• WordNet 3.6
    • v unbend release from mental strain, tension, or formality "unbend the mind from absorbing too much information"
    • v unbend become less tense, rest, or take one's ease "He relaxed in the hot tub","Let's all relax after a hard day's work"
    • v unbend make less taut "relax the tension on the rope"
    • v unbend free from flexure "unbend a bow"
    • v unbend unfasten, as a sail, from a spar or a stay
    • v unbend straighten up or out; make straight
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Unbend A remit from a strain or from exertion; to set at ease for a time; to relax; as, to unbend the mind from study or care. "You do unbend your noble strength."
    • Unbend (Naut) To cast loose or untie, as a rope.
    • Unbend To cease to be bent; to become straight or relaxed.
    • Unbend To free from flexure; to make, or allow to become, straight; to loosen; as, to unbend a bow.
    • Unbend To relax in exertion, attention, severity, or the like; hence, to indulge in mirth or amusement.
    • Unbend (Naut) To unfasten, as sails, from the spars or stays to which they are attached for use.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • unbend To become relaxed or unbent.
    • unbend To rid one's self of constraint; act with freedom; give up stiffness or austerity of manner; be affable.
    • unbend To free from flexure; make straight: as, to unbend a bow.
    • unbend To relax; remit from a strain or from exertion; set at ease for a time: as, to unbend the mind from study or care.
    • unbend Nautical: To unfasten from the yards and stays, as sails.
    • unbend To cast loose, as a cable from the anchor.
    • unbend To untie, as a rope.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Unbend un-bend′ to free from being in a bent state: to make straight: to free from strain or exertion: to set at ease
    • v.i Unbend to become relaxed: to behave with freedom from stiffness, to be affable
    • n Unbend a relaxing
    • ***


  • John Gay
    “I must have women -- there is nothing unbends the mind like them.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1st pref. un-, + bend,


In literature:

When the mistress is indulgent, a fool should not be unbending.
"Under the Rose" by Frederic Stewart Isham
Watch him unbend and chat with the boys.
"The Root of Evil" by Thomas Dixon
The Church, unbending in this matter, has remained upright and entire.
"En Route" by J.-K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans
Unbend sufficiently to dress as goblins and nymphs?
"Historic Boyhoods" by Rupert Sargent Holland
The countess essayed to unbend sufficiently to attempt the task of soothing him.
"Fairy Fingers" by Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie
But as quickly as she had thus involuntarily revealed her soul, so did she conceal it again beneath her favoured veil of unbendable pride.
""Unto Caesar"" by Baroness Emmuska Orczy
He could still be stern and unbending.
"An Old Man's Love" by Anthony Trollope
However, she kept gazing at him, with half-closed lids, in a languid fashion, but unbending withal.
"Bouvard and Pécuchet" by Gustave Flaubert
There is nothing unbends the Mind like them.
"The Beggar's Opera" by John Gay
Proud men never unbend until their supremacy is acknowledged through your servility.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - Volume 54, No. 338, December 1843" by Various

In poetry:

Fare ye well and God bless you! Our bond
And our honour aren't tamely domestic.
Like a sprout in the sunlight, unbend,
And then things will assume a new aspect.
"Do not fret, do not cry, do not tax..." by Boris Pasternak
Once, striding in a monk’s unbending mode,
You pierced the yard from rim to other rim;
The cobble-stones and the coarse dream --
Have thirst for death and sadness of the broad-
""The falling is the constant mate of fear"" by Osip Emilevich Mandelstam
Grand is the hall the noble lord ascends;--
In height, like human form most reverent, grand;
And straight, as flies the shaft when bow unbends;
Its tints, like hues when pheasant's wings expand.
"On The Completion Of A Royal Palace" by Confucius
I call'd on the Lady of Bountiful Hall,--
And there she was feasting the great and the small,
Encircled by flowers and children and all,
From Fashion unbending
And gently descending
To greet them at Home!
"Home" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
I would joy in your joy: let me have a friend's part
In the warmth of your welcome of hand and of heart,--
On your play-ground of boyhood unbend the brow's care,
And shift the old burdens our shoulders must bear.
"The Quaker Alumni" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Because a heaven-sent monsoon the mists before it drove;
Because things happened in the moon; or else, because High Jove,
Unbending, played at waterman to please a laughing boy,
The hearts through all a continent are raised in grateful joy.
"A Song of Rain" by C J Dennis

In news:

Unbending Rules on Drugs in Schools Drive One Teen to the Breaking Point .
Unbending Rules on Drugs in Schools Drive One Teen to the Breaking Point.
Tests for an Unbending Pope.
Team toughness is unbending rule for new Syracuse Crunch.
Hamas leader unbending but seeks unity.
Joe Paterno supporters are beginning to admit they were wrong in unbending support of former Penn State coach.
The 76-year-old Lake Jackson congressman's unbending adherence to principle has won him a loyal following.

In science:

Subsequent experiment showed that the bimetallic composite exhibits reversible bending/unbending upon heating/cooling.
Imprinting bias stress in functional composites
Finally, for Eq.(3a), which is consistent with determines only chanciness. It shows that persons in power treat all at individual inclinations. Conversely, common people are treated unbendingly by these leaders. This is a typical autarchy government of completely lawless.
Synergetic Application, Equations on Rule of Law and Two-Party Mechanism