• WordNet 3.6
    • adj unplanned not done with purpose or intent "an unintended slight","an unintentional pun","the offense was unintentional","an unwitting mistake may be overlooked"
    • adj unplanned without apparent forethought or prompting or planning "an unplanned economy","accepts an unplanned order","an unplanned pregnancy","unplanned remarks"
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  • Arnold Toynbee
    Arnold Toynbee
    “We have been God-like in our planned breeding of our domesticated plants and animals, but we have been rabbit-like in our unplanned breeding of ourselves.”


In literature:

The forms are of unplaned deal, and the general effect, as you can well imagine, is extremely beautiful.
"Sketches by Boz illustrative of everyday life and every-day people" by Charles Dickens
I was never able to do it but that once, and that one time was wholly unplanned and unexpected.
"The Jacket (The Star-Rover)" by Jack London
She had lapses of memory, and was continually finding herself doing unplanned things.
"The Valley of the Moon" by Jack London
So the meeting of Harley Kennan with the man was unplanned and eventful.
"Michael, Brother of Jerry" by Jack London
This is automatic national bankruptcy; unplanned, though perhaps not unforeseen.
"What is Coming?" by H. G. Wells
At the same time, be ready to receive unplanned-for knowledge.
"The Art of Public Speaking" by Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein
The meal was served on an unplaned plank, the ends resting on kegs in front of the boilers.
"The Devil's Own" by Randall Parrish
The boxing is of rough boards as are the unplaned narrow strips of batting covering the cracks.
"Sergeant York And His People" by Sam Cowan
In its cellar we found a rough bedstead of two pieces of unplaned lumber, with clean straw for a mattress, awaiting us.
"Golden Lads" by Arthur Gleason and Helen Hayes Gleason
The arrival of a baby or possibly some other unplanned event may force the wife to give up her job.
"The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book" by Various

In poetry:

Whilst perusing exchanges their dispositions I've traced,
I've paid some attention to their mode of embrace;
None to me opes his bosom, in language unplanned,
Like the "Globe," with his good honest shake of the hand.
"The Colored Press" by Robert C O Benjamin

In news:

Need fuel for unplanned day trips.
Benefits programs can ease burden on families in unplanned parenthood.
New Web Graphics Help Spread Awareness of Unplanned Pregnancy Options.
Unplanned 9/11 analysis links noise, whale stress.
Middletown to remember world-record flyer's 1911 unplanned landing.
Embracing sights unseen (and unplanned for).
Castro Embraces Unplanned Learning Opportunity.
Unplanned IT Downtime Can Cost $5K Per Minute: Report.
Indorama restarts Lithuania PET plant after unplanned outage.
Washington's Only Nuclear Power Plant Criticized For Six Unplanned Shut-downs.
Town Board Chair Jeff Holm describes the growth as "totally unplanned ".
Mobilizing an Unplanned Job Search.
Two veterinarians say two brown pelicans caught an unplanned flight from Florida all the way to Rhode Island on the winds of Hurricane Sandy.
When her doctor said a medical condition made her unplanned pregnancy too risky, she decided to go ahead with an abortion in 2011.
URBAN America is changing, and as has so often happened, the change is largely unplanned.

In science:

PROVERBĀ“s main feature is that it combines global hierarchical planning and unplanned organization of text with respect to local derivation relations in a complementary way.
Planning Argumentative Texts
Nonetheless there is psychological evidence that language has an unplanned, spontaneous aspect as well [Och79].
Planning Argumentative Texts
Bottom-up presentation operators are devised to simulate the unplanned aspect, where the next intermediate conclusion to be presented is chosen under the guidance of the local focus mechanism in a more spontaneous way.
Planning Argumentative Texts
This distinction between planned and unplanned presentation leads to a very natural segmentation of the discourse into an attentional hierarchy , since, following the theory of Grosz and Sidner [GS86], there is a one-to-one correspondence between the intentional hierarchy and the attentional hierarchy.
Planning Argumentative Texts
The bottom-up presentation process simulates the unplanned part of proof presentation.
Planning Argumentative Texts