• Ten Saw Gang Lath Bolter
    Ten Saw Gang Lath Bolter
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj ten being one more than nine
    • n ten one of four playing cards in a deck with ten pips on the face
    • n ten the cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one; the base of the decimal system
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

It took ten million feet of glass thread, and Eulaly will look real sweet in it It took ten million feet of glass thread, and Eulaly will look real sweet in it
"But it is so stylish, Samantha, and it only costs ten cents." "But it is so stylish, Samantha, and it only costs ten cents."
I see a baker's been fined ten pounds for selling bread less than twelve hours old I see a baker's been fined ten pounds for selling bread less than twelve hours old

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Ten radishes only contain eight calories
    • Ten A symbol representing ten units, as 10, x, or X.
    • a Ten tĕn One more than nine; twice five.Ten is often used, indefinitely, for several many, and other like words. "With twice ten sail I crossed the Phrygian Sea.""There 's a proud modesty in merit,
      Averse from begging, and resolved to pay Ten times the gift it asks."
    • Ten The number greater by one than nine; the sum of five and five; ten units of objects. "I will not destroy it for ten's sake."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: One acre of wheat can produce enough bread to feed a family of four people for about ten years
    • n ten An abbreviation of tenor.
    • ten Being the sum of nine and one; one more than nine; twice five: a cardinal numeral.
    • ten [Ten is often used indefinitely for many.
    • n ten The sum of nine and one, or of five and five.
    • n ten A figure or symbol denoting that number of units or objects, as 10, or X, or x.
    • n ten A playing-card with ten spots.
    • n ten Ten o'clock in the morning or evening: as, I was to be there at ten.
    • n ten A certain weight of coal used in the coal-fields of Durham and Northumberland, England, for reckoning the royalty fo be paid by the lessee to the lessor. It varies between 48 and 50 tons.
    • ten Ten times.
    • ten Abbreviation for tenuto.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The town of Tidikelt in the Shara Desert once went ten years without rainfall.
    • adj Ten ten twice five
    • n Ten a figure denoting ten units, as 10 or x.: a playing-card with ten spots: ten o'clock in the morning or evening
    • ***


  • Merle Shain
    Merle Shain
    “One often learns more from ten days of agony than from ten years of contentment.”
  • Andre B. Buruch
    Andre B. Buruch
    “To me -- old age is always ten years older than I am.”
  • Marshall Mcluhan
    “A successful book cannot afford to be more than ten percent new.”
  • Jonathan Swift
    “One enemy can do more hurt than ten friends can do good.”
  • Aldous Huxley
    “We are all geniuses up to the age of ten.”
  • Joseph Addison
    “Better to die ten thousand deaths than wound my honor.”


Ten a penny - (UK) If something is ten a penny, it is very common. ("Two a penny" is also used.)
Wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole - (USA) If you wouldn't touch something with a ten-foot pole, you would not consider being involved under any circumstances. (In British English, people say they wouldn't touch it with a bargepole)


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. tēn, tién, tȳn, tēne,; akin to OFries. tian, OS. tehan, D. tien, G. zehn, OHG. zehan, Icel. tīu, Sw. tio, Dan. ti, Goth. taíhun, Lith. deszimt, Russ. desiate, W. deg, Ir. & Gael. deich, L. decem, Gr. de`ka, Skr. daçan,. √308. Cf. Dean Decade Decimal December Eighteen Eighty Teens Tithe


In literature:

About ten o'clock after we landed, we started three wagons with a pair of oxen for each and about ten head of cows and young stock.
"Old Rail Fence Corners" by Various
Ten years of it, Moore, ten years!
"The Forbidden Trail" by Honoré Willsie
It will be ten years to-morrow since you told me I might in ten years tell mother where you are.
"Debts of Honor" by Maurus Jókai
Dip up a bucket filled to the brim and allow it to stand for ten or twelve hours.
"Wealth of the World's Waste Places and Oceania" by Jewett Castello Gilson
One machine did the work of ten or more persons.
"Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 11 (of 14)" by Elbert Hubbard
He was now eight or ten feet from the ground, and looking down he saw his pursuer standing directly beneath.
"The Camp in the Snow" by William Murray Graydon
Let it boil for ten minutes and put it into a cooker for ten hours or more.
"The Community Cook Book" by Anonymous
Ten included General Trudeau's command of ten companies of heavy artillery and the Southern Guards who acted as heavy artillery.
"From Fort Henry to Corinth" by Manning Ferguson Force
Got to Hulmesburgh 1/4 before ten, paid only 25 cents for ten miles.
"A Journey to America in 1834" by Robert Heywood
Going to different brokers' offices, he disposed of ten for $5,000 without any difficulty, and stopped at that.
"Bidwell's Travels, from Wall Street to London Prison" by Austin Biron Bidwell

