• WordNet 3.6
    • v venture put forward, of a guess, in spite of possible refutation "I am guessing that the price of real estate will rise again","I cannot pretend to say that you are wrong"
    • v venture proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers "We ventured into the world of high-tech and bought a supercomputer"
    • v venture put at risk "I will stake my good reputation for this"
    • n venture any venturesome undertaking especially one with an uncertain outcome
    • n venture a commercial undertaking that risks a loss but promises a profit
    • n venture an investment that is very risky but could yield great profits "he knew the stock was a speculation when he bought it"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Venture An event that is not, or can not be, foreseen; an accident; chance; hap; contingency; luck.
    • Venture An undertaking of chance or danger; the risking of something upon an event which can not be foreseen with certainty; a hazard; a risk; a speculation. "I, in this venture , double gains pursue."
    • Venture The thing put to hazard; a stake; a risk; especially, something sent to sea in trade. "My ventures are not in one bottom trusted.""A certain man drew a bow at a venture .""A bargain at a venture made."
    • Venture To confide in; to rely on; to trust. "A man would be well enough pleased to buy silks of one whom he would not venture to feel his pulse."
    • Venture To expose to hazard; to risk; to hazard; as, to venture one's person in a balloon. "I am afraid; and yet I'll venture it."
    • Venture To hazard one's self; to have the courage or presumption to do, undertake, or say something; to dare.
    • Venture To make a venture; to run a hazard or risk; to take the chances. "Who freights a ship to venture on the seas."
    • Venture To put or send on a venture or chance; as, to venture a horse to the West Indies.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n venture An undertaking of chance or danger; the risking of something upon an event which cannot be foreseen with certainty; the staking of something; a hazard.
    • n venture Specifically, a scheme for making gain by way of trade; a commercial speculation.
    • n venture The thing put to hazard; a stake; a risk; particularly, something sent to sea in trade.
    • n venture Chance; hap; contingency; luck; an event that is not or cannot, be foreseen.
    • n venture Synonyms Hazard, etc. See risk.
    • venture To dare; have courage or presumption, as to do, undertake, or say.
    • venture To run a hazard or risk; try the chance; make a venture; expose one's life, fortune, etc.
    • venture To expose to hazard; risk; stake.
    • venture To run the hazard of; expose one's self to.
    • venture To put or send on a venture or commercial speculation.
    • venture To confide in; rely on; trust.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Venture ven′tūr chance, luck, hazard: that which is put to hazard (esp. goods sent by sea at the sender's risk): an undertaking whose issue is uncertain or dangerous
    • v.t Venture to send on a venture: to expose to hazard: to risk
    • v.i Venture to make a venture: to run a risk: to dare
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  • Raupach
    “Age considers; youth ventures.”
  • Frank Gifford
    Frank Gifford
    “Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture.”
  • Emily Dickinson
    “Finite to fail, but infinite to venture.”
  • Sir Richard Storey
    Sir Richard Storey
    “The first rule of venture capitalism should be Shoot the Inventor.”
  • Peter Wastholm
    Peter Wastholm
    “Nothing ventured, nothing gained -- but if everything is ventured, and still nothing gained, give up and venture elsewhere.”
  • Richard M. DeVos
    Richard M. DeVos
    “It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle.”


Nothing ventured, nothing gained - You can't win if you don't join in the game; if you don't participate in something, you will not achieve anything.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Aphetic form of OE. aventure,. See Adventure


In literature:

But always the newcomer won his ventures.
"The Swindler and Other Stories" by Ethel M. Dell
I take all possible care of her, but yesterday she was naughty enough to venture into the yard without her bonnet!
"Charlotte Bronte and Her Circle" by Clement K. Shorter
It is for you to consider whether you are ready to risk your venture.
"By Right of Conquest" by G. A. Henty
When the Old Boy heard the noise, he thought the chimney had fallen down, and did not venture to get up directly.
"The Hero of Esthonia and Other Studies in the Romantic Literature of That Country" by William Forsell Kirby
I did not venture to say much, lest I should be asked how I came to know anything of the school.
"Frank and Fearless" by Horatio Alger Jr.
No man's rights, no man's liberties were safe, if he ventured to oppose them.
"Lights and Shadows of New York Life" by James D. McCabe
And he discovered, when he ventured to release his wall hold and swim out into its middle, the bottom arose in a slope toward its rear.
"Key Out of Time" by Andre Alice Norton
And Grandma Ridge had been persuaded to invest five thousand dollars, half of what the judge had left her, in her son's new venture.
"One Woman's Life" by Robert Herrick
But when they were assembled for this purpose, none of the generals of experience ventured to apply for so dangerous a command.
"A Smaller History of Rome" by William Smith and Eugene Lawrence
If I venture upon it, it is not for our own sake, but our children's.
"Debit and Credit" by Gustav Freytag
Who knows what may yet come from this your first venture into the world?
"Henrietta Temple A Love Story" by Benjamin Disraeli
Meanwhile other ventures were pressing.
"A Busy Year at the Old Squire's" by Charles Asbury Stephens
Few, however, ventured to express their full thoughts.
"The Lion's Brood" by Duffield Osborne
The press was silent when it could not venture to deprecate or to condemn me.
"The Plum Tree" by David Graham Phillips
This time the ill-looking Charon made no venture for my purse.
"Sir Ludar" by Talbot Baines Reed
So you see, reader, I had a good deal staked on my little venture.
"My Friend Smith" by Talbot Baines Reed
Nuna, on thrusting her head into the interior, looked inquiringly up before venturing to rise.
"Red Rooney" by R.M. Ballantyne
Others merely ventured to look at it silently with their hairy lips parted and their huge eyes gazing in blank admiration.
"The Norsemen in the West" by R.M. Ballantyne
Even now, people like my own, dare not venture on the sea, for any distance from shore.
"The Wonder Island Boys: Treasures of the Island" by Roger Thompson Finlay
For it was far too light to venture to climb the lofty railings before "prep" time.
"A Labrador Doctor" by Wilfred Thomason Grenfell

