• WordNet 3.6
    • n toon a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Toon pl. of Toe.
    • n Toon (Bot) The reddish brown wood of an East Indian tree (Cedrela Toona) closely resembling the Spanish cedar; also. the tree itself.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n toon A dialectal form of town.
    • toon An obsolete form of tone.
    • n toon An East Indian tree, Cedrela Toona, found also in Java and Australia. In native forests it is very large, having often a clear stem of 80 or 100 feet. The wood is of a brick-red color, soft but not splitting or warping, very durable, and safe from white ants. It is very extensively used in India for all kinds of furniture, for door-panels, and for carving. Also called Indian mahogany, and known in the English markets as Moulmein cedar.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Toon tōōn a large tree of the bead-tree family, with red wood and astringent bark
    • Toon Also East Indian mahogany, Indian cedar
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Hind. tun, tūn, Skr. tunna,


In literature:

Toon de Jongh is his name, and I conceived a liking for his grave brown face, at sight.
"The Chauffeur and the Chaperon" by C. N. Williamson
I'm gaun to plowter aboot a' day an' see the toon.
"The Garret and the Garden" by R.M. Ballantyne
Mair than a' the men about the toon could carry away frae morning till nicht.
"The Gold Of Fairnilee" by Andrew Lang
I plays my toones on these 'ere boots and shoes.
"Dwell Deep" by Amy Le Feuvre
Is the toon far frae the station?
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, March 29, 1916" by Various
Ton, later Town, gave also the northern Toon, still used in Scotland with something of its original sense (Chapter XII).
"The Romance of Names" by Ernest Weekley
They are the names o' two great toons, a lang way up the kintry, Timbuctoo and Sockatoo.
"The Boy Slaves" by Mayne Reid
A. Toon, taking over from me.
"Q.6.a and Other places" by Francis Buckley
We then resumed our former duty of guarding the railroad north to Toone's Station, and continued at this until the last of May, 1863.
"The Story of a Common Soldier of Army Life in the Civil War, 1861-1865" by Leander Stillwell
Maitland puts a Scotchman in mind of the "lang toon of Kirkaldy," consisting of merely one long street.
"Trade and Travel in the Far East" by G. F. Davidson
I'm as fit as a fiddle, gentlemen, and I on'y want now to play the niggers such a toon as'll make them jump again.
"Hunting the Skipper" by George Manville Fenn
Then he hummed a bit o' 'Fishin' for the Maid I Loves,' 'ithout thinkin' much about the toon.
"The Cruise of the Shining Light" by Norman Duncan
All now appeared lost, the Auld Toon was in full retreat.
"Lavengro The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest" by George Borrow
They are negro toons; an' for that reezun I ha'e a suspeshun my master's bound to one or other o' the two ports.
"The Boy Slaves" by Mayne Reid
Don't you see the shildren in the droring rooms Clapping of their little ands when they year our toons?
"Punch - Volume 25 (Jul-Dec 1853)" by Various
I can get them as guid in ony shop in the toon for saxpence ha'penny.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland Volume 18" by Alexander Leighton
Drive us a' the toon ower, man, an' then drive us hyem!
"The Newcastle Song Book" by Various
If I don't play a toon on yer, I'll give yer leave to call me names!
"Under One Flag" by Richard Marsh
He had seen none of the water vapors that astronomers described as almost constantly enveloping Toon.
"The Martian" by Allen Glasser
Rob Angus, Robbie Angus, michty, what a toon there'll be aboot this!
"When a Man's Single" by J. M. Barrie

In poetry:

But weel I min' that, in a' the toon,
The brawest amang them a'
Was Ailie, wha noo gangs frae hoose to hoose,
Giein' ilka body a ca'.
"Daft Ailie" by Alexander Anderson
An' aye, at hame or Sanquhar toon,
She hings her head sae bonnilie,
As I ha'e seen the flowers hing doon
In howms o' Kello wi' the bee.
"The Muirlan' Lassie" by Alexander Anderson
Then chields that hae drucken baith lang an' late
At their howfs in Sanquhar toon,
As they staucher by hear the paidlar's cry,
An' the big stane rumblin' doon.
"The Deil's Stane" by Alexander Anderson
Came through the "toon" a pageant fair,
Tall flowers, wreathed figures, quaint and rare,
Rich music thrilling through the air,
And streaming banners—all were there.
"Reminiscences of The "Hie Toon" of Hamilton Sixty Years Ago" by Janet Hamilton
He was sent to the schule by his weel-meanin' fowk,
Wha thocht that their puir silly innocent gowk
Wad be far better there, gettin' sense in his croon,
Than rinnin' stravaigin' through a' the hale toon.
"Jock Buchan" by Alexander Anderson
"Within a mile o' Edinburgh toon,"
Beneath the gray of an afternoon,
When the wind was bleak in its blowing,
He sang from the top of a leafless tree
A song of hope and of spring to be,
And of flowers by the pathways growing.
"The Thrush" by Alexander Anderson

