tight end


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n tight end (football) an offensive end who lines up close to the tackle
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In literature:

Then the upper end is drawn tight and the fishermen put their hands inside and seize the little fish.
"The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India" by R. V. Russell
But, curiously enough, at the end of a fortnight she became tight again, which I attribute to the swelling of her timbers.
"The Frozen Pirate" by W. Clark Russell
Next the ends were drawn tight and tied to the back rung of her chair.
"The Shadow World" by Hamlin Garland
I seized more tightly the end of the rope, and I ran.
"John Gayther's Garden and the Stories Told Therein" by Frank R. Stockton
Draw the filling thread tight and wind once or twice around the outside warp end.
"Textiles" by William H. Dooley
Hold the end tightly.
"The River of Darkness" by William Murray Graydon
The end is then pulled back tight and cut off close to the rope.
"Boy Scouts Handbook" by Boy Scouts of America
Near one end is cut a hole large enough to fit tightly over the neck of the acid bottle.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
His wrists were loosely linked to a chain that seemed to stretch tight into vacancy and end in nothing.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930" by Various
So it ended, good enough, by their getting him fixed tight in his hole.
"Santa Fé's Partner" by Thomas A. Janvier
Set them on their small ends in a tight cask, and fill it with pure lime-water, and they will keep, but it changes their flavor.
"Soil Culture" by J. H. Walden
At the end of three miles the mare slackened and the doctor leaned forward, peering, while holding tight reins.
"The Monster and Other Stories" by Stephen Crane
The ends barely touched; the wire had been tight.
"The Scarlet Lake Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
Pass the two ends of the wool down through the loop and draw it tight.
"Hand-Loom Weaving" by Mattie Phipps Todd
The crate should have a tight bottom and ends.
"Asparagus, its culture for home use and for market:" by F. M. Hexamer
The tightness, however, does not end here; the belt is squeezed closer than this.
"The Hills and the Vale" by Richard Jefferies
Hold the end tightly.
"Guy in the Jungle" by William Murray Graydon
The Durande being much driven in, this rider was bent a good deal, and it held the end of the cord as firmly as a tight hand.
"Toilers of the Sea" by Victor Hugo
Seth was weeping in the bottom of the Elevator, curled up into a tight ball, the end of his tail wrapped around his nose and eyes.
"The Thing in the Attic" by James Benjamin Blish
Thumb clutched him tight, and Nod edged on his stomach to the end of the bending pole.
"The Three Mulla-mulgars" by Walter De La Mare

In poetry:

Though bound tight, at the end of day,
By the anguished darkness' loop,
I'm ever lured to get away-
I long to break things up.
"Confession" by Boris Pasternak
We could all see Polony was beaten;
The trainer was shouting out, `Cuss it,
They've forgotten to sew her tights up at one end
And the stuffing's dropped out of her gusset.'
"The Bookmaker’s Daughter 1934" by Billy Bennett
An' he wropt th'uther end with some string an' white
Piece o' the sleeve of a' old tored shirt;
An' nen he showed me to hold it tight,
An' suck in the water an' work it right
An' it 'ud ist squirt an' squirt!
"The Squirtgun Uncle Maked Me" by James Whitcomb Riley
Love that lay too deep for kissing.
"Where is Wendy? Wendy's missing."
Love so pure it had to end.
Love so strong that I was frightened
When you gripped my fingers tight.
And hugging, whispered "I'm your friend."
"Indoor Games near Newbury" by Sir John Betjeman

In news:

Redskins tight end Chris Cooley is unsure what his role will be more.
If you've been following any of the workout news from this week's Senior Bowl, you've been hearing the name of Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew quite often.
The athletic tight end from Kentucky passed up on a chance to declare for the NFL draft, electing to return and lead the Vols' offense for another season.
Blocking by UW's tight ends, fullbacks has been substandard .
Packers tight end Jermichael Finley celebrates after making a catch for a first down against the Seahawks on Sept 24.
New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham (back) celebrates with running back Chris Ivory after Ivory's touchdown during the first half against the Philadelphia Ealges on Monday in New Orleans.
Tight ends coach Ben McAdoo speaks about Andrew Quarless.
Broncos tight end Joel Dreessen (Denver Post file).
Members of Culbreth Middle School's Cougars football team, background, listen Monday afternoon, Oct 15, 2012 to visiting UNC football players tight end Eric Ebron, left, and wide receiver T.J.
Juice Maker Helps Tight End Block Thieving Teammates.
Wilson's Dominic Nigrelli (34) has become a contributor at tight end for the Bulldogs.
A camp injury left him catching up, but the tight end is both patient and confident.
Vikings tight end John Carlson has done very little in three games this season.
Ravens tight ends expect to be game -time decisions Monday.
New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had never been in a game quite like this.

