• WordNet 3.6
    • adj vegetative (of reproduction) characterized by asexual processes
    • adj vegetative relating to involuntary bodily functions "vegetative functions such as digestion or growth or circulation"
    • adj vegetative composed of vegetation or plants "regions rich in vegetal products","vegetational cover","the decaying vegetative layer covering a forest floor"
    • adj vegetative of or relating to an activity that is passive and monotonous "a dull vegetative lifestyle"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

life-giving vegetables life-giving vegetables
Amarylla. Chief's Poison Vegetable Amarylla. Chief's Poison Vegetable
I consider the marrow a much overrated vegetable I consider the marrow a much overrated vegetable
England and Wales, Vegetation and Agriculture England and Wales, Vegetation and Agriculture

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Lachanophobia is the fear of vegetables
    • Vegetative Growing, or having the power of growing, as plants; capable of vegetating.
    • Vegetative (Biol) Having relation to growth or nutrition; partaking of simple growth and enlargement of the systems of nutrition, apart from the sensorial or distinctively animal functions; vegetal.
    • Vegetative Having the power to produce growth in plants; as, the vegetative properties of soil.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Baskin Robbins once made ketchup ice cream. This was the only vegetable flavoured ice cream produced. However, they discontinued it since they thought it would not sell well
    • vegetative Growing, or having the power of physical growth, as plants; of or pertaining to physical growth or nutrition, especially in plants.
    • vegetative In animal physiol., noting those functions or organs of the body which, being performed or acting unconsciously or involuntarily, are likened to the processes of vegetable growth, as digestion, circulation, secretion, and excretion, which are particularly concerned in the nutrition or in the growth, waste, and repair of the organism: opposed to the specially ani mal functions, as locomotion, cerebration, etc.
    • vegetative Hence, characterized by such physical processes only; lacking intellectual activity; stagnant; unprogressive.
    • vegetative Having the power to produce or support growth in plants: as, the vegetative properties of soil.
    • n vegetative A vegetable.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: From all the vegetables, beets contain the most sugar
    • adj Vegetative growing, as plants: producing growth in plants: pertaining to unconscious or involuntary bodily functions as resembling the processes of vegetable growth: without intellectual activity, unprogressive
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  • Fran Lebowitz
    “Vegetables are interesting but lack a sense of purpose when unaccompanied by a good cut of meat.”
  • Charles Caleb Colton
    “If you would be known, and not know, vegetate in a village; if you would know, and not be known, live in a city.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. végétatif,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr.,—Low L. vegetabilis, animating—L. vegetāre, to quicken—vegēre, to be lively; akin to vigēre, to be vigorous. Cf. Vigour.


In literature:

The size of vegetable root systems is greater than most gardeners would think.
"Gardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway" by Steve Solomon
Our own mind resembles the one; a vegetable or animal body the other.
"Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion" by David Hume
He informed me that he had crossed the creek, as I had imagined, where there was little or no vegetation in its vicinity.
"Expedition into Central Australia" by Charles Sturt
Immense stretches of forest had been lately burned, and no trace of vegetation remained.
"Journal of an Overland Expedition in Australia" by Ludwig Leichhardt
Although it adjoined the main thoroughfare and was open to all comers, it was left quite deserted, a prey to fresh vegetable growth.
"The Fortune of the Rougons" by Emile Zola
And it's vegetable diet that cures scurvy.
"Smoke Bellew" by Jack London
I'm going to the markets, and I'll turn you out there with my vegetables.
"The Fat and the Thin" by Emile Zola
We decided to reduce the amount of dried vegetables in favour of canned vegetables.
"The Home of the Blizzard" by Douglas Mawson
Remains of three Periods of Vegetation in the Peat.
"The Geological Evidence of The Antiquity of Man" by Charles Lyell
What became of all the vegetation?
"Bible Romances" by George W. Foote

In poetry:

