• WordNet 3.6
    • adj testimonial of or relating to or constituting testimony
    • adj testimonial expressing admiration or appreciation "testimonial dinner"
    • n testimonial something that serves as evidence "his effort was testimony to his devotion"
    • n testimonial something that recommends (or expresses commendation of) a person or thing as worthy or desirable
    • n testimonial something given or done as an expression of esteem
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: To take an oath, ancient Romans put a hand on their testicles?that?s where the word ?testimony? comes from.
    • Testimonial A writing or certificate which bears testimony in favor of one's character, good conduct, ability, etc., or of the value of a thing.
    • a Testimonial Relating to, or containing, testimony.
    • Testimonial Something, as money or plate, presented to a preson as a token of respect, or of obligation for services rendered.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • testimonial Relating to or containing testimony.
    • n testimonial A will; a testament.
    • n testimonial A certificate; a warrant.
    • n testimonial A mark; token; evidence; proof.
    • n testimonial A statement; a declaration; testimony.
    • n testimonial A writing certifying to one's character, conduct, or qualifications; a certificate of worth, attainment, excellence, value, genuineness, etc.
    • n testimonial A tangible expression of respect, esteem, admiration, appreciation or acknowledgment of services, or the like.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Testimonial containing testimony
    • ***


  • Nathaniel Emmons
    Nathaniel Emmons
    “Any fact is better established by two or three good testimonies than by a thousand arguments.”
  • Immanuel Kant
    “Seek not the favor of the multitude; it is seldom got by honest and lawful means. But seek the testimony of few; and number not voices, but weigh them.”
  • Thomas Szasz
    “Psychiatric expert testimony: mendacity masquerading as medicine.”
  • Alice Thompson
    Alice Thompson
    “Inter-railers are the ambulatory equivalent of Macdonald's, walking testimony to the erosion of French culture.”
  • C. S. Lewis
    “The value given to the testimony of any feeling must depend on our whole philosophy, not our whole philosophy on a feeling.”
  • Bible
    “The testimony of the Lord is sure making wise the simple. [Psalms 19:7]”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. OF. testimoniale, LL. testimonialis, L. testimoniales,sc. litteræ,). See Testimonial (a.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. testimoniumtestāri, to witness.


In literature:

The said father commissary asked for the testimony, and it was also sent him.
"The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898" by Various
And this will be the testimony of every one who will only relinquish entirely the use of it.
"Select Temperance Tracts" by American Tract Society
Reason, feeling, and faith in testimony must be combined, and mutually condition each other.
"Christianity and Greek Philosophy" by Benjamin Franklin Cocker
The testimony of this gentleman is corroborative of that already presented.
"Popular Education" by Ira Mayhew
But the eager soul must work, not rest in testimony.
"History of Woman Suffrage, Volume I"
The effect of this testimony, unanimously given by all persons who knew the East, was naturally very great.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
On this point I would not multiply testimony.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various
Katherine walked slowly away, still going over and over Doctor Sherman's testimony.
"Counsel for the Defense" by Leroy Scott
Sheriff Plummer was recalled and gave testimony corroborative of the two detective's statements.
"The Mysterious Murder of Pearl Bryan" by Unknown
You can not even give testimony against him with your own voice.
"Victor's Triumph" by Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth
It was not possible, nor should he be accused through any testimony from my lips.
"Beyond the Frontier" by Randall Parrish
Her testimony concluded the inquiry, and the coroner addressed the jury.
"The Bondboy" by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
The testimonies of the Jews.
"Christology of the Old Testament: And a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions. Vol. 2" by Ernst Hengstenberg
The ancient teachers also looked upon this passage as a testimony to the Holy Trinity.
"Epistle Sermons, Vol. III" by Martin Luther
May it not properly be asked, what such testimony as this is worth?
"History of the Rise of the Huguenots" by Henry Baird
If she hadn't, her testimony would not have been taken.
"Men of the Bible" by Dwight Moody
If you can think so also, do put it in a testimonial.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 23 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Was he to reject their testimony on the ground that their senses had deceived them, and accept the testimony of his own senses?
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St John, Vol. II" by Marcus Dods
Surely this testimony outweighs a thousand ordinary chroniclers.
"View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages, Vol. 3 (of 3)" by Henry Hallam
They may be French, and this is a testimonial in their favor, but I am afraid it is the only one.
"John Bull, Junior" by Max O'Rell

In poetry:

