• WordNet 3.6
    • v vaporize decrease rapidly and disappear "the money vanished in las Vegas","all my stock assets have vaporized"
    • v vaporize lose or cause to lose liquid by vaporization leaving a more concentrated residue "evaporate milk"
    • v vaporize turn into gas "The substance gasified"
    • v vaporize kill with or as if with a burst of gunfire or electric current or as if by shooting "in this computer game, space travellers are vaporized by aliens"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: If someone were to capture and bottle a comet's 10,000-mile vapor trail, the amount of vapor actually present in the bottle would take up less than one cubic inch of space.
    • v. t Vaporize To convert into vapor, as by the application of heat, whether naturally or artificially.
    • v. i Vaporize To pass off in vapor.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The condensed water vapor in the sky left behind by jets is called a contrail.
    • vaporize To convert into vapor by the application of heat or by artificial means; cause to evaporate; sublimate.
    • vaporize To affect with the vapors; render splenetic or hypochondriacal.
    • vaporize To pass off in vapor: as, sulphur or mercury vaporizes under certain conditions.
    • vaporize Also spelled vaporise.
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  • Horace Greeley
    Horace Greeley
    “Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character.”
  • Lord Byron
    “O Gold! I still prefer thee unto paper, which makes bank credit like a bark of vapor.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “I had rather be a toad, and live upon the vapor of a dungeon than keep a corner in the thing I love for others uses.”
  • Bible
    “For what is your life? It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. [James 4:14]”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. vaporiser,


In literature:

The moment the rain broke, it beat the vapors down.
"Song of the Lark" by Willa Cather
It was then, for the first time, that I noticed a slight vapor filling the cave.
"A Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs
The air was warm with a vaporous warmth, and the stillness was unbroken.
"Return of the Native" by Thomas Hardy
Hence we see that the plate should be buffed just before receiving the vapor of iodine.
"American Handbook of the Daguerrotype" by Samuel D. Humphrey
My fear fell from me as if it had been a vaporous garment which dissolved in the warmth.
"Dracula" by Bram Stoker
The flag was sometimes eaten and lost in this mass of vapor, but more often it projected, sun-touched, resplendent.
"The Red Badge of Courage" by Stephen Crane
I have mentioned that we saw five columns of vapor ascending from this strange abyss.
"Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa" by David Livingstone
He looked across the vapors in the direction of Chelsea; looked fixedly for a moment, and then returned to his chair.
"Night and Day" by Virginia Woolf
A great mist overspread the Empire and men's minds were vaporous, nor was their purpose keen.
"Kai Lung's Golden Hours" by Ernest Bramah
The atmosphere inside the crater was filled with no sulphurous vapor.
"The Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne

In poetry:

Steadily burned all night the tapers,
And the White Christ through the vapors
Gleamed across the Fiord of Salten,
As through John's Apocalypse,--
"Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 1. The Musician's Tale; The Saga of King Olaf XI. -- Bishop Sigurd At " by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Shoulder ax and arquebus!—
We may find it!—past yon range
Of sierras, vaporous,
Rich with gold and wild and strange
That lost region dear to us.
"Voyagers" by Madison Julius Cawein
Of graveyard weather, vapors of a fen
…….We reckon through our pores.
…….Save for the garbage men,
Our children are the first ones out of doors.
"Curriculum Vitae" by Anthony Hecht
"The fourth, so light to lift, so fair to see,
Is filled to bursting with thy VANITY,
The vaporous breath that kept thy hopes alive
By counting one as five.
"But One Talent" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Then athwart the vapors dun
The Easter sun
Streamed with one broad track of splendor!
In their real forms appeared
The warlocks weird,
Awful as the Witch of Endor.
"Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 1. The Musician's Tale; The Saga of King Olaf V. -- The Skerry Of Shri" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The spirit-world around this world of sense
Floats like an atmosphere, and everywhere
Wafts through these earthly mists and vapors dense
A vital breath of more ethereal air.
"Haunted Houses. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The First)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In news:

In February, the EPA asked 90 homeowners in the area to allow the vapor testing.
ANSI/ISA-TR12.13.01-1999 (R2010) Flammability Characteristics of Combustible Gases and Vapors .
Flammability Characteristics of Combustible Gases and Vapors is reprinted in its entirety by permission of the publisher, the Bureau of Mines, US Department of the Interior.
In spite of the incredible damage and death that gasoline vapors can cause, homebuilders have been allowed to build homes with improperly located, improperly sized, and 'missing' gasoline vapor garage vents.
St Helen's Vapors Click to enlarge.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been working on development of a nationwide regulation that would require vapor recovery for transportation of hundreds of volatile organic chemicals ( VOCs ).
The big surprise was the discovery of an opaque disk surrounding the water vapor that is rapidly forming stars.
Nor do current warming models fully account for all the complexities of water-vapor shifts in the stratosphere.
Slowdown in Warming Linked to Water Vapor .
New observations by the Spitzer Space Telescope show water vapor prevalent across young star system.
The dawn air is so cold and crisp that you can feel the ice crystals accumulating in your nostrils with each vapor-clouding breath.
The idea that concussion alone produces rain, then, may be dismissed, as there is no removal or transportation of either water-vapor or nuclei by these compressional waves.
Many of Obama's 'green pork' alternative energy projects are vaporizing.
Accepts Appointment as Exclusive Independent International Agent of Vapor Brands Inc.
While the mill was literally vaporized, a crater in the ground remained.

In science:

Given the known wavelengthdependent water vapor opacity, Shabram et al. (2011) showed that reaching all four 4 IRAC data points may be impossible within the framework of a simple transmission spectrum model.
Spitzer/MIPS 24 micron Observations of HD 209458b: 3 eclipses, 2.5 transits, and a Phase Curve Corrupted by Instrumental Sensitivity Variations
The stainless steel (AISI 316L) MOT chamber features ten optical viewports, which are required to implement the MOT laser beams, to connect to the Rb vapor source, to pump the chamber and to move the atoms out of the MOT chamber towards the BEC chamber.
An apparatus for immersing trapped ions into an ultracold gas of neutral atoms
As a consequence, the pressure in the center of the MOT chamber increases from its original value of 10−11 mbar to a few times 10−9 mbar and is then completely dominated by the Rb vapor.
An apparatus for immersing trapped ions into an ultracold gas of neutral atoms
An estimation of the energy of 2 masteroid ∗ V 2 ) since the asteroid is impact can be found trough the calculation of the impactor kinetic energy (E = 1 vaporized on contact.
Astrophysics datamining in the classroom: Exploring real data with new software tools and robotic telescopes
Estimate the energy of impact by calculating the asteroid kinetic energy 2 masteroid ∗ V 2 ), assuming the asteroid is vaporized on contact.
Astrophysics datamining in the classroom: Exploring real data with new software tools and robotic telescopes