Nothing is given: we must find our law.
Great buildings jostle in the sun for domination;
Behind them stretch like sorry vegetation
The low recessive houses of the poor.
"from In Time of War" by W H Auden
'Twas like the salutation of the dove,
Borne on the zephyr thro' some lonesome grove,
When Spring returns, and Winter's chill is past,
And vegetation smiles above the blast.
"On Hearing Of The Intention Of A Gentleman To Purchase The Poet's Freedom" by George Moses Horton
And here their fellows of the marsh are set,
Covering their sweetness with a crumpled skin;
Pomegranates next, flame-red without, and yet
With vegetable crystals stored within.
"A Basket of Summer Fruit" by Charles Harpur
The earth is now teeming with bright vegetation,
The early spring flowers are now in their bloom,
And where'er we look there appears animation
Just bursting the cells of the last winter's tomb.
"A Lesson From Nature" by Jared Barhite
"The fruitful earth then forth doth bring;
The vegetable tribes do spring;
The show'rs do fall, the groves do ring,
They all rejoice;
The birds their Maker's praise do sing;
With passive voice."
"Art And Nature" by Susannah Hawkins
Said he, "The earth her beauty shows,
The fragrant flowers, the blooming rose,
These spreading trees their blossoms blows,
Where birds do sing;
The vegetables all that grows,
How do they spring?"
"Art And Nature" by Susannah Hawkins

In news:

Roasted chicken with chorizo and root vegetables makes for an easy-to-assemble one-pot meal.
The recipe for this roasted chicken with chorizo and root vegetables can be found below.
2 cups boiling vegetable stock.
'Aideen Red Fire' Chrysanthemum morifolium From Syngenta Flowers/Goldfisch Vegetative.
In this Sunday, Nov 11, 2012 picture, a Coptic woman shops for vegetables in the Moqattam area, Cairo, Egypt.
Whatever that is with the blue fur is in cahoots with the green slime in the takeout container and we think they're plotting to overtake your vegetable crisper.
Biodiesel is a new type of fuel that utilizes vegetable oil instead of, or in addition to, petroleum.
An hour earlier, during the filming of a robbery at the wholesale vegetable hub on North Market Street, his costar Keir Dullea had sliced an artery in his arm while attempting to break through a door.
After the accompanying vegetables are sautéed golden in the skillet, the chicken goes in for a final cooking.
You consider yourself a vegetable aficionado, buying brussels sprouts by the stalk, munching beets of every stripe and crunching roasted kale chips with abandon.
The "dirt" is coffee grounds , and the vegetables are…well, it's obvious.
Imagine vegetable broth (Photo credit: mriggen).
Curry pairs well with the root vegetable parsnip to make a warm winter soup.
Creating defensible space around this outbuilding would include removing dead limbs from surrounding trees, pruning limbs that hang over the shed's roof as well as removal of leaves and dried vegetation around the shed.
Sightseers walk along the Peak Trail, which meanders through lush vegetation but also opens up to offer many views of Hong Kong and Kowloon to the north.

In science:

If this happens to be the case it is quite sensible to assume that these individuals regard our planet as a natural reserve, full of animal and vegetal species, the Solar System being nothing but a small ‘province’ inside their vast territory.
Brane Worlds, the Subanthropic Principle and the Undetectability Conjecture
To accomplish this, the TEC must have spectroscopic capability, with a spectral resolution of R ~ 70, to measure the equivalent widths of features of H2O, O2, and O3 in Earth-like abundances, features of CH4 and CO2 under early-Earth conditions, and potentially the “Vegetation Red Edge”.
Coronographic Methods for the Detection of Terrestrial Planets
We should be able to measure unanticipated spectral signatures. A particularly interesting – but challenging – observation would be the detection of the “Vegetation Red Edge” (VRE), which occurs at 725 nm for terrestrial vegetation, but could be at a different wavelength for extrasolar vegetation.
Coronographic Methods for the Detection of Terrestrial Planets
Although the chances are very small that another planet has developed the exact same vegetation as Earth, finding the same signatures would be thrilling, but might be unlikely.
Coronographic Methods for the Detection of Terrestrial Planets
Assuming that the photon noise dominates speckle noise and detector noise, for an SNR = 7, the detection times for different features (Rayleigh scattering with R = 3, CH4, vegetation red edge, water) range from 2 to 80 hours.
Coronographic Methods for the Detection of Terrestrial Planets