• "'If you hang him, you shall hang me too.'"
    "'If you hang him, you shall hang me too.'"
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adv too to a degree exceeding normal or proper limits "too big"
    • adv too in addition "he has a Mercedes, too"
    • ***

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"'I will add this too, lady,' said the pedlar." "'I will add this too, lady,' said the pedlar."
Her boy too Her boy too
Never too far gone for a smoke Never too far gone for a smoke
Poor creeter! it wuz too bad that there should be so many of 'em Poor creeter! it wuz too bad that there should be so many of 'em

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Constipation is caused when too much water is absorbed in the large intestine and the feces become dry
    • Too Likewise; also; in addition. "An honest courtier, yet a patriot too .""Let those eyes that view
      The daring crime, behold the vengeance too ."
      "O that this too too solid flesh would melt.""Such is not Charles his too too active age."
    • Too Over; more than enough; -- noting excess; as, a thing is too long, too short, or too wide; too high; too many; too much. "His will, too strong to bend, too proud to learn."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The longest word in the english language is pneaumonaultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. It's a lung disease contracted from breathing in too much volcanic dust settlement.
    • too Over; more than enough: noting excess, and qualifying an adjective or an adverb.
    • too [Too in this sense is sometimes erroneously used to qualify a verb.
    • too Exceedingly; extremely: an intensive use.
    • too In addition; also; furthermore; moreover.
    • too Likewise; in like manner; in the same way.
    • too Hence—(b ) As an adjective or an adverb, very good; very well: used absolutely.
    • too As an adjective, superlative; extreme; utter; hence, enraptured; gushing: applied to the so-called esthetic school, their principles, etc., in allusion to their exaggerated affectation. See esthetieism, 2.
    • too An obsolete spelling of to.
    • n too An old spelling of toe.
    • too A dialectal spelling of two.
    • too See tew.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Your hearing is less sharp if you eat too much.
    • adv Too tōō over: more than enough: extremely: likewise
    • ***


  • George Herbert
    “One enemy is too much.”
  • Graham Greene
    “Failure too is a form of death...”
  • Les Brown
    “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”
  • Harry S Truman
    “Being too good is apt to be uninteresting.”
  • Albert Camus
    “To be happy we must not be too concerned with others.”
  • Anne Frank
    “Whoever is happy will make others happy too.”


A bridge too far - A bridge too far is an act of overreaching- going too far and getting into trouble or failing.
Can't dance and it's too wet to plow - (USA) When you can't dance and it's too wet to plow, you may as well do something because you can't or don't have the opportunity to do anything else.
Have your cake and eat it too - If someone wants to have their cake and eat it too, they want everything their way, especially when their wishes are contradictory.
Spread yourself too thin - If you spread youself too thin, you overextend yourself and take on too many things to deal with them properly.
Too big for your boots - If someone is too big for their boots, they are conceited and have an exaggerated sense of their own importance.
Too big for your britches - If someone is too big for their britches, they are conceited and have an exaggerated sense of their own importance.
Too many chiefs and not enough Indians - When there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians, there are two many managers and not enough workers to work efficiently.
Too many cooks spoil the broth - This means that where there are too many people trying to do something, they make a mess of it.
Too many irons in the fire - This means juggling too many projects at once and something's bound to fail; when a smith had too many irons in his fire, he couldn't effectively keep track of all of them.
You can't have cake and the topping, too - (USA) This idiom means that you can't have everything the way you want it, especially if your desires are contradictory.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
The same word as to, prep. See To
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A form of to, sig. lit. 'added to.'


In literature:

Billy Williams didn't go, too rich too, I reckons.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Various
You are too good, and too true.
"Orley Farm" by Anthony Trollope
The pastime is too tame, or too humble, to tempt the white man.
"The Death Shot" by Mayne Reid
I was too afraid of her to shudder, too afraid of her to put my fingers to my ears.
"Chance" by Joseph Conrad
The man was too human, too young, too madly in love.
"The Heart of Unaga" by Ridgwell Cullum
He added that, only too probably, the left would have eventually to go too.
"The History of Sir Richard Calmady" by Lucas Malet
The interior was too dark, and the door too heavy to move without help.
"Chatterbox, 1906" by Various
Emotions were too intense or too stunned.
"The Planet Strappers" by Raymond Zinke Gallun
No one was too small or too bad.
"The Goose Man" by Jacob Wassermann
Too many of our houses look entirely too sanitary.
"Black Oxen" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
It so happened, therefore, that he, too, came not too violently against the barrier.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
The matter of her father's talk was too trivial, it's interest was too remote.
"The Manxman A Novel - 1895" by Hall Caine
The fact is, Mr. Dickens writes too often and too fast.
"The Life of Charles Dickens, Vol. I-III, Complete" by John Forster
Jane, she declared, was too tremendous, too overwhelming.
"The Creators" by May Sinclair
Sam was too sleepy and too irritated to observe at once that the table and chair were missing.
"The Huntress" by Hulbert Footner
I was too dazed, too bewildered to tell.
"The Birthright" by Joseph Hocking
Her was too good lookin' and too bad doin', though, for me.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
Youth passes, all too quickly, and its opportunities pass, too.
"Tante" by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
She was too dainty, too petite, with a pink-and-white Dresden prettiness that was almost insignificant.
"Kildares of Storm" by Eleanor Mercein Kelly
Yes, that was it: Sir Joseph and Lady Webling were protesting too well and too much.
"The Cup of Fury" by Rupert Hughes

