfield Hill" by Andrew Lang
But the lily would not waken,
Nor ever will waken more;
And feet and fame have forsaken
Its place by the cottage door.
"A Snow-White Lily" by Alfred Austin
In the hush of the morn before the sun
I waken to think of thee
And all the sweet day thus begun
As hallowed sees to be.
"Before The Dawn" by Arlo Bates
As a cloud of the sunset, slow melting in heaven,
As a star that is lost when the daylight is given,
As a glad dream of slumber, which wakens in bliss,
She hath passed to the world of the holy from this.
"A Lament" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Leaning beside the curtain, where
Came o'er his brow the morning air,
He found the stranger chief; his tone,
Surely 'twas one RAYMOND had known!
He knew him not, what chord could be
Thus waken'd on his memory?
"The Troubadour. Canto 3" by Letitia Elizabeth Landon

In news:

According to the results of a literature review, proton pump inhibitors can help prevent wakening during the night due to acid reflux.
A wakening with the Enemy .

In science:

Spirit & Opportunity to the level that: practically all commands for a given Martian day (1 ‘sol’ = 24.6 hours) are delivered to each rover from Earth before the robot wakens from its power-conserving nighttime resting mode (Crisp et al., 2003; Squyres et al., 2004).
Field geology with a wearable computer: 1st results of the Cyborg Astrobiologist System