• WordNet 3.6
    • v untie undo the ties of "They untied the prisoner"
    • v untie cause to become loose "undo the shoelace","untie the knot","loosen the necktie"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The expression "Tying the Knot" comes from an old Roman custom where the brides clothes were tied up all in knots and the groom was supposed to untie the knots
    • v. i Untie To become untied or loosed.
    • Untie To free from fastening or from restraint; to let loose; to unbind. "Though you untie the winds, and let them fight
      Against the churches."
      "All the evils of an untied tongue we put upon the accounts of drunkenness."
    • Untie To loosen, as something interlaced or knotted; to disengage the parts of; as, to untie a knot. "Sacharissa's captive fain
      Would untie his iron chain."
      "Her snakes untied , sulphurous waters drink."
    • Untie To resolve; to unfold; to clear. "They quicken sloth, perplexities untie ."
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Untie un-tī′ to loose from being tied: to unbind: to loosen
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. untȳgan,. See 1st Un-, and Tie (v. t.)


In literature:

Then he began to untie the bonds that held its legs together.
"Ted Strong's Motor Car" by Edward C. Taylor
I'll untie yours, but you're not going to untie mine with your teeth.
"Boy Scouts in Southern Waters" by G. Harvey Ralphson
After giving me what they conceived to be a decent smoking, I was untied and again set to work.
"The Narrative of William W. Brown, a Fugitive Slave" by William Wells Brown
Before reaching his destination, John managed to untie his hands and feet and flee to the woods.
"The Underground Railroad" by William Still
With trembling fingers she hurriedly untied the blue ribbon.
"Polly of the Hospital Staff" by Emma C. Dowd
Immediately the snaky tail untied its knot.
"Myths That Every Child Should Know" by Various
Untie that sash from your waist.
"The Black Box" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
In a moment or two he had untied his boat from the little quay, and was pulling down towards Troy Town.
"The Astonishing History of Troy Town" by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
She began untying the bonnet strings.
"Pembroke" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
She untied the gold beads on her neck, and fastened them around Ann's.
"The Adventures of Ann" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

In poetry:

"To the side
Of the room
Hasten, broom,
As of old!
Spirits I have ne'er untied
Save to act as they are told."
"The Pupil In Magic" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
As he his nabadi untied,
The stranger uttered not a word;
His face a kabalakhi hid;
And chuckling laughter soft was heard.
"Gamzrdeli" by Akaki Tsereteli
Agreed: Secure my Virgin Heart:
Instant give up thy Bow and Dart:
The Chain I'll in Return unty;
And freely Thou again shalt fly.
"Love Disarmed" by Matthew Prior
The winning officers were gay,
And in small triumph led the way;
She follow'd, but in anguish cried,
"O that the knot could be untied!"
"The Pleasures Of Matrimony" by William Hutton
There was a Young Lady whose bonnet,
Came untied when the birds sate upon it;
But she said: 'I don't care!
All the birds in the air
Are welcome to sit on my bonnet!'
"Limerick: There was a Young Lady Whose Bonnet" by Edward Lear
And when thy darkling labours fail,
And thy shuttle moveless lies,
My world will drop, like untied veil
From before a lady's eyes;
Or, all night read, a finished tale
That in the morning dies.
"My Heart" by George MacDonald

In news:

Localities hope the decision unties funds.
An oracle told Alexander the Great that whoever could untie it would master Asia.
After months of talks, negotiators from the Untied States and China appear to be nowhere near a resolution on the subject of textiles trade levels.
Will Billau of Brentwood, from Golden Hills Church, unties his load of cases containing care packages as he drops off boxes at Antioch Church on the Rock in Antioch, Calif, on Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012.
Tax-reform panel aims to untie DC code's 'knot.
Learning how to untie the 'awe' factor.
Wolves tie it up but Braves untie it.
Jefferson County voters accidentally asked to pick president of ' Untied ' States.
Jefferson County residents will cast their ballots this year for the leaders of the " Untied " States.
PORT TOWNSEND — Jefferson County voters are casting their ballots for "President/Vice President of the Untied States.".
Keith Johnson, Flying Untied .
Untying a Birth Mother's Hands.
Untying the knots of justice.
Citizens United v Citizens Untied from their jobs.
My wife begins untying her shoes.

In science:

We look at the coordinate transformations on the horizon which are similar to those of the Newman-Unti or BMS group.
Gravitational radiation of generic isolated horizons
It is similar with the asymptotic symmetric group (the so called BMS group or Newman-Unti group) near null infinity.
Gravitational radiation of generic isolated horizons
We repea t subgroup reduction unti l we have determined entire ly d and aga in we need on ly O(log∣G ∣) reduction steps.
The Hidden Subgroup Problem
Repeating the untying we move through (c) and (d) until we reach separated links in (e) or the identity permutation.
Universality in chaotic quantum transport: The concordance between random matrix and semiclassical theories
If om is attached to a node of degree 4 whose opposite edge ends in a leaf, untie the node.
Universality in chaotic quantum transport: The concordance between random matrix and semiclassical theories