• WordNet 3.6
    • v transition make or undergo a transition (from one state or system to another) "The airline transitioned to more fuel-efficient jets","The adagio transitioned into an allegro"
    • v transition cause to convert or undergo a transition "the company had to transition the old practices to modern technology"
    • n transition the act of passing from one state or place to the next
    • n transition a passage that connects a topic to one that follows
    • n transition a musical passage moving from one key to another
    • n transition a change from one place or state or subject or stage to another
    • n transition an event that results in a transformation
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Arnold Schwarzenegger began his transition from Austrian bodybuilder into an American film star when he made his screen debut in 1970 under the name "Arnold Strong" in "Hercules Goes Bananas."
    • Transition (Mus) A direct or indirect passing from one key to another; a modulation.
    • Transition (Rhet) A passing from one subject to another. "He] with transition sweet, new speech resumes."
    • Transition (Biol) Change from one form to another.
    • Transition Passage from one place or state to another; charge; as, the transition of the weather from hot to cold. "There is no death, what seems so is transition ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n transition Passage from one place, state, or act to another; change: as, a sudden transition from anger to mirth; a state of transition.
    • n transition In rhetoric, a passing from one subject to another.
    • n transition In music, same (usually) as modulation. Sometimes, however, the term is used more precisely either for a sudden, abrupt shift from one tonality to another unrelated to it, or for a modulation without change of mode. The latter is the technical usage of the tonic sol-faists.
    • n transition In geology, the English form of the name (used attributively or as an adjective) given by Werner to certain strata which he investigated in northern Germany, and found to have, to a certain extent, the mineral character of the socalled primitive rocks, while also exhibiting indications of a mechanical origin, and even containing occasional fossils, thus indicating a transition or passage from primary to secondary. The name was afterward extended so as to embrace rocks of similar character in other regions. The argillaceous sandstone called by the Germans grauwacke (see graywacke) formed a part of the transition formation, and it was the rocks previously called grauwacke and transition limestone which Murchison studied in England and Wales, and to which, having worked out their order of succession, he gave the name of Silurian, See Silurian.
    • n transition In art hist., an epoch or stage of change from one style or state of development in art to the next succeeding; especially, in Greek art, the stage of change from the archaic to the bloom of art, and in medieval art, that from the round-arched or Romanesque to the Pointed style.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Transition passage from one place or state to another: change:
    • Transition (mus.) a change of key
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  • George Steiner
    “The immense majority of human biographies are a gray transit between domestic spasm and oblivion.”
  • Alfred North Whitehead
    “In every age of well-marked transition, there is the pattern of habitual dumb practice and emotion which is passing and there is oncoming a new complex of habit.”
  • John Ousterhout
    John Ousterhout
    “The best performance improvement is the transition from the nonworking state to the working state.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Nothing is secure but life, transition, the energizing spirit.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. transitio,: cf. F. transition,. See Transient


In literature:

Also we have already noted that the relation is transitive.
"The Concept of Nature" by Alfred North Whitehead
There is no Transition.
"Lessons in Music Form" by Percy Goetschius
The windows of the eastern bays are almost transitional.
"The Cathedral Church of York" by A. Clutton-Brock
All this was already in existence at the transition of the first century to the second.
"History of Dogma, Volume 1 (of 7)" by Adolph Harnack
Here lies the transition to a new interpretation of the conception of a standard in its relation to the faith.
"History of Dogma, Volume 2 (of 7)" by Adolph Harnack
The west doorway of Dunchurch Church, Warwickshire, is in this stage of transition.
"The Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture, Elucidated by Question and Answer, 4th ed." by Matthew Holbeche Bloxam
On our return, my friend Transit observed that his cart required painting, and should be decorated with some appropriate emblem.
"The English Spy" by Bernard Blackmantle
It's luck you're in the Transition form.
"The Jolliest School of All" by Angela Brazil
This second attempt was successful and remains to us in that beautiful and unique specimen of Transitional work, the Galilee Chapel.
"Bell's Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Durham" by J. E. Bygate
The transition from play to work takes place gradually.
"Herein is Love" by Reuel L. Howe

