• WordNet 3.6
    • n turnaround turning in the opposite direction
    • n turnaround act or process of unloading and loading and servicing a vessel or aircraft for a return trip
    • n turnaround an area sufficiently large for a vehicle to turn around
    • n turnaround a decision to reverse an earlier decision
    • n turnaround time need to prepare a vessel or ship for a return trip
    • ***


  • Browning Nagle
    Browning Nagle
    “In certain situations we'd be down and the competitor in me would want to get it all back in one play. That impatience makes for bad plays, mistakes, and turnarounds.”


In literature:

However, the rapid turnaround of many of the ships shows this was not usually the case.
"North Devon Pottery and Its Export to America in the 17th Century" by C. Malcolm Watkins

In news:

Silver Taking Over NBA With Stern Completing Turnaround.
A turnaround could take years.
The Buffalo Bills' run defense has made a worst-to-first turnaround in the last five weeks of the.
Port Authority audit turnaround is curious .
After his own quick turnaround and a reunion with Fox, Del Rio crafts winning 'D' in Denver.
Delphi Automotive may be based in suburban Detroit, but to understand the company's turnaround, consider it a company without borders.
According to the Den , the play previously "played to sold-out houses" at both TurnAround Theatre and Steppenwolf in 1995.
Groups from several cities say school "turnarounds" discriminate against minorities.
A 27-year-old Salisbury woman who began by yelling at a a U.S. PITTSBURGH — In a surprising turnaround, the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the - 7:33 pm.
An industry-leading turnaround time for client requests.
Matt Kenseth target is a turnaround after a few weeks of doldrums .
American's CEO says airline turnaround nearly done .
DALLAS The CEO of American Airlines says the company has nearly finished a bankruptcy turnaround and the only big decision left is whether to remain independent or merge with US Airways (LCC).
An important goal for any shop should be improving productivity through faster turnaround and reduced machine downtime .
I recently penned a short piece for Quartz about Russia's surprising, and almost totally unheralded, demographic turnaround.

In science:

It is plausible that clouds formed from this cool gas could produce the observed narrow line emission in the quasar spectrum while the black hole (and gas) are near turnaround.
Three-Body Kick to a Bright Quasar out of Its Galaxy During a Merger
The maximum of the expansion radius defines the turn–around time, which is the epoch when the shell starts to collapse, after decoupling from the cosmic expansion.
Cosmological parameters from Galaxy Clusters: an Introduction
Due to the simmetry of the solution, the time of collapse is twice the turn–around time.
Cosmological parameters from Galaxy Clusters: an Introduction
As we increase B , we will eventually reach a point B0 (ǫ) where R(B , ǫ) < 0 which we call turnaround point.
Weighted Hypothesis Testing
The turnaround point B ∗ (ǫ) is shown with a vertical dotted line.
Weighted Hypothesis Testing
As we have pointed out above, the small-energy turnaround of G arises from the finite size of the system and we should not take that into account.
Conductance and polarization in quantum junctions
Identification of first and second turnaround radii in groups of galaxies provide interesting scaling relations and may constrain cosmological parameters.
Observations of Infall and Caustics
The theoretical models also predict density cusps at the 2nd and all interior turnarounds but it can be presumed that these features would be wiped out in the real world with asphericity, finite peculiar motions, and collisions.
Observations of Infall and Caustics
It is not surprising that the caustic of 2nd turnaround has received little observational attention because the anticipated density transition is subtle and velocity effects are obscured by pro jection.
Observations of Infall and Caustics
Correlation between velocity dispersion and inferred radius of 2nd turnaround for E/S0 knots in Local Supercluster.
Observations of Infall and Caustics
The locations of 2nd turnaround are less certainly defined for other nearby knots of E/S0 galaxies but rough estimates are available.
Observations of Infall and Caustics
The ratio of the radii of first and second turnaround, r1t /r2t , depends on cosmology.
Observations of Infall and Caustics
The transition to blueshifts, marking the surface of first turnaround, occurs at a radius r1t ∼ 900 kpc.
Observations of Infall and Caustics
The upper dotted line represents the value of the density contrast at turnaround for a spherical perturbation.
On the cosmological mass function theory
The upper dotted line represents the value of the density contrast at turnaround for a spherical perturbation.
On the cosmological mass function theory