In science:

To this end, we need to have a tight upper bound on the distributions of the random variables si defined by the CCL process.
Permutation graphs, fast forward permutations, and sampling the cycle structure of a permutation
For the case of end-contacted wires the above results were confirmed within a microscopic modeling of the semi-infinite leads (1d noninteracting tight-binding chain) and the wire (1d tight-binding chain of spinless fermions with nearest-neighbor interaction) [11, 12].
Coupling-geometry-induced temperature scales in the conductance of Luttinger liquid wires
This section ends with the delicate proof of the tightness of the fluctuations.
Random Young diagrams in a Rectangular Box
At the end of the process the mesh is completely fixed to the board and is dust tight. It is also less sensitive to the gluing default of the epoxy layer to the honeycomb.
New pixelized Micromegas detector with low discharge rate for the COMPASS experiment
To this end, we discuss various properties of a particularly nice matrix which comes from frame theory, called an equiangular tight frame (ETF).
The road to deterministic matrices with the restricted isometry property
Both of these earlier approaches (finding embedded spheres which represent nontrivial classes, and a dimension argument) give the best possible exponents for the endpoints of the interval, but the approach here gives a more refined (and basically tight) estimate for the upper end of the interval of nontrivial homology.
Sharp vanishing thresholds for cohomology of random flag complexes
Graphs, invariant percolation, sofic, treeable, groups, ends, forests, hyperbolic plane, random weak convergence, tight, degree distribution.
Unimodular Random Trees
We first construct a tight path P of a linear length in n which contains a vertex set W ∗ , called the reservoir, such that for any W ⊆ W ∗ there is a tight path on V (P ) \ W whose end (r − 1)-tuples are the same as that of P .
Tight Hamilton cycles in random hypergraphs
Our first lemma asserts that there are hypergraphs H∗ with density arbitrarily close to 1 which have a spanning tight path and a vertex w∗ such that deleting w∗ from H∗ leaves a spanning tight path with the same start and end (r − 1)-tuples.
Tight Hamilton cycles in random hypergraphs
Lemma 4 applied with X = [n] \ (cid:0) Si∈[cn] V (Hi )(cid:1) there is a polynomial time algorithm which a.a.s. for each 1 ≤ i ≤ cn − 1 finds a tight path in G2 connecting the end (r − 1)-tuple of Hi with the start (r − 1)-tuple of Hi+1 , where these tight paths are disjoint and have their interior in X .
Tight Hamilton cycles in random hypergraphs
For any W ⊆ W ∗ , if we remove W from P , then we obtain (using the additional edges of the Hi ) a tight path P (W ) whose start and end (r − 1)-tuples are the same as those of P (see Lemma 2(i )).
Tight Hamilton cycles in random hypergraphs
To end the proof, we show that (Yn |[0, m], n ≥ 1) is indeed tight under PPn .
A functional central limit theorem for the partial sums of sorted i.i.d. random variables
The Fermi level is chosen at the center of the tight-binding band (4U0 from the band bottom), at which the number N of propagating modes equals the number W/a of sites in a row (for hard-wall boundary conditions at the two ends of the row).
Random-Matrix Theory of Quantum Transport
At the high WMAP value for τ , Planck will be able to provide tight statistical constraints on reionization model parameters and help elucidate the nature of the sources ending the Dark Ages.
The First Nonlinear Structures and the Reionization History of the Universe
Since the array a ⊗ b is D-tight, there is a corresponding semistandard Young tableau of shape ν (see and end of the item 4 in Section 5).
Arrays and the octahedron recurrence