thrust out


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v thrust out push to thrust outward
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Thrust out to drive out or away
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Ice. thrýsta, to press.


In literature:

From a doorway, a little nearer to the mole, a head was thrust out slightly as its owner surveyed the sailorman.
"Dave Darrin on Mediterranean Service" by H. Irving Hancock
The braves came rushing up the stairs, and the boy above thrust out both hands, each of which held a revolver.
"Frank Merriwell's Bravery" by Burt L. Standish
Then, with an impulsive movement, he thrust out one powerful hand.
"The Heart of Unaga" by Ridgwell Cullum
He thrust out his lips and rubbed his hand nervously over his face.
"The Squirrel-Cage" by Dorothy Canfield
I thrust out my musket and fired.
"The Cryptogram" by William Murray Graydon
Speed thrust out his bony elbows and cracked his hard fists together.
"Blow The Man Down" by Holman Day
We thrust the burning stick into the Cyclops' eye and put it out.
"Odysseus, the Hero of Ithaca" by Homer
Carker dodged just in time and thrust out his foot.
"Frank Merriwell's Son" by Burt L. Standish
Bobby drew out the cards, and thrust them into her hands.
"The Adventures of Bobby Orde" by Stewart Edward White
An intuition led Orme to thrust out his left arm.
"The Girl and The Bill" by Bannister Merwin
He thrust them into his pockets out of her sight.
"The Creators" by May Sinclair
He turned to say, "I'm all right, Dave," as a window above them was thrown up, and a head in a white nightcap was thrust out.
"Five Little Peppers at School" by Margaret Sidney
Suddenly a big, red arm was thrust out.
"Madge Morton's Victory" by Amy D.V. Chalmers
Thrusting his hand into his pocket, he brought out the shells.
"Jim Spurling, Fisherman" by Albert Walter Tolman
She thrust out her hand, seized Milt's paw, and in its firm warmth found comfort.
"Free Air" by Sinclair Lewis
Almost with the blindness of instinct the lieutenant thrust out his pistol, firing it as he did so.
"Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates" by Howard I. Pyle
He opens the lid, takes the ball out, and after casually showing it to the audience thrusts it into his bag.
"Indian Conjuring" by L. H. Branson
He made out the line of a branch, or root of some kind that thrust its way through the surface.
"The Flying Stingaree" by Harold Leland Goodwin
I was out of breath after the violent thrusts I had made, and a mist now clouded my eyes.
"The Bright Face of Danger" by Robert Neilson Stephens
Enid, in order to look out, had to thrust her head and shoulders through an aperture two feet square and three feet in depth.
"The Pillar of Light" by Louis Tracy

In poetry:

And softly she sought a crevice
In that barrier blank and tall,
And shyly she thrust out through it
Her loveliest bud of all.
"Thisbe" by Helen Gray Cone
For the sick earth would not keep him;
Each time it thrust him out,
And they that would have buried him
Stood shuddering round about.
"The Ballad of Lost Souls" by John Oxenham
Unasked He fashions us out of clay,
A little water, a little dust,
And then in our holes He thrusts us away,
With never a word, to rot and rust.
"Life" by Madison Julius Cawein
Are there no briers across Thy pathway thrust?
Are there no thorns that compass it about?
Nor any stones that Thou wilt deign to trust
My hands to gather out?
"Honours -- Part II." by Jean Ingelow
Dear heart, believe I think of you
When evening grey shuts out the blue;
In the slow hours of middle night,
And when the lances of the light
First thrust the mists of darkness through.
"Dear Heart, Believe" by Oscar Fay Adams
Here the huge Earl cried out upon her talk,
As all but empty heart and weariness
And sickly nothing; suddenly seized on her,
And bare her by main violence to the board,
And thrust the dish before her, crying, 'Eat.'
"Geraint And Enid" by Alfred Lord Tennyson

In news:

Out of office for nearly two weeks, Former Erie County Executive Chris Collins is being thrust into the spotlight, once again.
When he takes the stage to conduct, he walks out rapidly, slightly hunched, his head thrust forward, as if moving through a gantlet and trying to protect himself from the needling arrows of thousands of watching eyes.
The taunted half-ton beast that horrifically gored a Spanish matador by thrusting his horn through the bullfighter's throat and out his mouth clearly won the battle -- but lost in the end.
DURING THE MID-1930'S, DORA MAAR , WHO died last month at 90, took the photograph you see here of a man thrusting his head into a Paris sewer while another man, whose own head is cropped out of the picture, stands at a distance behind him.
USC's redshirt freshman quarterback was thrust into the spotlight earlier this week after the Trojans (7-4) announced that starter Matt Barkley (shoulder) would be out for the Notre Dame game.
The starfish consume the corals by climbing onto them, thrusting out their stomachs, and bathing the coral in digestive enzymes, which liquefy it for ingestion.
This Quest Kodiak gets a little extra thrust on takeoff from the slope of a dirt airstrip carved out of a hill in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Rather than typical in-and-out thrusting, this sexual web your bodies create lets you and your guy please each other with grinding, circular motions.
The belief is that people tuned in to Sky Blue Radio are carrying out their hobby, and so do not need or want to have 'real life' thrust on them during that time.
) Yet the president, who has said extending tax cuts for the wealthy will harm the nation, never figured out how to lead such an obvious thrust.

In science:

This measures the momenta out of the plane defined by the γ ∗−p and thrust-ma jor axis.
Multi-hadron Final States
An observable similar to the thrust minor (in that it measures out-of-plane momentum), but defined in a manner analogous to the spherocity is the acoplanarity , which minimises a (squared) pro jection perpendicular to a plane.
Event shapes in e+e- annihilation and deep inelastic scattering
Notably for Drell-Yan production an out-of-plane momentum measurement has been proposed in and various thrust and thrust-minor type observables have been considered in hadron-hadron dijet production in [37–39].
Event shapes in e+e- annihilation and deep inelastic scattering
In the practice of comparing Monte Carlo simulations of multi-particle final states with data, it turns out that simulations typically account satisfactorily for other event shape observables, if they account for thrust, thrust major and thrust minor.
Jet Quenching in Heavy Ion Collisions
Hence, the main thrust of the Key Pro ject is the calibration of secondary distance indicators which then operate out to distances significantly greater than can be measured with Cepheids alone.
The Hubble Space Telescope Key Project to Measure the Hubble Constant
Since the predictions for the jet broadening observables turned out to be erroneous, the results for the fits to Thrust and C-Parameter only are given in table 4.
The Strong Coupling: Measurements and Running