• WordNet 3.6
    • adj unformed not formed or organized "an as yet unformed government"
    • adj unformed not having form or shape "unformed clay"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Unformed Decomposed, or resolved into parts; having the form destroyed.
    • Unformed Not formed; not arranged into regular shape, order, or relations; shapeless; amorphous.
    • Unformed (Biol) Unorganized; without definite shape or structure; as, an unformed, or unorganized, ferment.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • unformed Not having been formed; not fashioned; not molded into regular shape.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Unformed not formed or arranged into order: having the form destroyed: structureless, amorphous: immature, not yet formed
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  • Edward Gibbon
    “Unprovided with original learning, unformed in the habits of thinking, unskilled in the arts of composition, I resolved-to write a book.”
  • Lionel Trilling
    “In the American metaphysic, reality is always material reality, hard, resistant, unformed, impenetrable, and unpleasant.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
In sense 1 properly p. p. of un form,; in senses 2 and 3 pref. un-, not + formed,


In literature:

It was an intangible, unformed, unthoughtout fear of what might follow after.
"The Just and the Unjust" by Vaughan Kester
Meanwhile the home fleet, which Lord Torrington was to command, was still unformed.
"Some Principles of Maritime Strategy" by Julian Stafford Corbett
They are mere beginners; their art is still unformed.
"A Cathedral Singer" by James Lane Allen
What was there in this unformed child that appealed so strongly to her sympathy and tenderness?
"One Man in His Time" by Ellen Glasgow
On the first page he was pouring out his heart in careless unformed phrases.
"Far to Seek" by Maud Diver
John's unformed plan of escape included Julie Lannes.
"The Forest of Swords" by Joseph A. Altsheler
Her manners were as yet unformed; she needed line upon line and precept upon precept.
"Little Prudy's Dotty Dimple" by Sophie May
The fat, unformed schoolboy was now a slender and graceful young man.
"Life of Lord Byron, Vol. I. (of VI.)" by Thomas Moore
They do not only occur in modern religions, but in those of the old heathen, and in the rude and unformed beliefs of savages.
"Myth and Science" by Tito Vignoli
How mighty the influence of which the unformed minds of a group of children are susceptible!
"The Teacher" by Jacob Abbott
But if, instead of this, the unformed will is made the guide, the very reverse of education is taking place.
"The Education of American Girls" by Anna Callender Brackett
Charles had left Oxford a clever unformed youth; he returned a man.
"Loss and Gain" by John Henry Newman
I thought I could mould my wife, who was utterly unformed, a little country farm girl.
"When the Birds Begin to Sing" by Winifred Graham
Now, these bars and unformed circles bespeak it.
"Cupology" by Clara
At this time Winton was the rendezvous of some of the worst characters of the west; fights were frequent on the then unformed streets.
"Reminiscences of Queensland" by William Henry Corfield
All the others, but the one, may be systems yet unformed, or fragments struck off in the forming of the one.
"The Plurality of Worlds" by William Whewell
Their interviews were daily and unformal.
"Ormond, Volume II (of 3)" by Charles Brockden Brown
What did nurse mean when she said, the other day, "There's one comfort; Miss Ginevra's character is still unformed"?
"Nearly Bedtime" by H. Mary Wilson
The Italian language, in spite of its long past, may still be called young and unformed.
"Renaissance in Italy: Italian Literature" by John Addington Symonds
That unformed child thrown into the arms of a thing like Dunmore!
"Cardigan" by Robert W. Chambers

In poetry:

As once in time on overgrowing banks
The moisten creature holed in despair
Of self impotence, feeling on its back
Wings - still unformed and very feeble pair, -
"The Sixth Sense" by Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev

In news:

NFL predictions, Strasburg and football unform fashion.

In science:

D (i.e. it is unform on the compact subsets of D).
On the Largest Singular Values of Random Matrices with Independent Cauchy Entries
Poisson random point process on the positive half-axis with the intensity is uniform inside D (i.e. it is unform on the compact subsets of D).
On the Largest Singular Values of Random Matrices with Independent Cauchy Entries
D (i.e. it is with the intensity unform on compact subsets of D).
Poisson Statistics for the Largest Eigenvalues in Random Matrix Ensemble
D (i.e. it is unform on the compact subsets of D).
Poisson Statistics for the Largest Eigenvalues in Random Matrix Ensemble
For a network of n nodes distributed unformly inside the unit circle, obtains the asymptotic threshold function for the critical transmission range to be q log n n .
On the topological Properties of the One Dimensional Exponential Random Geometric Graph
The numbers need to be distributed according to a unform distribution, and an attacker should not be able to predict the corresponding sequence of bits.
Secure self-calibrating quantum random bit generator
K (s) ρ′ (hs) /ρ (h) is unformly bounded with respect to h and s for small h and 0 ≤ s ≤ 1.
Local functional principal component analysis
We see the the density is unform for all t, oscillating between ρ0 and infinity.
Evolution of simple configurations of gravitating gas
This electronic version contains the list of contributions, the introduction and the unformal conclusion.
Classical Chaos and its Quantum Manifestations
The second claim is that a boolean function with a large third unformity norm is somewhat close to a quadratic polynomial.
Low-degree tests at large distances
For the sake of completeness however, we describe unformally how to set the threshold for UN .
Performance of Statistical Tests for Single Source Detection using Random Matrix Theory
Microscopically it must keep changing— otherwise if we ran the system backwards it couldn’t tell when to start changing again and unform the ball.
Crystalline Computation
Now we consider N steps in a unform medium of wave number k .
Gravity waves over topographical bottoms: Comparison with the experiment
If we denote the corresponding h and ϕ by hM and ϕM , it is easily seen that hM → h unformly on [0,1] as M → ∞, and thus ϕM → ϕ uniformly on every interval [δ, 1].
On percolation in random graphs with given vertex degrees
We also note that ΦnS inherits the unform convergence in probability to zero from K n + Ln .
Fractional processes as models in stochastic finance