• Poll tweaked off his wig
    Poll tweaked off his wig
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v tweak adjust finely "fine-tune the engine"
    • v tweak pull or pull out sharply "pluck the flowers off the bush"
    • v tweak pinch or squeeze sharply
    • n tweak a squeeze with the fingers
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Tweak A prostitute.
    • Tweak A sharp pinch or jerk; a twist or twitch; as, a tweak of the nose.
    • v. t Tweak To pinch and pull with a sudden jerk and twist; to twitch; as, to tweak the nose.
    • Tweak Trouble; distress; tweag.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • tweak To twitch; pinch and pull with or as with a sharp jerk; twinge.
    • n tweak A sharp pinch or jerk; a twitch.
    • n tweak A pinch; dilemma; perplexity: as, to be in a sad tweak. E. Phillips, 1706. Also tweag, tweague.
    • n tweak A prostitute.
    • n tweak A whoremonger.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Tweak twēk to twitch, to pull: to pull with sudden jerks
    • n Tweak a sharp pinch or twitch: any perplexity
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. twikken, originally the same word as twicchen,; cf. LG. twikken,. See Twitch


In literature:

Boyd would have enjoyed this game of tweaking a wildcat's tail.
"Ride Proud, Rebel!" by Andre Alice Norton
Reaching out, with an impudent grin he tweaked the younger man lightly by the nose.
"The Rich Little Poor Boy" by Eleanor Gates
He would mischievously tweak the noses of the little ones, or pat the tiny girls upon the head.
"The Great White Tribe in Filipinia" by Paul T. Gilbert
But if I ever hear of you mentioning anything to Randerson about that bandanna, I'll tweak your nose as sure as you're alive!
"The Range Boss" by Charles Alden Seltzer
I would but have tweaked the little creature's Ears; but he, for a surety, thought I had a mind to Murder him.
"The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous, Vol. 2 of 3" by George Augustus Sala
Jim staggered forward, and, seizing the Scotchman's prominent nose, gave it a violent tweak.
"The Young Adventurer" by Horatio Alger
Tweaks me by the nose?
"Hamlet" by William Shakespeare
And then the sly thing gave a tweak and pulled out Betty's longest feather.
"Dick and His Cat and Other Tales" by Various
Vesta would tweak his ear.
"Jennie Gerhardt" by Theodore Dreiser
Men hate to be tweaked, especially on their weak points.
"The Hound From The North" by Ridgwell Cullum

In poetry:

His speech was cut short by a general dismay;
For William the Second had fainted away,
At the smell of some New Forest venison before him;
But a tweak on the nose, Arthur said, would restore him.
"The Round Table or, King Arthur's Feast" by Thomas Love Peacock
The Jury pannel'd, box'd, and swore,
Were wiser than some were before--
Declar'd the thumps and tweaks he brought
Were not from "malice aforethought;"
A verdict gave for the defendant;
So they and I shall make an end on't.
"The True Lover's Knot" by William Hutton

In news:

Former Lakers coach Phil Jackson is still tweaking the Spurs about their 1999 championship season having an asterisk ).
Cowboys tweak lineup for basketball season opener.
LeRay OKs tweaked tax deal for Drum biomass plant.
The duo wraps up with a lyrical tweak to a Chess favorite.
Simple tweaks make your favorite sandwiches a part of your healthy diet.
Then, the ODMs are asked to tweak those basic blueprints to add a few features, and to match the look and feel of the company's other products.
From the current issue of "Cuisine at Home" and tweaked by Chef Alli.
At Mayfield's United Livestock Commodities, in Mayfield, Kentucky owner Joseph Watson is tweaking the recipe for success.
Editor Don Whitten admits he hasn't been following the Republican presidential hopefuls very closely – since the election is still more than a year off – but says his interest and attention has been tweaked by the recent talk of a 9-9-9 Plan.
Driving and using your cell phone has been against the law in Albuquerque since 2007, but now the county wants to do the same although with some technology tweaks.
Challenge yourself by making these tweaks to your abs workout four to five times a week.
Yout tweaked playoff standings this morning.
They've also tweaked the language of charges previously filed in Jessica's disappearance and slaying in October.
Commission tweaks survey for downtown property owners.
ST's conundrum : Break up or tweak.

In science:

It is possible to tweak parameters such as shell thickness, inner dust temperature and optical depth and get almost identical models.
Silicon carbide absorption features: dust formation in the outflows of extreme carbon stars
Remove residual flux mismatch by tweaking folding mirror orientation (aiming for ∆I /I ≈ 0.5%).
Tests of achromatic phase shifters performed on the SYNAPSE test bench: a progress report
We now tweak this construction by stretching some of the edges into 2-paths of length L(cid:48) .
Explicit expanders with cutoff phenomena
To be precise, in order to get a W -type lower bound the number of iterations needs to be larger than W −1 (1/ǫ). 12 In fact, we will be tweaking the construction of Gowers which gives a slightly weaker lower bound of T (log(1/γ )), and is much simpler to analyze.
A Wowzer Type Lower Bound for the Strong Regularity Lemma
Although this is not quite the assumption of the introduction that π (α) (∂BT (α) (x, r)) = 0 for every x ∈ T (α) , r > 0, by a minor tweak of the proof of Proposition 3.2, we are still able to apply our mixing time convergence results in the same way.
Convergence of mixing times for sequences of random walks on finite graphs