• A View of the Vocal Cords
    A View of the Vocal Cords
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    • n vocalizing the act of singing vocal music
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The Different Positions of the Vocal Cords The Different Positions of the Vocal Cords


  • Scottie Pippen
    Scottie Pippen
    “I've always led by example and I'm not that vocal.”


In literature:

Rightly considered, the question between vocal and instrumental music amounts to this, What does music express?
"The Unseen World and Other Essays" by John Fiske
He repeated, "I suppose so," but in a tone which combined the vocal tokens of misery and of hopeless animosity.
"Seventeen" by Booth Tarkington
SOCRATES: Then a name is a vocal imitation of that which the vocal imitator names or imitates?
"Cratylus" by Plato
The parrot in the next house screeched his vocal accomplishments cheerfully.
"The Law and the Lady" by Wilkie Collins
I leave him to try the experiment, having no strength to spare for vocal efforts of any sort.
"The Two Destinies" by Wilkie Collins
It was the other side, the positive side, that was vocal.
"Lincoln" by Nathaniel Wright Stephenson
The silence seemed vocal with her fears.
"Other Things Being Equal" by Emma Wolf
The vocal signs which commend themselves to one may not have occurred to another, and may therefore be unintelligible.
"Darwin and Modern Science" by A.C. Seward and Others
Were the belly vocal, Tarzan's would have given a little cry of joy, for it loved the flesh of Bara.
"Tarzan the Terrible" by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Every sentence is ringing with a clear vocal cadence.
"Yet Again" by Max Beerbohm
I suppose she was practising vocal music.
"Waifs and Strays" by O. Henry
In her world the streams were still, not vocal.
"Sir Gibbie" by George MacDonald
This enables them also to cultivate vocal music with more than ordinary success.
"Popular Education" by Ira Mayhew
Constance and Marjorie giggled at Jerry's funny description of her vocal powers.
"Marjorie Dean" by Pauline Lester
During summer, vocal and instrumental concerts are performed here, and some of the singers from the theatre are engaged for the season.
"Travels in North America, From Modern Writers" by William Bingley
She had never concerned herself with the little things of the vocal art.
"Melomaniacs" by James Huneker
The vocal tone in its passage strikes against the walls of the vocal tract.
"The Voice" by Frank E. Miller
We shall later on deal with the earliest known examples of English vocal and instrumental music.
"A Short History of English Music" by Ernest Ford
It was once played through without vocal illustration, but we all knew the words, and began to sing them.
"Charles Auchester, Volume 2 (of 2)" by Elizabeth Sheppard
Writing, drawing, vocal music, manual training, and gymnastics are also in the curriculum and each receives careful attention.
"The School System of Norway" by David Allen Anderson

In poetry:

To love he lights the ode of vocal fire,
And yearns in song o’er freedom’s sacred throes,
Or pours a pious incense from his lyre,
Wherever o’er the grave a martyre-glory glows.
"Fragments from 'Genius Lost'" by Charles Harpur
GAY Annandale, with fields so fair,
And pleasant hills, and valleys there;
Resounding groves, none can compare,
When nature crowns;
They join the warblers in the air,
With vocal sounds.
"The Praise Of B----" by Susannah Hawkins
From plumy tops and brushwood sheaves,
In wood and copse by field and lane,
The spring-time's subtle spindle weaves
A veil of leaves,
While all the landscape sun-besprent
Is vocal with the rain.
"Leaf-Time" by David Gow
Awhile he ceased; far scorching woe
Had made a drought of vocal flow;
When hungry, weary, desolate,
A fox crept home to his defis gate.
The sight brought Adam's memory back,
And touched him with a keener lack.
"Mount Arafa" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore
Not the soft sighs of vernal gales,
The fragrance of the flowery vales,
The murmurs of the crystal rill,
The vocal grove, the verdant hill;
Not all their charms, though all unite,
Can touch my bosom with delight.
"Song" by Samuel Johnson
So I, thro' all the long tumultuous days,
Tracing thy footstep on the human sands,
O'er the signed deserts and the vocal ways
Pursue thee, faithful, thro' the echoing lands,
Wearing a wandering staff with trembling hands:
"A Hero's Grave" by Sydney Thompson Dobell

