• WordNet 3.6
    • v understate represent as less significant or important
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Understate To state or represent less strongly than may be done truthfully.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • understate To state or represent less strongly than the truth will admit; state too low: as, to understate an evil.
    • understate To say less than the full truth.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Understate un-dėr-stāt′ to state or represent under or below the truth
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In literature:

It was the most understated statement he had ever heard.
"Pagan Passions" by Gordon Randall Garrett
Lucien had purposely understated the distance to the rocks.
"The Young Voyageurs" by Mayne Reid
One day we read that a bag has been made of 30,000 Russians, the next that the number was understated, and that it is 70,000.
"A War-time Journal, Germany 1914 and German Travel Notes" by Harriet Julia Jephson
Rather understate than exceed the facts of a case.
"The Young Maiden" by A. B. (Artemas Bowers) Muzzey
The fact was that she had understated the case.
"Daughters of the Puritans" by Seth Curtis Beach
Lucien had purposely understated the distance to the rocks.
"Popular Adventure Tales" by Mayne Reid
If anything, Ryan had understated what he'd be going through, starting Sandeman-style magical training so late.
"Zeta Exchange" by Ann Wilson
We think we shall be understating the case if we set down 140,000 men as the sum of the German losses in Champagne.
"World's War Events, Vol. I" by Various
Captain Clark went ahead to reconnoitre, and found that the Indians had rather understated the difficulties of the water route.
"Lewis and Clark" by William R. Lighton
The Professor did not understate the case when he had intimated that he was somewhat out of practice at equestrian exercises.
"Sundry Accounts" by Irvin S. Cobb
The rector had understated when he declared their deficit.
"The Scarlet Feather" by Houghton Townley
It is possible, as has been said, that the German losses are much understated.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume V (of 8)"
Thus Acts plainly has understated the amount of controversy between the Hellenising Christians and the original community.
"Landmarks in the History of Early Christianity" by Kirsopp Lake
In order that we may understated this, it becomes necessary for us to consider the means by which it is formed.
"The Elements of Agriculture" by George E. Waring
Here again the strength of socialism is greatly understated.
"Violence and the Labor Movement" by Robert Hunter
I think Mr Caldwell has a little understated the case.
"The Night Side of London" by J. Ewing Ritchie
In my History of the time I have understated the number of those who were executed.
"The Divorce of Catherine of Aragon" by J.A. Froude
To say that Eva was in love with Reggie would be both overstating it and understating it.
"The Rubicon" by E. F. Benson
I have been careful rather to understate than exaggerate the case.
"'I Believe' and other essays" by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull
I am constantly understating other people's ages.
"Miss Ravenel's conversion from secession to loyalty" by J. W. de Forest

In news:

Beth Orton's ' Sugaring Season' an understated gem.
Understated cool in overstated shapes for spring.
Lady Gaga's Understated Play at Gay Rights Dinner.
Formula 1's US Fan Base Is ' Understated '.
Mendenhall makes a successful, if understated , return.
Medicaid expansion cost understated , group says.
Natalie Portman's wedding reflects new trend: Understated .
INTERVIEWS See Kwes' Understated 'Bashful' Clip.
Mike Helfgot on boys basketball blog Don't sleep on understated Ramsey, Warren.
A gorgeous, understated cover of New York City's own Downtown.
Dress understated yet still elegant.
Featured Articles Understated and elegant, North Carolina jewelry store is a timeless treasure.
Kris Allen, understated and safe, wins over performance maestro, Adam Lambert.
Kris Allen, the cute understated guy with the church background, is the new American Idol.
The MSO's Dramatic, Understated Masterpieces.

In science:

Next, we added unmodeled systematic errors to the simulated positions, such that the mean “observed” position at a given epoch differed from the “true” position and the observation uncertainties understated the effective simulated errors.
Precision Astrometry with the Very Long Baseline Array: Parallaxes and Proper Motions for 14 Pulsars
We ran a set of natural language processing experiments and found that this assumption is often violated in such a way as to understate the statistical significance of the differences between the results.
More accurate tests for the statistical significance of result differences
SZ map of the large scale structure will eventually allow an understating of the large scale velocity field of baryons, as the density fluctuations can be identified through cross-correlation of such a map with a similar thermal SZ map.
Applications of Halo Approach to Non-Linear Large Scale Structure Clustering
In this case, the LRT understates the evidence for an emission line.
Statistics: Handle with Care, Detecting Multiple Model Components with the Likelihood Ratio Test
The technical challenge of achieving the sensitivities necessary to measure waves from assured sources should not be understated.
The Phenomena of High Energy Astrophysics
Currently the symbiotic stars are underst ood as interacting binary systems consisting of a cool giant and a hot compact star, which is in most cases a white dwarf.
The role of ionization in symbiotic binaries
First, although there has been empirical evidence from the simulation study that the π0 estimator (3.1) outperforms the existing ones, there is lack of analytical understating of this estimator, in terms of MSE for example.
An adaptive significance threshold criterion for massive multiple hypotheses testing
By deriving lower bounds or exact values for the minimum value of the posterior probability of a sharp null hypothesis over a variety of classes of priors, Berger and Sellke argued that p-values traditionally regarded as small understate the plausibility of nulls, at least in some problems.
On the false discovery rates of a frequentist: Asymptotic expansions
The importance of comparison against field observation is not to be understated.
A review of wildland fire spread modelling, 1990-present, 1: Physical and quasi-physical models
Of course, once the massive behavior is confirmed from the simulations, one must underst and why this behavior arises in the infrared limit of the theory, and how we might reconcile it with a confinement mechanism.
Numerical test of the Gribov-Zwanziger scenario in Landau gauge
Notice that the soundness of this protocol relies on the fact that the power of a cheating prover is one-sided: A cheating prover can only understate, but never overstate the size of the sets Si .
Average-Case Complexity
Published headline inflation rate for March and May 1995 understated by 0.1% (inflation around 3.5%) UK RPI (CPI) never revised = publicly stated policy.
Information and Data Quality in Spreadsheets
The anlysis from the next section, besides a value of its own, it is also useful for understanting the asymptotic formula for the bandwidths’ product for the case of a week magnetic flux.
Bandwidths Statistics from the Eigenvalue Moments for Harper-Hofstadter Problem