In news:

COLOR edit toon Ray Bradbury .
Color edit toon Syrian .
Color edit toon Assad Syrian .
The fairy tale gets a reworking in this terrific 'toon.
Color edit toon Romney WH.
As of Monday, September 24, 2012, 10:19 a.m. Tina Marie Toon, 53, of Brownstown died Saturday at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit.
HICKORY — Burch Toon , 69, of Hickory died at 3:15 pm Tuesday at his home.
Two sons, Richard Toon of Cunningham and Danny Toon of Fancy Farm.
Mrs Helen Toon , 90, of Bartlesville, died at 11:15 pm Saturday, November 17, 2012 at the Bartlesville Health & Rehab Facility.
John Toon is manager of the Research News & Publications Office, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.
This week's Toe Toon .
Ultimate Fishing ' Toon .
After three straight 100-plus games, Toon 's yardage total is 941, best in his conference and fourth in the league after Smith's 1,015, Gary Clark's 1,013 for Washington and Jerry Rice's 988 for San Francisco.
Toon 's father was a Pro Bowl receiver for the New York Jets, who had some big days against the Buffalo Bills.
In toon with animation Joe Mason Calkins Media, Inc.

In science:

The entire class of stochastic processes Φ(P ) is said to be identifiable iff Φ : P → Φ(P ) is one-toone.
Efficient tests for equivalence of hidden Markov processes and quantum random walks
So far however the fractional quantum Hall effect is the only case where Landau’s conjecture regarding a one-toone correspondence of states has been experimentally falsified (17; 18).
Electrodynamics of correlated electron systems
Its derivative ˙φζ is one-toone and continuously invertible uniformly over ζ ∈ Ξ.
On asymptotically optimal tests under loss of identifiability in semiparametric models
However, such one-toone correspondence can be got for the average value of internal energy U on all of the states at the fixed number of vacancies n.
Probability distribution function for a solid with vacancies
Besides, there is one-toone correspondence between them.
The Universal Arrow of Time III-IV:(Part III) Nonquantum gravitation theory (Part IV) Quantum gravitation theory
We recall that there is a one-toone correspondence between Markov semigroups and Markov generators.
A coupling construction for spin systems with infinite range interactions
Those one-toone correspondences together give statement (A).
Snarks from a Kaszonyi perspective: a survey
Then by 2.4 the one-toone correspondence between P and P π defined by P ′ −→ (P ′ )π , P ′ ∈ P becomes a matching of partitions when P and P π are restricted to M \ F and M \ F π respectively.
A Z-set unknotting theorem for Nobeling spaces
There is a natural one-toone correspondence between classical crossings of K and K ′ .
Khovanov homology for virtual links with arbitrary coefficients
This means that we have a connected topological space |Σ| = ∪σi and a finite-toone map ρ : |Σ| → ΛR which identifies each σi with a lattice cone.
Nash problem for stable toric varieties
The set of essential divisors over X is in a one-toone correspondence with Ξ.
Nash problem for stable toric varieties
Since Πm,n is in one-toone correspondence with the set of all maximal quantum minors of Oq (Mm,n (k)), we will often identify these two sets.
Quantum analogues of Schubert varieties in the grassmannian
We will prove that the map yi ∈ [y ]S 7→ xi ∈ [x]S is one-toone.
The absorption theorem for affable equivalence relations
Therefore from Theorem 9 we know that F∗ |K (X , Y )∗ is a weak∗ -continuous one-toone map that preserves extreme points.
Nice surjections on spaces of operators
These formal solutions, however, do not always support two real number values of F ∗ in the range 0 ≤ F ∗ ≤ π which has one-toone correspondence with the range 0 ≤ sin2 F ∗ 2 ≤ 1.
Stability of the rotating SU(3) Skyrmion