• Tickled wuz he when word come
    Tickled wuz he when word come
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj tickling exciting by touching lightly so as to cause laughter or twitching movements
    • n tickling the act of tickling
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: It is not possible to tickle yourself. The cerebellum, a part of the brain, warns the rest of the brain that you are about to tickle yourself. Since your brain knows this, it ignores the resulting sensation
    • n tickling The act of one who tickles.
    • n tickling The sensation produced by the teasing of slight touches on some sensitive part, or the analogous sensation produced on the mind, the imagination, vanity, or the like by the presentation of something pleasing, gratifying, ludicrous, etc.
    • n tickling The act of stirring lightly: said humorously of the soil.
    • ***


  • Alexander Pope
    “Behold the child, by nature's kindly law, pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw.”
  • Charles Lamb
    “A pun is not bound by the laws which limit nicer wit. It is a pistol let off at the ear; not a feather to tickle the intellect.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?”
  • Lord Chesterfield
    “Most people have ears, but few have judgment; tickle those ears, and depend upon it, you will catch those judgments, such as they are.”


Tickle your fancy - If something tickles your fancy, it appeals to you and you want to try it or have it.
Tickled pink - If you are very pleased about something, you are tickled pink.


In literature:

I could tickle, tickle, tickle, and you would not know.
"The White Desert" by Courtney Ryley Cooper
If you tickle the feet, the patient feels it.
"The Handy Cyclopedia of Things Worth Knowing" by Joseph Triemens
It tickles Dicky most to death.
"Torchy" by Sewell Ford
But Mr. McCrea don't seem so tickled over it.
"Torchy and Vee" by Sewell Ford
We might tickle Uncle Sam in the W. R. I.
"Torchy As A Pa" by Sewell Ford
Charlotte was tickled to death.
"In Apple-Blossom Time" by Clara Louise Burnham
With the scent of this rare blossom, Grifone went off to tickle the nostrils of the North.
"Little Novels of Italy" by Maurice Henry Hewlett
In vain they tickled his nose and his heels; he did not stir.
"A Hungarian Nabob" by Maurus Jókai
Neale was full of tickle over his joke, and he had to relate it.
"The Corner House Girls at School" by Grace Brooks Hill
But that thought passed away as I stood over Pomp and gently tickled him on one cheek.
"Mass' George" by George Manville Fenn
Mutual help to be obtained by tickling the palms of each other's hands.
"The Works of Guy de Maupassant, Vol. 1 (of 8)" by Guy de Maupassant
I saw you tickle him with your hand behind the saddle.
"Yussuf the Guide" by George Manville Fenn
Then suddenly something in the idea of Granville tickled him.
"The Combined Maze" by May Sinclair
I wanted to try to tickle a trout when the shower ruffled the water here.
"The Rival Campers Ashore" by Ruel Perley Smith
An' you're glad, is you, t' be livin' all alone at Twist Tickle with a ol' feller like Nick Top?
"The Cruise of the Shining Light" by Norman Duncan
There was much fun, and noise, the governess tickled me, and I tickled her.
"My Secret Life, Volumes I. to III." by Anonymous
We were tickled to death to have an excuse, eh, Chicken Little?
"Chicken Little Jane on the Big John" by Lily Munsell Ritchie
As for coming yourself, I'm tickled to death that you've reconsidered.
"Aurora the Magnificent" by Gertrude Hall
All five buried their noses in their glasses and let them be tickled by the rising bubbles.
"'Jena' or 'Sedan'?" by Franz Beyerlein
His vanity was tickled, but the conceited grin my words had called to his lips quickly faded into a look of anxiety.
"First Person Paramount" by Ambrose Pratt

In poetry:

‘Ow!’ screamed Beverley Nichols
‘Take it away! It tickles!
You know I simply can’t bear
An earwig loose in my hair.’
"Clerihew – Beverley Nichols" by Edmund Clerihew Bentley
So Good-Luck came, and on my roof did light,
Like noiseless snow, or as the dew of night;
Not all at once, but gently,—as the trees
Are by the sun-beams, tickled by degrees.
"The Coming Of Good Luck" by Robert Herrick
Within the clover-fields the tickled cricket
Laughed lightly as they loitered down the lane,
And from the covert of the hazel-thicket
The squirrel peeped and laughed at them again.
"The Lost Path" by James Whitcomb Riley
Then t'owd woman gave her the things, and the angel
Just pushed back her wings and said 'Hush!'
Then she tenderly tickled the mixture Wi' t'spoon
Like an artist would paint with his brush.
"Yorkshire Pudden" by Weston and Lee
Give me a man that is not dull,
When all the world with rifts is full;
But unamazed dares clearly sing,
Whenas the roof's a-tottering;
And though it falls, continues still
Tickling the Cittern with his quill.
"His Desire" by Robert Herrick
Clever workman he was, and handy, too;
Knew at a glance what he had to do;
He was my mate, and 'twas something to see
The finger talk between him and me,
And to hear him laugh to the rest of our mates
When he tried to tickle me over the plates.
"Jim's Whistle" by Alexander Anderson

In news:

So it tickled us to note that Country Living magazine's annual House of the Year is, for the first time ever, a prefab model.
He tickled rats and showed that making them laugh is serious business.
But when the third one pelted Clinton Square instead of tickling it, musicians Jason Kessler, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Jeff Guevin and Karl Sterling stopped the music.
Tickled by Tickle Tree's food.
Tickling the Ivories with Deacon John Moore.
It's the all-new Tickle Me Lee Wray .
TICKLE ME LEE WRAY is now available retailers near you today.
But it was always the aggressive sports, like kickboxing, that really tickled her fancy.
Patrick Tickle makes his case for the cloud-hosted model.
Frozen yogurt fans tickled Pinkberry at Crystals in CityCenter .
Riffing on how outlaw Butch Cassidy's life might have gone had he survived in South America, this modest oater should tickle Western fans.
Laffs on the Lex tickles funny bone for good cause.
Voices from the past that tickle our memory today.
Tickle Me Elmo failed to tickle your fancy.
WASHINGTON — I was tickled at what my 17-year-old said when her aunt asked her what she wanted for Christmas.

In science:

This value is close to that obtained by Tickle and James .
Large Magnetic-Field-Induced Strains in Ni-Mn-Ga Alloys due to Redistribution of Martensite Variants