In poetry:

There was no tragic transit,
No catch of breath,
When silent seasons inched me
On to this death….
"The Dead Man Walking" by Thomas Hardy
There is no Death! What seems so is transition;
This life of mortal breath
Is but a suburb of the life elysian,
Whose portal we call Death.
"By The Fireside : Resignation" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
"What satisfaction, fruit? What transit, heaven?
Criminal? justified? arrived at what June?"
That nervous conscience amid the concessions
Is haunting, haunted moon.
"Far Rockaway" by Delmore Schwartz
Another wise Solomon cries, as he passes —
"There, let him alone, and the fit will soon cease;
The beast has been fighting with other jack-asses,
And this is his mode of "transition to peace"."
"The Donkey and His Panniers" by Thomas Moore
Oh, give us a transit, a tube or an "el--",
Not leagues from the surface below;
As if we were never in Heaven to dwell,
As if we were all being fired to--well,
The place where we don't want to go!
"The Subway" by Hattie Howard
How the queen bore his upbraiding;
How his death in hunting came,
Tell the verses here translated:
Lights are they, in transit fading,
Scattered sparks, oblivion fated,
Memories from a mighty flame!
"Preface To Diarmid's Story" by John Douglas Sutherland Campbell

In news:

" Asters add a nice, bright pop of color that's different than mums," said Tara Perrin, assistant manager at Murray Brothers Nurseries, located at 4735 Transit Road, at the corner of 20A in Orchard Park.
The local transit union has authorized a strike.
Artistic rendering of the transit of Venus.
A civilian "Transition Council" will take power within days, the military says.
Has worked with the transit systems in Atlanta and San Francisco.
There is one crucial transition in Assad's career, however, which could do with some further light.
Corps Director Fred Morris was in transit with a replacement bus and joined us for an update on the Troopers, the driver and what happens next.
After car cuts them off, Transit Police come across cache of guns, drugs and money.
Transit police came across a cache of guns, drugs and money after pulling over a car that cut them off.
I had a chance to sit down and talk with former Somerset receiver and current Vanderbilt Commodore John Cole about the transition from high school to college to his game against UK and all other things football.
Damage on NJ Transit's North Jersey Coast Line (NT Transit).
Both are employees of Gannett Fleming Transit & Rail Systems, a division of Gannett Fleming specializing in transit and railroad track, signal, communication and electric traction design.
In 2007, the three-bus transit system in Montevideo in western Minnesota gave people about 15,000 rides, making the dial-a-ride system one of the tiniest of the state's 60-plus transit services.
The Utah Transit Authority bus route between Park City and Salt Lake City, one of the top local public transit accomplishments in a decade, restarts weekend service for the winter season on Saturday and Sunday.
Local broadcasters will be participating in coordinated digital television (DTV) transition "soft tests" Thursday in preparation for the nationwide transition on June 12.

In science:

A transitive permutation group G on a non empty set X is 2-transitive if for some x 2 X, Gx is transitive on X ¡ fxg.
Second maximal subgroups of the finite alternating and symmetric groups
Brazovskii’s phase transition differs from many commonly studied phase transitions in an important respect—the low-energy fluctuations active near most phase transitions are clustered about a point, or isolated set of points, in momentum space (frequently the origin).
Emergent superfluid crystals, frustration, and topologically defected states in multimode cavity QED
Moreover, a first-order transition of surface fluctuations occurs in the models at the same transition point of the collapsing transition.
Spherical surface models with directors
It de fines the transition of a process by a trace consisting of a transition by a sequence of normal events followed by transition by a terminal event.
Formalizing cCSP Synchronous Semantics in PVS
Therefore, we have discovered a new universality class for an Andersontype transition with the classical random first-order phase transition in the geometry driving the quantum transition.
Quantum $k$-core conduction on the Bethe lattice