• WordNet 3.6
    • adj visceral obtained through intuition rather than from reasoning or observation
    • adj visceral relating to or affecting the viscera "visceral bleeding","a splanchnic nerve"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Visceral dealing with coarse or base emotions;as, a visceral literary style.
    • Visceral Fig.: Having deep sensibility.
    • Visceral (Anat) Of, pertaining to, or affecting the viscera; splanchnic.
    • Visceral proceeding from emotion or instinct rather than from intellect; deeply emotional;as, a visceral reaction.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • visceral Of or pertaining to the viscera; having the character of a viscus; forming or containing viscera; interior or intestinal, as a part or organ of the body; splanchnic: as, visceral anatomy; a visceral cavity; visceral disease; the visceral loop of the nerves of a mollusk; the visceral as distinguished from the reflected or parietal layer of a serous membrane.
    • visceral Belonging to or situated on that side of the body of a vertebrate which contains the viscera of the thorax; abdominal; ventral or hemal, as distinguished from dorsal or neural.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Visceral pertaining to the viscera: abdominal
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. viscéral, LL. visceralis,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. viscus (pl. viscera).


In literature:

There is a remarkable example of recovery after multiple visceral wounds, self-inflicted by a lunatic.
"Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine" by George M. Gould
Attacks of 'dyspepsia,' as unrecognized visceral crises are often called, should render one suspicious.
"Fat and Blood" by S. Weir Mitchell
In regard to Prognosis wounds of the chest furnished the most hopeful class of the whole series of trunk or visceral injuries.
"Surgical Experiences in South Africa, 1899-1900" by George Henry Makins
The skull consists of a cartilaginous cranium, and of jaw and visceral arches.
"Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata" by H. G. Wells
Visceral: relating or attached to the viscera.
"Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology" by John. B. Smith
I liken, therefore, those branches of the so-called external carotid to be, as it were, the visceral arteries of the face and neck.
"Surgical Anatomy" by Joseph Maclise
Certain stimuli affect visceral processes and thereby modify the perception of external objects.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
One must not be too visceral at the hour of departure.
"The Book of Khalid" by Ameen Rihani
A shell is frequently, but not invariably, secreted on the visceral hump and mantle-skirt.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 6" by Various
I felt a visceral wave of nausea.
"Life Blood" by Thomas Hoover

In news:

After surgery, patients gained visceral fat, which surrounds the internal organs.
But our old traditions wield a primal, visceral punch.
Mowing the lawn the other day underscored my visceral hatred of the task.
Retailers must tap into their customers' earliest, most visceral memories of the products they offer if they are to significantly increase sales.
Few figures in NFL history have stirred more opposing, more visceral, more overriding feelings than Art Modell, the former Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens owner, who died early Thursday morning at age 87.
Lawless' a visceral , fitful fever dream.
'Beasts' a visceral , original explosion of joy.
'Lawless' a visceral , fitful fever dream.
Questions about Romney taxes 'almost visceral '.
Endangered Blood bringing ' visceral ' jazz to Blind Mule on Saturday.
Revival of 'Look Back in Anger' is visceral .
RL Jones gets back to basics with a killer debut EP and visceral live show.
9-11 memorial in Watertown offers visceral reminder of attack.
The Visceral Gallery in Centerville is now well known for the manner in which it weaves together area artists in sensitively related joint exhibitions.
It's a subject director Neill Blomkamp (pictured) understands on a visceral level: He grew up in South Africa during the apartheid era.

In science:

There are several transformations between the user’s “visceral need” (a fuzzy view of the information problem in the user’s mind) and the “compromised need” (the way the query is phrased taking into account the limitations of the search tool at hand) .
Methods for comparing rankings of search engine results