• WordNet 3.6
    • adj vulgar conspicuously and tastelessly indecent "coarse language","a crude joke","crude behavior","an earthy sense of humor","a revoltingly gross expletive","a vulgar gesture","full of language so vulgar it should have been edited"
    • adj vulgar being or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language "common parlance","a vernacular term","vernacular speakers","the vulgar tongue of the masses","the technical and vulgar names for an animal species"
    • adj vulgar of or associated with the great masses of people "the common people in those days suffered greatly","behavior that branded him as common","his square plebeian nose","a vulgar and objectionable person","the unwashed masses"
    • adj vulgar lacking refinement or cultivation or taste "he had coarse manners but a first-rate mind","behavior that branded him as common","an untutored and uncouth human being","an uncouth soldier--a real tough guy","appealing to the vulgar taste for violence","the vulgar display of the newly rich"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Vulgar Belonging or relating to the common people, as distinguished from the cultivated or educated; pertaining to common life; plebeian; not select or distinguished; hence, sometimes, of little or no value. "Like the vulgar sort of market men.""Men who have passed all their time in low and vulgar life.""In reading an account of a battle, we follow the hero with our whole attention, but seldom reflect on the vulgar heaps of slaughter."
    • Vulgar Hence, lacking cultivation or refinement; rustic; boorish; also, offensive to good taste or refined feelings; low; coarse; mean; base; as, vulgar men, minds, language, or manners. "Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar ."
    • Vulgar Of or pertaining to the mass, or multitude, of people; common; general; ordinary; public; hence, in general use; vernacular. "Things vulgar , and well-weighed, scarce worth the praise.""It might be more useful to the English reader . . . to write in our vulgar language.""The mechanical process of multiplying books had brought the New Testament in the vulgar tongue within the reach of every class."
    • Vulgar One of the common people; a vulgar person. "These vile vulgars are extremely proud."
    • Vulgar The vernacular, or common language.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • vulgar Of or pertaining to the common people; suited to or practised among the multitude; plebeian: as, vulgar life; vulgar sports.
    • vulgar Common; in general use; customary; usual; ordinary.
    • vulgar Hence, national; vernacular: as, the vulgar tongue; the vulgar version of the Scriptures; in zoology and botany, specifically, vernacular or trivial, as opposed to scientific or technical, in the names or naming of plants and animals. See pseudonym, 2.
    • vulgar Pertaining or belonging to the lower or less refined class of people: unrefined; hence, coarse; offensive to good taste; rude; boorish; low; mean; base: as, vulgar men, language, minds, or manners.
    • vulgar Synonyms and Ordinary, etc. See common.
    • vulgar Rustic, low-bred.
    • n vulgar A vulgar person; one of the common people: used only in the plural.
    • n vulgar The vernacular tongue or common language of a country.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Vulgar vul′gar pertaining to or used by the common people, native: public: common; national, vernacular: mean or low: rude
    • n Vulgar the common people: the common language of a country
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  • Oscar Wilde
    “Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing.”
  • Oscar Wilde
    “I dislike arguments of any kind. They are always vulgar, and often convincing.”
  • G. Darley
    G. Darley
    “Fashionabilty is a kind of elevated vulgarity.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Manners require time, and nothing is more vulgar than haste.”
  • George Bernard Shaw
    “Vulgarity in a king flatters the majority of the nation.”
  • William Nazlitt
    William Nazlitt
    “A thing is not vulgar merely because it is common”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. vulgaris, from vulgus, the multitude, the common people; of uncertain origin: cf. F. vulgaire,. Cf. Divulge


In literature:

His well-conducted heart nudged him suddenly like a vulgar, jocular friend.
"Prisoners" by Mary Cholmondeley
An ugly thing, who had some vulgar charm about her, for all the men raved over her.
"Woman Triumphant" by Vicente Blasco Ibañez
He makes no vulgar boast about escaping from the fetters of religion.
"Platform Monologues" by T. G. Tucker
Besides this inevitable moral destitution, we (p. 090) were irreclaimably given over to vulgarity.
"James Fenimore Cooper" by Thomas R. Lounsbury
I gave her light in a vulgar age.
"The Way of Ambition" by Robert Hichens
He shows himself possessed of a hatred for all that is unjust and ungirt and vulgar.
"Musical Portraits" by Paul Rosenfeld
There is one person who is vulgar here, and that is yourself, and you are the only one.
"Sarah's School Friend" by May Baldwin
She had no aptitude for aimlessness, and moreover thought it vulgar.
"The Tragic Muse" by Henry James
Our romances are slightly vulgar.
"Women's Wild Oats" by C. Gasquoine Hartley
But no hard drinks, no vulgar pretzels and wursts.
"Europe After 8:15" by H. L. Mencken, George Jean Nathan and Willard Huntington Wright

In poetry:

Joy! Free, at last, from vulgar thrall:
No longer need my voice be dumb;
And quicker far than thou canst call,
O Italy, I come!
"Free" by Alfred Austin
"Who is it that this dark night
Underneath my window plaineth?"
'It is one who from thy sight
Being, ah! exiled, disdaineth
Every other vulgar light.'
"Astrophel And Stella-Eleventh Song" by Sir Philip Sidney
With wit he is stunn'd,
He's baited and dunn'd,
But the wit is a wit of their own;
Both vulgar and dull,
Their skulls being full
Of matters that long have been known.
"Lines, Written At The Blue Ball, Rochdale." by Samuel Bamford
Where yawns the precipice of depth unseen,
Where frowns some mountain's elevated brow,
Or where the moon shines o'er the haunted green,
From vulgar fear deserted long ago.
"Meditation" by Charlotte Dacre
False mocking fancy! Once I too could dream,
Who now can only see with vulgar eye
That he’s no nearer to the moon than I
And she’s a stone that catches the sun’s beam.
"French Nocturne (Monchy-Le-Preux)" by C S Lewis
"'Force not my tongue to ask its scanty bread,
Nor hurl thy Jessy to the vulgar crew;
Not such the parent's board at which I fed!
Not such the precepts from his lips I drew!
"Elegy XXVI. Describing the Sorrow of An Ingeneous Mind" by William Shenstone

In news:

R&B singer Chris Brown has taken down his Twitter account after a vulgar online exchange with comedian Jenny Johnson.
Fluke 's first thought when Rush Limbaugh called her vulgar names in February for supporting a contraception mandate for health insurers: "I need to call my parents.".
A newly elected state lawmaker in New Mexico is facing heat after a newly posted YouTube video showed him giving an opponent's campaign worker a vulgar gesture on Election Day.
Don't use profanities, vulgarities or hate speech.
Morrissey meat is murder Ticketmaster Brokers A Criminally Vulgar Tie In With Morrissey's Upcoming Show morrissey_meat_is_murder.
36590412 500x375 Ticketmaster Brokers A Criminally Vulgar Tie In With Morrissey's Upcoming Show 36590412.
Ticketmaster Brokers A Criminally Vulgar Tie-In With Morrissey's Upcoming Show.
This movie is supposed to be dumb, vulgar, ridiculous, offensive, crazy and funny.
He understood the power of vulgarity .
"I love vulgarity ," she once said.
Versace used vulgarity Italian-style and he sprinkled it on pretty liberally.
Is Food Production Vulgar .
(AP) R&B singer Chris Brown has taken down his Twitter account after a vulgar online exchange with comedian Jenny Johnson.
Pantera's ' Vulgar Display of Power' Turns 20.
Metal heads to this day still fight over which Pantera album rocked harder, is it 1990?s Cowboys from Hell or 1992?s Vulgar Display of Power.

In science:

Some of them also post vulgar materials that make an embarrass situation for other bloggers.
Algorithm and Implementation of the Blog-Post Supervision Process
The contrast with the vulgar conception of physical space as a container containing a multitude of self-existent substances (forms filled with stuff or pointlike bits of stuff ) could hardly be greater.
Quantum Mechanics and the Cookie Cutter Paradigm