In news:

The "Hunger Games" star shows off some vocal talent in what devolves into a jibberish-fest with the musician and comedian.
Vocal critics of President Obama have accused him of "skipping" daily intelligence briefings throughout his first term of office and in the days leading up to last week's deadly attacks on a US diplomatic outpost in Libya.
Black Keys "Tighten Up" scores Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals Grammy.
STUART — A vocal and enthusiastic crowd filled The Lyric Theatre Friday night to enjoy a musical performance by Boyz II Men, a popular rhythm and blues trio.
After much examination of Kyo's vocal cords, his physician recommended that he not tour.
Academy of Vocal Arts Music Director Christofer Macatsoris.
INTERVIEWS Maxwell Cancels Discography Tour Due to Vocal Hemorrhage.
Vocal advocate of bill to reward students who perform community service.
Everything but the girl Tracey in my Room (Lazy Dog Bootleg Vocal) Tracey in my Room.
Vocal groups like The Ink Spots went on for decades, often without a single member of the original group appearing with them.
The recording featured the group repeating " doo-wop " throughout the song behind Clyde's lead vocals.
Doo-Wop Group Vocals Two-By-Two.
Vocal-Point is currently giving away samples of Downy In-Wash Scent booster to its members for FREE.
Christopher Duckett, vocals and guitar Bradley Everett, drums Jeremy Luring, bass.
The vocals were a little low.

In science:

Thus, instead of the page-oriented WWW concept or the typically event-driven nature of CBT products, MobIT runs as a flow-oriented presentation model showing, for example, a crash-test video combined subsequently with charts of relevant statistics and vocally explained CAD car models.
Media Objects in Time - A Multimedia Streaming System
The major difference with regular usability testing is that a person acts as the computer, changing screens, vocalizing error messages, etc.
Internet Banking System Prototype
Agoramoorthy. Efficiency of coding in macaque vocal communication.
Information content versus word length in random typing
This phenomenon is called “restoration of the missing fundamental.”[6, 7] It has a practical application in our telephone communication system, which does not have the bandwidth large enough to cover the entire vocal range of male and female voices.
Music in Terms of Science
Wind, brass, and vocal instruments are all similar in that they all use standing waves of a vibrating air column in a pipe to generate sound.
Music in Terms of Science
The human voice is an instrument in its own right. A singer generates sounds when airflow from the ungs sets the vocal cords (or folds) into vibration.
Music in Terms of Science
The fundamental frequency here (i.e., the pitch) is controlled by the length and tension of the vocal cords and the tone color by the formation of the vocal tract.
Music in Terms of Science
When this pressure drop becomes sufficiently large, the vocal folds start to vibrate.
Music in Terms of Science
The minimum pressure drop required to achieve phonation is called the phonation threshold pressure; it is approximately 200-300 N/m2 for humans with normal vocal folds.
Music in Terms of Science
The motion of vibrating vocal folds is mostly lateral with almost no motion along the length of the vocal folds.
Music in Terms of Science
Such lateral motion of vibrating vocal folds serves to modulate the pressure in the airflow through the larynx; this modulated airflow is the main component of the sound of most voiced phones.
Music in Terms of Science
The vocal folds will not vibrate if they are not sufficiently close to one another, or not under the appropriate amount of tension, or not having sufficient pressure drop across the larynx.
Music in Terms of Science
When they vibrate, the vocal folds are capable of producing several different vibratory patterns.
Music in Terms of Science
Each of these vibratory patterns appears within a particular range of pitches and produces certain characteristic sounds. A particular vibratory pattern of the vocal folds producing a particular series of tones of a common quality in human voice is called a vocal register.
Music in Terms of Science
Vocal registers arise from different vibratory patterns in the vocal folds.
Music in Terms of Science