In poetry:

Thy promise is my only plea,
With this I venture nigh;
Thou callest burdened souls to Thee,
And such, O Lord, am I.
"The Effort" by John Newton
A little way, more soft and sweet
Than fields aflower with May,
A babe's feet, venturing, scarce complete
A little way.
"First Footsteps" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Parent of the sceptred race,
Fearless tread the circled space:
Fearless Fleance venture near—
Sire of monarchs—spurn at fear.
"The Race Of Banquo" by Robert Southey
Isr'el, his people and his sheep,
Must follow where he calls;
He bade them venture through the deep,
And made the waves their walls.
"Psalm 77 part 2" by Isaac Watts
"I 'll tak my bundle in my hand,
An' wipe the dew-drop frae my e'e;
I 'll wander wi' ye ower the land;
I 'll venture wi' ye ower the sea."
"The Lass O' Isla" by Alexander Boswell
"Will Mary this charge on her courage allow?"
His companion exclaim'd with a smile;
"I shall win, for I know she will venture there now,
"And earn a new bonnet by bringing a bough
"From the elder that grows in the aisle."
"Mary - A Ballad" by Robert Southey

In news:

As I said in my last column, I was a little apprehensive about our first venture half way across this great nation of ours.
With the gifts starting to pile up, we venture boldly.
Looking for a phone they venture into the woods and knock on the door of an old boathouse.
As a college athlete and someone who had an interest in my own health, I decided to venture into a few exercise science classes.
A new venture of Barbara Lynch and Garrett Harker, of the acclaimed No.
Ventures Guitarist Bob Bogle Dies at 75.
The Ventures' Bob Bogle Loses Fight With Lymphoma at Age 75.
Most users venture into the Bookmarks menu, click Add to Favorites (or something similar), and so on.
Coke bottler invests in French recycling venture.
State-by-state comparison of per capita venture capital spending.
Here's a cool idea: Be sure your car's battery is in good condition before venturing out into the cold.
Post by Michael Palloto, Regional Controller, Hospitality Ventures Management Group.
In Venture In Czechoslovakia .
Tell that to the venture capitalists.
Silicon Valley venture capitalists get a lot of credit for powering some of our greatest innovations, but increasingly the crowdfunding site Kickstarter is responsible for the most exciting new tech.

In science:

We believe this can be improved, but do not venture into this.
Ballistic Random Walk in a Random Environment with a Forbidden Direction
It is barely a century since the first explorers ventured into the interior.
Astronomy in Antarctica
We thus see that electrons will not venture far from the Galaxy, but can range vertically outside the Galactic midplane.
Inverse Compton Contribution to the Star-Forming Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Background
This should become more clear in Section 5, when we venture into writing the Path Integral in terms of Fox’s H -functions.
Complex Path Integrals and the Space of Theories
Moreover, they have a straightforward explanation in terms of the classical McKay correspondence which we venture to conjecture should allow a determination of the B-field values in a more general setting, too.
Orbifold Constructions of K3: A Link between Conformal Field Theory and Geometry
It is already clear that such a venture may be full of unexpected surprises.
Extended set of Majorana spinors, a new dispersion relation, and a preferred frame
Many refined calculations, theoretical predictions and experimental verifications were ventured.
Experimental Tests of Asymptotic Freedom
Belle and BaBar also observed similar enhancements over phase space in various B decays, but did not venture into the bound-state conjecture.
Challenges in Hadron Physics
His heuristics differed from the rest of the theoretical physics community mainly in the priority he assigned to the equivalence principle. I would venture to say if we wish to identify a trait of genius, it would be the persistence with which he held to this fundamental insight.
Book Review: The Genesis of General Relativity
Given that we obtain identical luminosities for Cen A and M87, we venture the assumption that they may be generic FRI, a fact we will exploit to construct the diffuse neutrino flux from all FRI.
IceCube: Neutrinos Associated with Cosmic Rays
This is an almost impossible venture, thus, this summary may be biased towards a personal selection of scientific highlights.
Experimental Efforts on Very High-Energy Cosmic Rays and their Interactions - Conference Summary
We do not venture further into the realm of M-theory here, but we shall use its eleven-dimensional supergravity description shortly when establishing the effective d = 10 supersymmetric action of type IIA.
Primordial Fluctuations in String Cosmology
As a result, I venture to suggest that specialized searches for transients will continue – even into the LSST era. I end the article by discussing the importance of follow-up telescopes for transient ob ject studies – a topical issue given that in the US the Portfolio Review is under away (§5).
Cosmic Explosions (Optical Transients)
At high redshift, when galaxies were much smaller than in the local universe, runaways could venture far from the dense inner regions of their host galaxies.
Runaway Stars and the Escape of Ionizing Radiation from High-Redshift Galaxies
Optimizing venture capital investments in a jump diffusion model.
Optimal dividends in the dual model under transaction costs