The testimonies of thy grace
I set before my eyes;
Thence I derive my daily strength,
And there my comfort lies.
"Psalm 119 part 3" by Isaac Watts
Testimony thou didst leave,
Seldom heard from infant's tongue;
Father, mother, do not grieve
For my loss, although so young.
"Lines On The Death Of A Child, J. W., Aged 11 Years." by Benjamin Cutler Clark
His country's weal his care and thought,
Beloved in peace was he;
Magnanimous in war--shall not
The nation grateful be,
And render at his burial spot
A testimonial free?
"At General Grant's Tomb" by Hattie Howard
Without humility and pride,
Let us recall ourselves in the night
from thread to thread,
And witness on rocks the zigzags of chalk
In which fragile testimony left its trace.
"Perhaps It's Time" by Tudor Arghezi
He was afraid, yet awful gladness reached
His soul: the testimony of the lost
Upbraided him; but while he trembled yet,
The heavenly child had lifted up its head
And left his arms, and on the marble floor
Stood beckoning.
"The Monitions of the Unseen" by Jean Ingelow
The breath of the remnant of Jacob shall praise Thee,
For with testimony confirmed Thou hast made him Thy witness
And keepest Thy covenant with him and Thy kindness;
Therefore shall he thank Thee on the day Thou hast appointed judgment.
"For A New Year's Day" by Shlomo ibn Gabirol

In news:

Music, testimonials fill the service honoring Robert Champion.
The major political news this week was the broadcast of President Clinton's grand jury testimony.
GILMER — Opening testimony in the Sharon Anne Maxwell murder trial was unexpectedly postponed Monday until today because a defense witness could not be located.
Testimony claims that murder story was made up to impress a woman, but witness is caught in more lies on stand.
Solyndra Testimony November 16, 2011.
Arpaio shows none of trademark swagger in court testimony.
Defense team says hearsay testimony will be main grounds for appeal.
Sandusky jury seeks clarification on hearsay in janitor's testimony.
But judge still could bar pastor's testimony.
Ticket can't constitute 'testimonial hearsay '.
After an October 2008 fire destroyed the Hereford House in Kansas City, restaurateur Rod Anderson said that he "might have to go to jail," according to court testimony Wednesday.
In his testimony, Mr Gensler noted that a competing indicator, known as Euribor, consistently came up with higher rates than Libor.
Three weeks ago, a Senate committee heard testimony on a bill that could bring Puerto Rico a step closer to becoming the 51st state.
The judge presiding over the criminal trial of Jerry Sandusky gave the defense permission on Friday to present expert testimony on a personality disorder .
Following are excerpts from the testimony yesterday of the New York City Police Commissioner , Raymond W Kelly, before the panel investigating police corruption.

In science:

Finally, we have all the possible testimonies of the Guard.
The temporal calculus of conditional objects and conditional events
The present proceedings represent a living testimony to the outstanding experimental progress in tests of general relativity.
Rotation in relativity and the propagation of light
We remark that this is not a serious concern and if at all everything but a testimony to the impact of [FLM85].
A New Look at Composition of Authenticated Byzantine Generals
While the Davisson and Germar experiment left no doubt about the wave nature of electrons, the most appealing and satisfying testimonial of the electron’s wave like properties would definitely be the classic paradigm of quantum mechanics - the double slit interference experiment.
Quantum interference of molecules -- probing the wave nature of matter
Collecting live testimonies of the pioneers, and preserving them for the future, seems timely given the impact supersymmetry has already produced on the development of particle physics.
Introduction to "The Supersymmetric World: The Beginnings of The Theory"
Figure 6 shows comparisons for two event shapes, the thrust and thrust ma jor, and the agreement is remarkable testimony to the ability of the event generators to reproduce the data.
Event shapes in e+e- annihilation and deep inelastic scattering
This conference provided vivid testimony to the importance of starbursts as keys to galaxy evolution and to the speed with which our understanding of them is being transformed by the flood of new data, especially at high redshifts.
Starbursts and Galaxy Evolution
That you ever put up with me is testimony to your kindness and generosity.
Finding The Charm In 800 GeV/c p-Cu and p-Be Single Muon Spectra
Ettore Ma jorana’s fame1 rests on testimonies like this one by Bruno Pontecorvo , a younger colleague of Ma jorana at the Institute of Physics in Rome directed by Enrico Fermi.
Ettore Majorana and his heritage seventy years later
January 31, 2007): Testimony Before the Ful l Committee of the House Committee on Ways and Means.
Changes in the Distribution of Income Volatility
Further testimony to the quality of state is provided by recalling that the angular dependence of the correlation in a singlet is given by (− cos 2ϕb ).
Macroscopic polarization entanglement and loophole-free Bell inequality test
The very lively discussions during the sessions are a good testimony of the continuing strong interest of the proponents in this field for a next generation of data, experiments and facilities.
Future Facilities Summary
It represents a group testimony presented to another social group.
A Wikipedia Literature Review
Redshift surveys are testimony to the richness of structure in the universe on large scales (see, for instance, Giovanelli & Haynes 1991).
Real-space cosmic fields from redshift-space distributions: a Green function approach
It provides further testimony to the importance of the complex pole mass of the unstable particle (see also ).
Unstable Higgs Particle and the Equivalence Theorem