toad frog


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n toad frog any of various tailless stout-bodied amphibians with long hind limbs for leaping; semiaquatic and terrestrial species
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In literature:

Worms are their usual food, but they also eat toads and frogs.
"The Natural History of Selborne, Vol. 1" by Gilbert White
It's more like a toad than a frog.
"Burr Junior" by G. Manville Fenn
I'll go back to my frogs and toads and leeches, and spiders and wasps and bees.
"A Modern Tomboy" by L. T. Meade
They like frogs and toads and bolt their food.
"Pathfinder" by Alan Douglas
Mr. Wiseman has got some snakes in some bottles, and a frog and a toad.
"St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, V. 5, April 1878" by Various
Did you ever examine a frog's or a toad's tongue, Willy?
"Country Walks of a Naturalist with His Children" by W. Houghton
It might easily be mistaken for a toad, though it is a veritable frog.
"The Western World" by W.H.G. Kingston
The frogs and toads readily learn to recognize a master.
"Domesticated Animals" by Nathaniel Southgate Shaler
It opened up more like the mouth of a frog or a toad than like that of most birds.
"Bird Stories" by Edith M. Patch
Not a toad, but a F. R. O. G. frog!
"Last Words" by Juliana Horatia Ewing

In poetry:

Frogs and fat toads were there to hop or plod
And propagate in peace, an uncouth crew,
Where velvet-headed rushes rustling nod
And spill the morning dew.
"From House To House" by Christina Georgina Rossetti

In news:

Crabapple Elementary School students in Tamy Brutlag's second-grade class won first place for their "Days with Frog and Toad" pumpkins design.
I don't think I heard a frog or toad the entire month.
Hurray to StageWorks Fresno for its wonderful production of Arnold Lobel's "A Year with Frog and Toad".
Flint Youth Theatre presents 'A Year with Frog and Toad,' seeks boot donations for children.
'Frog and Toad' musical presented by The Neighborhood Playhouse.
What is the difference between frogs and toads .
The Jim Henson Company Making a 'Frog and Toad ' Movie.
It's an announcement that will surely have thousands of childhoods buzzing with nostalgia: the Jim Henson Company will be taking Arnold Lobel's 'Frog and Toad ' book series to the big screen as an animated movie.
Declining populations of frog, toads and other amphibians have been documented worldwide since the 1980s.
Frogs and toads are two very different lures and presentations.
When to frog and when to toad .
"Volunteers go out about once a month and listen for frogs and toads .".
The stories of Frog resisting the urge to eat Toad 's cookies, and Toad 's unique garden-growing technique will be featured, among several others.
Wild Swan Theater has a Frog and Toad study guide online full of projects, information about the show and fun facts about real frogs and toads .
Try your hand at toad and frog surveying: Use the above information to try to identify frog and toad species at this pond.

In science:

Cobas, A., and Arbib, M., 1992, Prey-Catching and Predator-Avoidance in Frog and Toad: Defining the Schemas. J.
Mathematical Models in Schema Theory