• WordNet 3.6
    • adj utopian characterized by or aspiring to impracticable perfection "the dim utopian future","utopian idealists","recognized the utopian nature of his hopes"
    • adj utopian of or pertaining to or resembling a utopia "a Utopian novel"
    • adj Utopian of or pertaining to or resembling a utopia "a Utopian novel"
    • n Utopian an idealistic (but usually impractical) social reformer "a Utopian believes in the ultimate perfectibility of man"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Utopian An inhabitant of Utopia; hence, one who believes in the perfectibility of human society; a visionary; an idealist; an optimist.
    • a Utopian Of or pertaining to Utopia; resembling Utopia; hence, ideal; chimerical; fanciful; founded upon, or involving, imaginary perfections; as, Utopian projects; Utopian happiness.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • utopian Of, pertaining to, or resembling Utopia.
    • utopian [lowercase] Founded upon or involving imaginary or ideal perfection; chimerical.
    • utopian [lowercase] Belonging to no locality: as, “titular and utopian bishops,”
    • n utopian An inhabitant of Utopia.
    • n utopian [lowercase] One who forms or favors schemes supposed to lead to a state of perfect happiness, justice, virtue, etc.; an ardent but impractical political or social reformer; an optimist.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Utopian ū-tō′pi-an imaginary: fanciful: chimerical
    • n Utopian one who advocates impracticable reforms or who expects an impossible state of perfection in society
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  • Emma Goldman
    “Every daring attempt to make a great change in existing conditions, every lofty vision of new possibilities for the human race, has been labeled Utopian.”


In literature:

But as for that, the whole scheme is the most Utopian I ever heard of.
"A Romantic Young Lady" by Robert Grant
The fancied clearness of Utopian vision is illusory, because its objects are artificial ideas and not living facts.
"Liberalism" by L. T. Hobhouse
The positive proposals of Socialists for bringing about a revival of agriculture are frankly Utopian.
"British Socialism" by J. Ellis Barker
It is easy, again, to say that all Socialists are Utopian.
"Social Rights and Duties, Volume I (of 2)" by Sir Leslie Stephen
He made me laugh inwardly twenty times a-day by his Utopian theories and fancies.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine -- Volume 57, No. 351, January 1845" by Various
The prudence which teaches one man to be a Whig, will make of another a Utopian.
"Shelley, Godwin and Their Circle" by H. N. Brailsford
Touched by the wand of progress, the Utopian ideal of yesterday has become the dominant political issue of to-day.
"Prize Orations of the Intercollegiate Peace Association" by Intercollegiate Peace Association
I told him that his ideas were Utopian, but he says they have succeeded even better than he expected they would.
"Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife" by Marietta Holley
At present, however, all this is Utopian, and perhaps it always will be so.
"Flowers of Freethought" by George W. Foote
We've reached far and beyond the point ever dreamed of by Utopians.
"Freedom" by Dallas McCord Reynolds

In poetry:

Oh, is it, then, Utopian
To hope that I may meet a man
Who'll not relate, in accents suave,
The tales of girls he used to have?
"De Profundis" by Dorothy Parker
But here again a danger lies,
Lest, having misapplied our eyes,
And taken trash for treasure,
We should unwarily conclude
Friendship a false ideal good,
A mere Utopian pleasure.
"Friendship" by William Cowper

In news:

Carolyn Chute 's latest novel, the first in a series, concerns a teenage boy who joins a utopian community.
"I personally think we owe Dystopian lit to Utopian lit, cause, really, Utopian Societies have to be a nightmare.".
Nina Garduno wants to see if her latest venture can be the catalyst for a more utopian version of her town.
Lisa Lang: Unusual Utopian .
Utopian Captures Inglewood With Perfect Trip.
Utopian Universities And International Activism.
On Cyber- Utopianism The Nation.
One needs to go no further than the utopian mission statement to understand that the ideals that fueled the Woodstock Nation are alive and well.
If you go Attack of the 50-ft Chica 10:30pm, Thursday May 3 Nublu, 62 Avenue C @ 4th St East Village Utopians, Cordero, Madison Cano, Redheadphone, DJ Small Change.
The utopian idea of a society with no guns is wonderful but simply not practical.
But it was the ruthless, utopian mentality of communists that was really on trial.
Jessa Crispin talks to Utopian writer J.C. Hallman about bucking the dystopian trend.
Alejandrina Cabrera will run alongside Utopian Party presidential candidate Avery Ayers.
Koh Phi Phi in southern Thailand was the backdrop for the utopian existence featured in "The Beach".
Utopian vibe and dramatic soundstaging in an audiophile headphone.

In science:

Considering that still less than 100 SDPDs are published per year, it was clearly utopian to expect that 3% of them could be solved in 2 months by people extremely busy at solving their own difficult problems.
SDPD Round Robin 2002 Results
The above ideas will seem utopian in a development landscape without integration.
Improving the Technical Aspects of Software Testing in Enterprises
There are now several such utopian-sounding pro jects on their way. A small but functioning instrument has been deployed in Lake Baikal 174 but probably it will not grow to the km3 scale.
Neutrino Astrophysics at the Cross Roads