• WordNet 3.6
    • n twitching a sudden muscle spasm; especially one caused by a nervous condition
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n twitching The act of one who or that which twitches; especially, an involuntary convulsive jerking of the muscles, etc. See twitch, n., 2.
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  • Virgil
    “Death twitches my ear. Live, he says, I am coming.”


In literature:

She seemed a little calmer but the healthy colour had all gone from her cheeks and her lips were twitching.
"The Black Box" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
The muscles of his cheeks began to twitch still quicker.
"The Awakening" by Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy
She twitched like one about to have convulsions.
"The Shoulders of Atlas" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Heaven knows whether it saw that twitching then!
"The Way of the Wild" by F. St. Mars
Her closely compressed lips twitched nervously, but her questioning eyes remained unlowered.
"Bob Hampton of Placer" by Randall Parrish
Jenny steadied her, pulled her up, and watched between the cocked and twitching ears.
"None Other Gods" by Robert Hugh Benson
Her face twitched under her veil.
"Bella Donna" by Robert Hichens
They abandoned themselves, swaying from the hip with twitching faces and stony eyes.
"The Nigger Of The "Narcissus" A Tale Of The Forecastle" by Joseph Conrad
His mouth was twitching, but his forehead was contracted.
"The Debtor" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Colonel Best-Dunkley blinked and twitched his nose in a disapproving manner.
"At Ypres with Best-Dunkley" by Thomas Hope Floyd

In poetry:

Yet I feel everything
see everything
while remaining a corpse as defined by law
without the prospects of a groan
""I had imagined death differently"" by Andrzej Bursa
And gently twitching Mary's hand,
The bench had ample room for two,
His first word made her understand
The plowman's errand was to woo.
"Abner And The Widow Jones" by Robert Bloomfield
Red his cheeks beneath their griming
Bum; his wide mouth sadly twitches,
And his beautiful big eyes are
Piteously o'erbrimmed with sorrow.
"The North Sea -- First Cycle" by Heinrich Heine
Faltering spoke the deep-voiced Rabbi,
With white lips and twitching fingers,
Then in clear, young, steady treble,
Answered him the boy Pedrillo:
"Don Pedrillo" by Emma Lazarus
He dreams, strangely smiling and sighing.
Karker gazes as though bewitched.
"Why did I see his body lying
In blood? and why is his right brow twitched?
"Hakon Jarl's Death" by Adam Gottlob Oehlenschlaeger
"I wondered what on earth they were,
That looked all head and sack;
But Mother told me not to stare,
And then she twitched me by the hair,
And punched me in the back.
"Phantasmagoria Canto IV ( Hys Nouryture )" by Lewis Carroll

In news:

Anxious, twitching and burning on the Winter Solstice.
Rejected Names for Twitter Included Jitter and Twitch.
He hardly slept, and when he did she noticed that his muscles twitched.
Why does my eye twitch.
A guy spends all week reading and writing about politics and talking to politicians, come Sunday he needs a break, or else his nose starts to twitch.
My nose started to twitch.
Again, my nose started twitching.
After several minutes I saw the opossum 's ear twitch, an eye open, the head come up slowly.
Jeremy ' Twitch ' Stenberg.
Stress of the 'Facebook twitch '.
The J.Hexx Project's The Seven Doorz To Death/ Twitch of the Deadz Nervez.
Endurance running increases fast- twitch fibers.
A few investing tips to stop that twitch you've developed.
I was twitching all over the place.
Though alert, his legs were "twitching" while he was being treated, police said.