In poetry:

Too late—too late,
That may not be!
That happy fate,
Is not for thee!
"The Sorcerer: Act I" by William Schwenck Gilbert
Too young for love?
Ah, say not so!
Too young? Too young?
Ah, no! no! no!
"Too Young For Love" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
My sins a heavy load appear,
And o'er my head are gone;
Too heavy they for me to bear,
Too hard for me t' atone.
"Psalm 38" by Isaac Watts
I'm led astray by evil
Fate, so black and so untrue."
I answered: "I, too, dear one!
I, too, will die with you…"
"Song Of The Final Meeting" by Anna Akhmatova
I looke for noe delight,
Releefe will come too late;
Too late I finde, I finde too well,
Too well stoode my Estate.
"A Fancy" by Edward Dyer
Too long, too long the tyrant's might
Had chill'd the senses—cramp'd the soul—
Then, waking in their natural light,
They burst the twilight's dim control,
And, gathering blessings in their train,
Shed splendour o'er the earth again.
""The World Is Given To The Wicked"" by John Bowring

In news:

Not too big, not too greedy.
We know we need to exercise, but all too often too much focus is put on that.
Sometimes teenagers don't realize their music is too loud or if they've logged too many hours playing video games - at least not until they have developed a problem.
The rap on the Iowa caucuses is that Iowa is not your typical state, that too few voters have too much influence on the presidential races.
We have been accused, by some residents, of being too slow in making changes and by others of being too fast.
Leaving from the 11 hole, we're not too far inside, not too far outside.
So the question is…When is too much protein, too much.
Directed by SuzAnne Barabas, the production veers into melodrama too often and too easily.
Sometimes you go too far, and take one too many extra helpings, letting that third piece of pie do you in.
Christian Lacroix Label, Near Collapse, Is Both Too Big and Too Small.
When it comes to immigrants, apparently you can't be too tall or too white.
Maybe this happens when you get too much, too soon.
Nearly 80% of all growers either spray too much or too little, says an Ohio State University ag engineer.
Yeah I didn't know either, although I'm not too sure everyone will be too happy with the results.
Have your pie and eat it too, even when it's too hot to bake.

In science:

This requires that the resultant speed V not be too large, and that the gas density not be too small.
Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton Accretion Model for Low-luminosity X-ray Sources in Globular Clusters
Moreover, Theorem 2.1 and 2.3 apply to show that there is a unique solution to this equation which are laws of operators bounded by R (provided R, and so L, is neither too big (L ≤ O(|t|−∆−1 ), for uniqueness), nor too small (L ≥ L0 (|t|) ≥ L0 (0) = 2 for existence.
Combinatorial aspects of matrix models
In fact, our simple fit is too bright before the bump and too dim during the bump, implying more structure in the underlying CSM than accounted for in our model.
Rates and Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae
Other annihilation channels instead produce too similar energy spectra (e.g. W +W − and Z Z ) so that distinguishing them seems too hard.
Spectra of neutrinos from dark matter annihilations
In fact, if the Frobenius distance between the two states is not too small and their ranks are not too large, even a random orthonormal basis works as above.
Random measurement bases, quantum state distinction and applications to the hidden subgroup problem
Probably, T ˆZ∗ˆZ,k contains too many definable bijections so that the corresponding Grothendieck ring gets too small.
Motives for perfect PAC fields with pro-cyclic Galois group
If the last Type I burst was too recent (i.e., the phase, and thus yHe , is too small), there is no value of ∆p/p capable of triggering unstable burning since at low densities cooling is always faster than heating (Fujimoto et al. 1981).
Carbon Detonation and Shock-Triggered Helium Burning in Neutron Star Superbursts
S stays positive until time T , j=1 XTj /√n does not go “too negative” and (b) The random walk S ′ given by S ′i = Pi additionally |S ′R | is not “too large”, and (c) Sn − ST − √nS ′R = √n − St − √nS ′R .
Ballot theorems for random walks with finite variance
Other lines were too weak and too noisy to be used, which is particularly unfortunate for the narrow, clean and rather symmetric Nivλ4058 emission at the very blue edge of our spectra.
A Spectroscopic Survey of WNL Stars in the LMC: General Properties and Binary Status
For each group, we also give the prime decomposition of the order (except for An , n > 23, whose order decompositions occupy too much space and are not too interesting).
Finite simple groups with narrow prime spectrum
Now, the normal perturbation ensures that the density doesn’t decrease too large, and so the modulus of the score function can’t grow too fast.
Information inequalities and a dependent Central Limit Theorem
IRAS 17583-2291) were not observed by ISO SWS, and the IRAS LRS spectra are too low resolution and/or too noisy to be used in the present study.
Silicon carbide absorption features: dust formation in the outflows of extreme carbon stars
The estimation would not be useful if the bandwidth is too small or too large.
Asymptotic normality for deconvolution kernel density estimators from random fields
With this simple example, we indeed find that if the noise is overestimated (top figure), the residual PSD tends too rapidly to the uncorrected spectrum and too much frequencies are filtered/truncated.
Tomographic reconstruction for Wide Field Adaptive Optics systems: Fourier domain analysis and fundamental limitations
This illustrates a generic problem that occurs for massive galaxies in simulations and SAMs without feedback: they form too many stars at late times and hence are too blue on average.
Galaxies in a Simulated $\Lambda$CDM Universe II: Observable Properties and Constraints on Feedback