• WordNet 3.6
    • v transact conduct business "transact with foreign governments"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Transact To carry through; to do; perform; to manage; as, to transact commercial business; to transact business by an agent.
    • v. i Transact To conduct matters; to manage affairs.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • transact To carry through; perform; conduct; manage; do.
    • transact To conduct, arrange, or settle matters; deal; treat; negotiate.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Transact trans-akt′ to manage: to perform
    • v.i Transact to manage anything
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  • Richard Whately
    “In our judgment of human transactions, the law of optics is reversed, we see most dimly the objects which are close around us.”
  • Victor Hugo
    “He, who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through a labyrinth of the most busy life.”
  • Jacques Barzun
    Jacques Barzun
    “In any assembly the simplest way to stop transacting business and split the ranks is to appeal to a principal.”
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “Seldom in the business and transactions of ordinary life, do we find the sympathy we want.”
  • Victor Hugo
    “He who every morning plans the transaction of the day and follows out the plan, carries a thread that will guide him through the labyrinth of the most busy life.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. transactus, p. p. of transigere,. See Transaction


In literature:

Nothing could be fairer than the transaction itself.
"Debit and Credit" by Gustav Freytag
Not all the transactions in which Burke was a combatant could furnish an imperial theme.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4" by Various
The guilt of massacre, and not of massacre only but of every other horror that has been transacted, rests upon that Government.
"Standard Selections" by Various
In private transactions each individual remains the judge both of the service which he renders and of that which he receives.
"Sophisms of the Protectionists" by Frederic Bastiat
This transaction fixed Ralph in his resolution of becoming a poet.
"Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin" by Benjamin Franklin
His case was not a business transaction, it was a duty.
"David Lannarck, Midget" by George S. Harney
Parliament transacts business only during the pleasure of the crown.
"The Governments of Europe" by Frederic Austin Ogg
That agents be sent over in six months, fully instructed to answer and transact what was undetermined at that time.
"The Loyalists of America and Their Times, Vol. 1 of 2" by Egerton Ryerson
From his associates in this transaction, Lord Cochrane, Mr. Cochrane Johnstone, and Mr.
"The Trial of Charles Random de Berenger, Sir Thomas Cochrane," by William Brodie Gurney
Edwards, though he also signed, did so with hesitation, and expressed fears about the safety of the transaction afterwards.
"Dr. Jolliffe's Boys" by Lewis Hough
Meantime the prudent discoverer of the treasure and purchaser of the field is reaping a rich harvest from his transaction.
"The Parables of Our Lord" by William Arnot
Business transacted, the two came forth, and walked the deck.
"The Confidence-Man" by Herman Melville
But there was a circumstance in connection with the transaction which does suggest that the C.I.G.S.
"Experiences of a Dug-out, 1914-1918" by Charles Edward Callwell
I could see plainly through the whole transaction.
"The Expressman and the Detective" by Allan Pinkerton
This transaction happened on the very spot where the church at Greenwich, which is dedicated to him, now stands.
"Fox's Book of Martyrs" by John Foxe
The whole transaction did not take up half of the time I require to write it.
"Cattle and Cattle-breeders" by William M'Combie
For the purposes of the transaction I have just described the machinery of a great bank or trust company was essential.
"Frenzied Finance" by Thomas W. Lawson
Too many transactions of the sort have been perpetrated in our own country.
"The Humbugs of the World" by P. T. Barnum
It was evident that he keenly resented the absence of Pompey Hollidew from the transaction.
"Mountain Blood" by Joseph Hergesheimer
That is the starting-point of the transactions that we have now to follow.
"Lectures on the French Revolution" by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton

In poetry:

