turn away


  • "May turned away, feeling ashamed and miserable."
    "May turned away, feeling ashamed and miserable."
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v turn away move so as not face somebody or something
    • v turn away turn from a straight course, fixed direction, or line of interest
    • v turn away turn away or aside "They averted their eyes when the King entered"
    • v turn away refuse entrance or membership "They turned away hundreds of fans","Black people were often rejected by country clubs"
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Turn away to dismiss from service, to discharge: to avert, to look in another direction: to deviate, to depart from
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  • Bible
    “Scornful men bring a city into a snare, but wise men turn away wrath. [Proverbs 29:8]”
  • Gene Roddenberry
    Gene Roddenberry
    “A man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on and licks it, or he turns his back on it and starts to wither away.”
  • Christina Rossetti
    “I might show facts as plain as day: but, since your eyes are blind, you'd say, Where? What? and turn away.”
  • Stewart Brand
    Stewart Brand
    “When a fantasy turns you on, you're obligated to God and nature to start doing it right away.”
  • Kim Wilde
    Kim Wilde
    “My tears of love are a waste of time if I turn away”
  • Benjamin Disraeli
    “Worry -- a God, invisible but omnipotent. It steals the bloom from the cheek and lightness from the pulse; it takes away the appetite, and turns the hair gray.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. tyrnan; Ger. turnen; Fr. tourner; all from L. tornāre, to turn in a lathe—tornus, a turner's wheel—Gr. tornos.


In literature:

The fellow with whiskers turned away.
"The Man Next Door" by Emerson Hough
Finally, "You've given me something to remember," he said, his voice vibrating, and turned away.
"The Squirrel-Cage" by Dorothy Canfield
Because it was not yet very near she exaggerated its nearness; because it was inevitable I turned away from it.
"The King's Mirror" by Anthony Hope
He turned away to get more cartridges.
"A Prisoner of Morro" by Upton Sinclair
Robert Elsmere meanwhile lay on the grass, his face discreetly turned away, an uncontrollable smile twitching the corners of his mouth.
"Robert Elsmere" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
She did not start, nor grow red, nor turn away.
"Allison Bain" by Margaret Murray Robertson
She turned away impatiently, and went swiftly down the Stiftstrasse to the market-place.
"A German Pompadour" by Marie Hay
Tom turned away uneasily.
"In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
It was a prodigious cram, and we turned away no end of people.
"The Letters of Charles Dickens" by Charles Dickens
She turned away to escape it.
"The Woman from Outside" by Hulbert Footner

In poetry:

And all the proud, white lilies
Turned their faces away,
And nobody plucked that lily,
And day, and night, and day
"A Stained Lily" by Madge Morris Wagner
“O, doting world, methinks your stay
Is weaker than a reed!
Our Father turns His face away;
‘Tis dark indeed.”
"Doubting" by Henry Kendall
And before my dreaming eyes
Still the learned volumes lay,
And I could not close their leaves,
And I could not turn away.
"The Student's Serenade" by Anne Bronte
But I turn away in sadness
From the pain, and gloom, and tears,
Rising upward with that vision,
In the midway of his years:
"Dante" by Alexander Anderson
For all thy heart a garden is,
Thy soul is like a dawn of May.
And garden and dawn might both be his,
Who from them both must turn away.
"Renunciation" by Edith Nesbit
If we come too sudden near,
Lo, Earth's infant cries,
For our faces wan and drear
Have such withered eyes!
Thou, Heaven's child, turn'st not away
From the wrinkled ones who pray!
"Christmas Song of the Old Children" by George MacDonald

In news:

Hundreds of those citizens were turned away and the rest joined in a fiery debate.
Prince William's dinner party turned away in Wales.
Doughnut shop workers turns away would-be robber with a simple 'no'.
Doughnut shop workers turns away would-be robber with a simple 'no'.
But on Sunday, despite a sterling resume, the Mountain Hawks were turned away.
Young voters turning away, analysts say.
Diana Robinson was among numerous nonvoucher-holders initially turned away who waited patiently for the waning minutes of the handout when it opened to all.
Wycombe Hospital 'turned away patient with heart attack history'.
But you can't expect the rental office to turn away a would-be tenant just to help you out.
They had homecoming at Turner Ashby High School that night but they said they were turned away.
Tennessee high school senior was turned away from her prom because of Confederate-themed dress.
Boxes full of donations for superstorm victims turned away.
Illustration Turning Away from the Fiscal Cliff by Alexander Hunter for The more.
When Gay Bashers Are Gay, Why Do People Just Mock and Turn Away.
After being robbed by three gunmen blocks from the White House early Friday morning, the victims got in a car and followed the suspects, but turned away when shots were fired at them.

In science:

We turn T into a directed tree by directing every edge away from 0.
Branching Processes, and Random-Cluster Measures on Trees
By consideration of the possibility of perturbations away from equilibrium, one can conclude that the presence of ‘turning-points’ along the equilibrium curve implies the existence of (at least) one zero mode for some kind of perturbation.
Dynamics and Stability of Black Rings
This in turn requires that the eigenvalues λk for k ≥ 2 be bounded away from zero, and the coupling strength ǫ lie in an appropriate interval.
Synchronized chaos in networks of simple units
This will in turn make our energy function behave well when treating clusters of far-away charges as a single, heavier charge, because of the mean-value property of harmonic functions (see [3, Theorem 1.6 and 1.24]).
A Geometric Approach to Matrix Ordering
This turns the focus away from the network as the unit of analysis, and instead focuses on its properties, subgraphs and statistics.
Tractable and Consistent Random Graph Models