• WordNet 3.6
    • n unruliness the trait of being prone to disobedience and lack of discipline
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts. So in old England, when customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them to mind their own pints and quarts and settle down. It's where we get the phrase "mind your P's and Q's."
    • n Unruliness Quality or state unruly.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n unruliness The state or condition of being unruly; disregard of restraint; turbulence: as, the unruliness of men or of their passions.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Unruliness state of being unruly
    • ***


  • Jose Ortega Y Gasset
    “In order to master the unruly torrent of life the learned man meditates, the poet quivers, and the political hero erects the fortress of his will.”
  • Ernest Jones
    Ernest Jones
    “Man's chief enemy is his own unruly nature and the dark forces put up within him.”
  • John Donne
    “Busy old fool, unruly Sun, why dost thou thus through windows and through curtains call on us? Must to thy motions lovers seasons run?”


In literature:

The sole excuse for this was that he had been unruly in protesting against the treatment which he was receiving.
"The Transvaal from Within" by J. P. Fitzpatrick
During Henry's minority the crown was not strong enough to deal with the unruly Foitevins.
"The History of England" by T.F. Tout
A mother will sometimes quiet an unruly child by threatening the portentous intervention of the cure.
"A Canadian Manor and Its Seigneurs" by George M. Wrong
Oh keep me from these unsober, distempered, mad, unruly thoughts!
"Samuel Rutherford and some of his correspondents" by Alexander Whyte
A good sound box on the ear from his father, prevents further remarks coming from the unruly boy during the rest of the meal.
"The Haunted House" by Walter Hubbell
And yet they always fell back into unruliness and timidity.
"I.N.R.I." by Peter Rosegger
When the meeting became unruly she looked for some display of character, some proof of power.
"The Half-Hearted" by John Buchan
The genus, indeed, is unruly.
"About Orchids" by Frederick Boyle
Poor Beth was black and blue all over before she conquered those unruly stilts, but it took more than bruises to dampen her ardor.
"A Little Florida Lady" by Dorothy C. Paine
In fact, she became unruly.
"The Awakening" by Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy
Finally the anxious little man laid his hand upon the arm of his unruly assistant, with an air of kindly patronage.
"The Dreamer" by Mary Newton Stanard
The great singer was thrown by an unruly and badly trained animal, and received serious internal injuries.
"Great Violinists And Pianists" by George T. Ferris
It had always been an unruly member this fancy of hers, and it was particularly busy at this season.
"Girlhood and Womanhood" by Sarah Tytler
He continued, however, to be profane, vicious and unruly in his behavior.
"Studies in Forensic Psychiatry" by Bernard Glueck
When Carre was advancing to execute his office, his unruly horse flung him, and broke his leg in the king's presence.
"The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.I., Part D. From Elizabeth to James I." by David Hume
Recent quarrels with the whites had unusually irritated this unruly folk, and they resolved to make him their first victim.
"The Myths of the New World" by Daniel G. Brinton
In the case of the unruly Negro the owner was according to the ethics of that day not at fault.
"The Journal of Negro History, Volume 3, 1918" by Various
Some unruly spirit was about who chased slumber from everybody's eyes.
"A Hungarian Nabob" by Maurus Jókai
With a shame-faced bow, struggling with an unruly smile, Bob Broadley got through it somehow.
"Tristram of Blent" by Anthony Hope
Go back to it at once, unless you wish me to start you with a rope's-end as I would an unruly boy.
"The Pirate Island" by Harry Collingwood

In poetry:

The tongue, that most unruly power,
Requires a strong restraint;
We must be watchful every hour,
And pray, but never faint.
"Hymn 161" by Isaac Watts
Then first I felt the parting pang;--
Sure the worst pang the Lover feels!
His Horse unruly from me sprang,
The pebbles flew beneath his heels;
"Dolly" by Robert Bloomfield
O fix thy chair of grace, that all my powers
May also fix their reverence:
For when thou dost depart from hence,
They grow unruly, and sit in thy bowers.
"The Temper (II)" by George Herbert
My life was staid, my rates were paid,
And peace was in my mind.
Nor recked I of unruly men
To evil deeds inclined -
Strange, primal atavistic men
Who shock the peaceful citizen.
"Culture and Cops" by C J Dennis
'Tis Winter calls his storms the skies along,
Th' unruly storms obey his dread control,
Wind, rain, and snow, a black and blustering throng,
Rush all abroad, and thunder from the pole.
"Time: An Elegy. Written Near The Ruins Of Elgin Cathedral" by Robert Alves
"Yes, 'tis melancholy, truly, to forecast the fierce, unruly
Supersurging of their blushes, like the flushes upon high
When Aurora Borealis lights her circumpolar palace
And in customary manner sets her banner in the sky.
"At The Close Of The Canvass" by Ambrose Bierce

In news:

Police use pepper spray to handle unruly crowd .
King didn't know the unruly passenger's name or whether it was aman or a woman.
A United Airlines flight was diverted to O'Hare Airport early Thursday morning because of an unruly passenger.
CHICAGO (AP) — A United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London was diverted to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport because of an unruly passenger.
The city's public service director says it's a zero-tolerance policy, and that it will allow the city to quickly respond to unruly lawns.
Paddling was not Mr Polk's first choice in dealing with an unruly kid, but it was a tool in the arsenal, so to speak.
Conditioner for dry, unruly hair.
Though most children can get a bit unruly, a second grade boy threw such a temper tantrum at school that police had to blast him not once -- but twice -- with pepper spray .
Though most children can get a bit unruly, a second grade boy threw such a temper tantrum at school that police had to blast him not once — but twice — with pepper spray .
An Unruly Passion, Psychological Perspectives by Werner Muensterberger Princeton University Press, 295 pp.
Officers face unruly, dangerous foes, successfully make arrests More.
The Boston Police Department reports officers had to use pepper spray to control an unruly mob of people caught breaking into the cafeteria at Carney Hospital Sunday night.
Unruly Territories runs through June 12 at the James Watrous Gallery.
Stadium cuts numbers of police on call for stadium unruliness.
INTERVIEWS Justin Bieber's Rough Week: Thwarted by Glass, Unruly Fans.

In science:

Hartle, Unruly Topologies in Two Dimensional Quantum Gravity, Class. & Quant.
Generalizing Quantum Mechanics for Quantum Spacetime
For example, there are those who are so obsessed with experimental validation that I believe that they would have told Dijkstra that his solution to the Dining Philosophers Problem was wholly impractical because philosophers are known to be an unruly bunch in general.
True Peer Review
They thus differ from calculations of unruly hadrons in collision, which insist on interacting on a wide range of momentum scales, piling up large logarithms from a nasty variety of sources.
Heavy Quark Physics