ultraviolet radiation


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n ultraviolet radiation radiation lying in the ultraviolet range; wave lengths shorter than light but longer than X rays
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In literature:

In most of the vats vegetation grew in various stages, greening under the ultraviolet rays that radiated from the low roof.
"Rebels of the Red Planet" by Charles Louis Fontenay
Vitreous silica is optically inactive, when homogeneous, and is highly transparent to ultraviolet radiations.
"The Methods of Glass Blowing and of Working Silica in the Oxy-Gas Flame" by W. A. Shenstone
Ultraviolet radiation could serve as an extraterrestrial energy source for organic synthesis.
"Significant Achievements in Space Bioscience 1958-1964" by National Aeronautics and Space Administration

In news:

Scott Bundgaard used to believe that chlorofluorocarbons--most commonly known by the trade name Freon --were depleting the Earth's ozone layer and increasing dangerous ultraviolet radiation.
Cold quartz ultraviolet radiation (CQ-UV) is the most energy-bearing wavelength in the ultraviolet spectrum.
A study looking at conditions in the lower stratosphere, where the ozone layer resides, suggests a link between climate change and the amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching Earth's surface.
The layer shields the entire Earth from much of the harmful ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun.
Once again a seasonal hole the size of North America has appeared in the protective ozone layer above Antarctica, allowing a flood of dangerous ultraviolet radiation to reach the ground.
SCIENTISTS investigating a worldwide decline in frogs and other amphibians have found the first strong evidence identifying a likely global culprit: the rise in ultraviolet radiation caused by the thinning of the atmospheric ozone layer .
Recent research explores the idea that human skin color is an adaptation to differing levels of ultraviolet radiation in different parts of the globe.
Melanoma, Ultraviolet Radiation, and Socioeconomic Status.
LONDON — Some whale species off the Mexican coast are showing signs of severe sunburn that might be caused by the damaged ozone layer's decreased ability to block ultraviolet radiation, a new study concludes.
NASA looks at ultraviolet radiation .
Melanoma, Ultraviolet Radiation , and Socioeconomic Status.
On the Earth's surface, ozone is a pollutant, but in the stratosphere, it reflects ultraviolet radiation back into space, protecting us from skin cancer-causing UV rays.
A new satellite instrument suite is now sending back detailed information about the health of the Earth's ozone layer, the shield that protects the world's population from harmful levels of the sun's ultraviolet radiation.
Stratospheric ozone is formed naturally through the interaction of solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation with molecular oxygen (O2).
According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 80 percent of a person's lifetime exposure to ultraviolet radiation occurs before the ages of 18 to 20.

In science:

The ionizing radiation feedback from each of .10000 SFMC particles is rendered by tracing the ultraviolet photon rays on the fly ( §2).
Dwarf Galaxies with Ionizing Radiation Feedback. I: Escape of Ionizing Photons
Some of the limitations of our current chemical modelling approach, where layers are assumed to be independent from each other (they are neither radiatively coupled through the transfer of ultraviolet photons nor dynamically coupled by vertical mixing), will be addressed in a future study.
The impact of atmospheric circulation on the chemistry of the hot Jupiter HD 209458b
Effects of near ultraviolet radiation on the lens and retina.
Bringing the Visible Universe into Focus with Robo-AO
However, once the radiation flux drops below the flux at which the FUV emission dominates, the EUV (extreme ultraviolet) emission dominates and the mass loss rate drops with the stellar flux.
Young Circumstellar Disks Near Evolved Massive Stars and Supernovae
Johnstone, Hollenbach & Bally (1998) modelled the photoevaporation of dense clumps of gas by an external source of ultraviolet radiation including thermal and dynamical effects.
Photoevaporating flows from the cometary knots in the Helix nebula (NGC 7293)
These results imply that the synchrotron radiation is extremely intense over a broad range of wavelengths from the infrared through the visible and ultraviolet range and into the vacuum ultraviolet and soft and hard X-rays parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The world of synchrotrons
This includes the doubling of the circumference to 81m and tailoring the machine to produce narrow bright beams of soft X-rays and ultraviolet radiation.
The world of synchrotrons
In quasars the accretion disk has sizes of ∼109 km and radiates mostly in the ultraviolet and optical wavelengths, whereas in microquasars the accretion disk has sizes of ∼103 km and the bulk of the radiated energy comes out in the X-rays.
Microquasars as sources of high energy phenomena
This, in turn has implications for the contribution of quasar ultraviolet radiation (probably small) to the intergalactic, photoionizing radiation field.
The Phenomena of High Energy Astrophysics
The f /i ratios of O VII, Ne IX and Mg XI are probably dominated by UV radiation, but the f /i ratio for Si XIII should be dominated by collisions, even if the entire UV continuum in the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope wavelength range arises from the white dwarf.
Chandra Observations of the Dwarf Nova WX Hyi in Quiescence
During the active phase a warm blackbody component of radiation (Th = 20 500 K) with superposed highly ionized lines dominated the ultraviolet (bottom left panel of Fig. 11).
The role of ionization in symbiotic binaries
Since the dust also absorbs far-ultraviolet radiation longwards of the Lyman limit, the formation of photon-dominated regions is also suppressed, and the thus the same mechanism can account for the faintness of the 158 µm [C ii] line in Arp 220 and other ULIGs (Fischer et al., 1999).
Dissecting starburst galaxies with infrared observations
Above ∼ 10 GeV the background spectrum will steepen owing to absorption from pair production interactions with the extragalactic ultraviolet background radiation .
Are Diffuse High Energy Neutrinos and Gamma-Rays from Starburst Galaxies Observable?
Above ∼ 10 GeV the background spectrum will steepen owing to absorption from pair production interactions with the extragalactic ultraviolet background radiation .
Upper Limits to Fluxes of Neutrinos and Gamma-Rays from Starburst Galaxies
In case of scalars, already in the continuum theory one expects a drastic dependence on the lattice spacing due to the ultraviolet divergent radiative mass correction, δM 2 = λ2 min ∼ αsa−2 .
Nonperturbative physics at short distances