• Cinq-mars and de Thou Going to Execution——215
    Cinq-mars and de Thou Going to Execution——215
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n thou the cardinal number that is the product of 10 and 100
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thou Art Betrayed.''——26 thou Art Betrayed.''——26
"Sun, Stand Thou Still Upon Gibeon...." "Sun, Stand Thou Still Upon Gibeon...."
"Thou canst only be my long lost son Elkanan!" "Thou canst only be my long lost son Elkanan!"
Thou knittest Thou knittest
Thou shalt haf thy Bhaer Thou shalt haf thy Bhaer
"Be still! Be still! thou art by Michael spied!" "Be still! Be still! thou art by Michael spied!"

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 1631, two London bible printers accidentally left the word "not" out of the seventh commandment, which then read, "Thou shalt commit adultery." This legendary book is now known as the "Wicked Bible."
    • pron thou The second personal pronoun, in the singular number, denoting the person addressed; thyself; the pronoun which is used in addressing persons in the solemn or poetical style.☞ “In Old English, generally, thou is the language of a lord to a servant, of an equal to an equal, and expresses also companionship, love, permission, defiance, scorn, threatening: whilst ye is the language of a servant to a lord, and of compliment, and further expresses honor, submission, or entreaty.” "Art thou he that should come?"
    • v. t Thou To address as thou, esp. to do so in order to treat with insolent familiarity or contempt. "If thou thouest him some thrice, it shall not be amiss."
    • v. i Thou To use the words thou and thee in discourse after the manner of the Friends.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • thou A personal pronoun of the second person, in the singular number, nominative case, the possessive case being thy or thine, and the objective thee: plural, ye or you, your, you. See thine and you.
    • thou In ordinary English use the place of thou has been taken by you, which is properly plural, and takes a plural verb. Thou is now little used except archaically, in poetry, provincially, in addressing the Deity, and by the Friends, who usually say not thou but thee, putting a verb in the third person singular with it: as, thee is or is thee?
    • thou Formerly it was used in general address, and often bore special significance, according to circumstances, as noting— equality, familiarity, or intimacy
    • thou superiority on the part of the speaker
    • thou contempt or scorn for the person addressed (see thou, v.).
    • thou To address as “thou”: implying (except when referring to the usage of the Friends) familiarity, wrath, scorn, contempt, etc.
    • thou To use thou, thee, thy, and thine in discourse, as do the Friends.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • pron Thou thow of the second person sing., the person addressed (now generally used only in solemn address).
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  • St. Augustine
    “Grant what thou commandest and then command what thou wilt.”
  • Matthew Arnold
    “Because thou must not dream, thou need not despair.”
  • Seneca
    “If thou art a man, admire those who attempt great things, even though they fail.”
  • Marcus T. Cicero
    “Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.”
  • St. Augustine
    “Thou must be emptied of that wherewith thou art full, that thou mayest be filled with that whereof thou art empty.”
  • Aleister Crowley
    “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”


Holier-than-thou - Someone who is holier-than-thou believes that they are morally superior to other people.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. thou, þu, AS. ðū, ðu,; akin to OS. & OFries. thu, G., Dan. & Sw. du, Icel. þū, Goth. þu, Russ. tui, Ir. & Gael. tu, W. ti, L. tu, Gr. sy`, Dor. ty` , Skr. tvam,. √185. Cf. Thee Thine Te Deum
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. ðú; cog. with Goth. thu, Gr. tu, L. tu, Sans. tva-m.


In literature:

My gracious lord thou art great, and thou art mighty, thou art kind and just.
""Unto Caesar"" by Baroness Emmuska Orczy
And now that thou knowest my name, thou shouldst give me thy gift.
"Famous Tales of Fact and Fancy" by Various
But thou art breathed; wilt thou not sit down a while till thou come round?
"The Sundering Flood" by William Morris
If thou dost show the white feather again, thou diest; Basil hath sworn it.
"Sea-Dogs All!" by Tom Bevan
And thou lovest him, dost thou not?
"A Nobleman's Nest" by Ivan Turgenieff
Indomitable Plugson, thou must cease to be a Chactaw; thou and others; thou thyself, if no other!
"Past and Present" by Thomas Carlyle
Step out; above thou wilt find the water I speak of; thence thou must fetch it.
"Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers" by Various
But if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?
"The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." by Various
Thou hast placed thy feet upon the ladder; as thou climbest thou wilt emerge into brightness.
"Saronia" by Richard Short
ST. Again thou art hanging back, and sighest thou over the enemies of Jupiter?
"Prometheus Bound and Seven Against Thebes" by Aeschylus
Eyes hast thou, but thy deeds thou canst not see Nor where thou art, nor what things dwell with thee.
"Oedipus King of Thebes" by Sophocles
And though thou thinkest that thou knowest sure Thy victory, yet thou canst not surely know.
"Poetical Works of Matthew Arnold" by Matthew Arnold
Asander, Knowest thou what thou dost?
"Gycia" by Lewis Morris
And thou followest not Jack, Cis, when thou goest along one road, and Jack goeth another.
"In Convent Walls" by Emily Sarah Holt
I trow that that is more than thou couldst do now; and thou art more than double that age.
"In Doublet and Hose" by Lucy Foster Madison
Mischief, thou art afoot, Take thou what course thou wilt!
"The New Hudson Shakespeare: Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare
Thou canst not do otherwise, if thou continuest to lead the life thou art leading now.
"Tales From Scottish Ballads" by Elizabeth W. Grierson
As thou hast kept the letters and the diary, so shalt thou keep this treasure also.
"A Struggle for Rome, v. 3" by Felix Dahn
And wert thou greatly troubled when thou didst see me beset by dangers?
"With Ring of Shield" by Knox Magee
But it is thou who art unjust, not I. Hast thou not received a fourth of all thou didst bring me?
"My Kalulu, Prince, King and Slave" by Henry M. Stanley