Then hither turn--yon waving grass
And mouldering stones will show ;
For these transactions came to pass
A hundred years ago.
"A Town" by Jane Taylor
And world-wide Christendom at large,
Stands waiting for your action;
And God, who shaped your fleeting barge,
Has with you a transaction.
"Class Valedictorian" by Frank Barbour Coffin
'Tis not in mortal man to paint
The damning scenes transacted there,
At thought of which the heart grows faint
And clouds the brow with dark despair.
"The Black Man's Wrongs" by James Madison Bell
What speak you of?--your wares?
My sister shall be called to bargain with you
For them (so much for the sly listener), I
Have nothing to transact now with the merchant.
"Nathan The Wise - Act III" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
"And the great fight raged furious all the night
Till every integer was made a fraction;
Reader, wouldst know what history has to show
As net result of the above transaction?
"How To Not Settle It" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Shou'd Satan tempt thee, in the gloom of night,
The secret works of darkness to transact —
Tell him, that God, who is the source of light,
With his all-seeing eyes surveys each fact.
"Advice, To Guard Against The Temptations Of The Devil " by Rees Prichard

In news:

Terms and conditions of the transaction were not disclosed.
An earlier version of this story included incorrect information about the date of the transactions.
A Cloud Over Hotel Transactions.
It can be as simple as the status quo business transaction that occurs when a consumer buys a product at its closest retail store.
Most transactions took place last fall, allegedly involving Christopher Darnell who police believe transported drugs from More.
I have been a corporate and transactional lawyer for 23 years, having spent 20 of those with Jones Day in New York, Frankfurt, Munich, and now Düsseldorf .
Either way, nonprofits are turning to retail to better the world one transaction at a time.
This letter was sent to the blog Regretsy by a reader named Erica, telling of a transaction turned tragedy.
New Entrant for Online Media Transactions.
A federal judge Thursday temporarily blocked the government from enforcing a new insider trading law that would require about 28,000 executive-branch employees to disclose details of their financial transactions on the Internet.
While the number of short sales has surged in recent years, closing on such transactions still poses plenty of challenges along the way that can threaten to derail the deal.
France now taxes those 'non-transactions.'.
Another billionaire, another wildly expensive real estate transaction.
Offseason Primer and Transaction Tutorial.
Harlequin 's Related Party Transaction Leads To Bad Romance With Authors.

In science:

This is analogous to techniques to discover existing social networks from patterns embedded in interaction (transaction) data.
A Connection-Centric Survey of Recommender Systems Research
This quantity for successive transactions is the unique (up to some factor) additive invariant of pro jective transformations.
Fixed point theorem for simple quantum strategies in quantum market games
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The Expected Size of the Rule k Dominating Set
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Simple multiplicative proof nets with units
To appear in Transactions of AMS. Alexandra Shlapentokh.
Diophantine Definability and Decidability in the Extensions of Degree 2 of Totally Real Fields
Zig-zag and replacement product graphs and LDPC codes. submitted to IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2006.
Generalized zig-zag products of regular digraphs and bounds on their spectral expansions
CAMs are CCATB models with a cycle-accurate notion of time when viewed at transaction boundaries.
Systematic Transaction Level Modeling of Embedded Systems with SystemC
Hence, we define two constraints: First, eSW generation takes place in a transaction-level model of the system, namely the component-assembly model.
Systematic Transaction Level Modeling of Embedded Systems with SystemC
Extending the Transaction Level Modeling Approach for Fast Communication Architecture Exploration.
Systematic Transaction Level Modeling of Embedded Systems with SystemC
Kschischang, “Rateless codin g for non-ergodic channels with decoder channel state information,” submitt ed to IEEE Transactions of Information Theory. “Achieving the empirical cap acity O.
Rateless codes for AVC models
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The Case for Structured Random Codes in Network Capacity Theorems
Submitted to the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2007.
On Information Rates of the Fading Wyner Cellular Model via the Thouless Formula for the Strip
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Modeling Time in Computing: A Taxonomy and a Comparative Survey
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Binary Random Sequences Obtained From Decimal Sequences
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Binary Random Sequences Obtained From Decimal Sequences