In poetry:

Thou art not here, thou art not there,
Thy place I cannot see;
I only know that where thou art
The blessed angels be,
And heaven is glad for thee.
"A Sea Dream" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Thou hast no tongue, yet thou canst speak,
Till distant shores shall hear the sound;
Thou hast no life, yet thou canst breathe
Fresh life on all around.
"To A Blank Sheet Of Paper" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
“Whereas thou dreamed’st thou wert in heaven,
So shalt thou win that may;
Dreamed’st thou of falling through the clouds,
So falls for her thy life away.”
"Hafbur And Signy" by William Morris
Shouldst thou to-morrow die,
Thou still shalt be
Found in the rose and met in all the sky:
And from the ocean's heart shalt sing to me,
Shouldst thou to-morrow die.
"Beauty's Metempsychosis" by William Watson
Whither, and whence, and why hast fled?
Thou art dumb, my muse; thou art dumb, thou art dead,
As a waterless stream, as a leafless tree.
What have I done to banish thee?
"The Poet And The Muse" by Alfred Austin
Come thou to Christ, however great thy crimes,
Come thou, thy life however vile and ill,
Come thou, and beg his needful aid betimes;
For he can save thee, whensoe'er he will.
"Advice To A Sinner, To Come To Christ" by Rees Prichard

In news:

Thou Shalt Not Kill, Except in a Popular Video Game at Church.
Thou shalt be goofy, in 'The Ten'.
Thou shalt destroy the Green Church.
Thou shalt not go wanting.
Thou Shalt Not Be Indicted.
Summit Up 11-29-12: Ullr , where art thou.
Dave's Unfunny Emmy Bid … Conan's Hardware Hunt … Anderson, Where Art Thou.
Wilst thou deliver us some serious weirdness today YEP.
Google Wiki where art thou.
Wherefore art thou, Romo.
Wherefore Art Thou Hillary.
Wherefore art thou horses and hats.
Thou shalt erect it.
Thou shalt not vote.
Carrie Underwood performed a jaw dropping performance of "How Great Thou Art" with Vince Gill on the CBS special "Girl Night Out".

In science:

Clearly, the first step in the loop above is meant only as a thou ght experiment.
On the Solution-Space Geometry of Random Constraint Satisfaction Problems
For smaller times thou degeneracies are important, reflected in a steeper decay of purity (18).
Optimal two-qubit gate for generation of random bipartite entanglement
This enables to cross-identi fiy 16 p-mode frequencies (thou gh not their degrees) which were previously detected via highprecision radial velocity measurements, and provides an estimate of the large spacing, δν = 0.0540 mHz at f ∼ 1 mHz.
Recovery of p-modes in the combined 2004-2005 MOST observations of Procyon
Hence the constructive golden rule: “Thou shal l not know the loops, or thou shal l diverge!” Therefore tree formulas are among the main technical tools in constructive field theory.
Why Renormalizable NonCommutative Quantum Field Theories?
Kleinberg, “Wherefore Art Thou r3579x?: Anonymized Social Networks, Hidden Patterns, and Structural Steganography,” in Proc. of ACM Intl.
Topology Discovery of Sparse Random Graphs With Few Participants
Thou shalt use lines which emphasize the differences between H II regions and AGNs; i.e., use high-ionization lines or low-ionization lines produced in the partially ionized zone.
Spectroscopic Diagnostics for AGNs
Thou shalt use strong lines which are easy to measure in typical spectra.
Spectroscopic Diagnostics for AGNs
Thou shalt avoid lines which are badly blended with other emission or absorption line features.
Spectroscopic Diagnostics for AGNs
Thou shalt use lines with small wavelength separation to minimize sensitivity to reddening.
Spectroscopic Diagnostics for AGNs
Thou shalt use line ratios from the same elements or involving hydrogen recombination lines to eliminate or reduce abundance dependence.
Spectroscopic Diagnostics for AGNs
Thou shalt avoid lines from Mg, Si, Ca, Fe – depleted onto dust grains.
Spectroscopic Diagnostics for AGNs
Thou shalt use lines easily accessible to current UV/optical/IR detectors.
Spectroscopic Diagnostics for AGNs
Thou shalt avoid lines affected by strong stellar absorption features.
Spectroscopic Diagnostics for AGNs
Thou shalt avoid lines affected by strong atmospheric features.
Spectroscopic Diagnostics for AGNs
Disk thou wert and to disk returnest, thus sayeth the prophet, at least when he (?, it’s hard to tell with disks) is speaking to planets.
Astrophysics in 2006