In poetry:

Every page a victory.
Who cooked the feast for the victors?
Every ten years a great man?
Who paid the bill?
"Questions From A Worker Who Reads" by Bertolt Brecht
And we will not forget them,
Those friends so kind and true,
For in the ten commandments
They tell us what to do.
"Children's Reply" by Julia A Moore
To thee ten thousand thanks we bring,
Great Advocate on high;
And glory to th' eternal King,
That lays his fury by.
"Hymn 108" by Isaac Watts
The world is using her so well,
I hope she'll tarry long,
And ten years hence I hope to tell,
"I have another song."
"Anniversary Poem" by David John Scott
"O farewell grief, and welcome joy,
Ten thousand times therefore!
For now I have found mine own true love,
Whom I thought I should never see more."
"The Bailiff's Daughter Of Islington" by Henry Morley
Ah, in the night, all music haunts me here. . . .
Is it for naught high Heaven cracks and yawns
And the tremendous Amaranth descends
Sweet with the glory of ten thousand dawns?
"The Amaranth" by Vachel Lindsay

In news:

The Penn State Nittany Lions' Big Ten title dreams remain alive while the Ohio State Buckeyes' are officially over.
Ten years after it started in business, Telerik, a Bulgarian software company, has conquered a niche position in the international information technology market and continues to expand.
I am sitting at my desk, where I have produced tens of thousands of words in just a few months since I bought the desk.
Football players from the Big Ten are used to being cold and wet.
Photojournalist Lester J Millman will present "9/11 was Ten Years Ago" at The Record's Community Labs (501 Broadway in downtown Troy) on Friday, April 29th.
Cliff Torrence says he founded Retriever National Processing Corporation of Jackson more than ten years ago.
To us the most interesting feature of the list is the presence of 73 Chinese companies, up from only 11 companies just ten years ago.
You have ten more e-mails to get to.
One of the things that sold my husband and me on our Dutch Colonial ten years ago was the garden.
Top Ten Jazz Shows in NYC This Month.
Their birthplace was discovered in 1978, when a ten-year-old boy name Xavier Roberts followed a BunnyBee behind a waterfall into a magical valley.
AP Photo Lance Ten Broeck, seen here leaving the 18th green Friday with the second-round lead, tied for ninth in the US Senior Open after a final-round 71.
Lance Ten Broeck came to Indianwood Golf and Country Club looking to make the cut and play on the weekend.
Best in Ten event supports Carpenter Square Theatre.
The state of New Mexico could lose out on tens of millions of.

In science:

When ˜r ≫ ˜RT and ga eφ ≪ 1 we can use a ten-dimensional description via weakly coupled type IIA string theory.
Open Branes in Space-Time Non-Commutative Little String Theory
Tense Celex-vowels not only correspond This change is also described by both top ten Brill and C5.0 rules.
Meta-Learning for Phonemic Annotation of Corpora
We note that since ψ is a Ma jorana-Weyl spinor in ten dimensions the representation in which the fermions are assigned under the gauge group must be real.
Supersymmetry Breaking by Dimensional Reduction over Coset Spaces
Therefore by reduction of a ten dimensional supersymmetric E8 gauge theory over the non symmetric coset space G2/SU (3), we obtain in four dimensions a Lagrangian describing a supersymmetric E6 gauge theory as well as its full soft supersymmetry breaking sector.
Supersymmetry Breaking by Dimensional Reduction over Coset Spaces
Because of time reversal invariance, the wave function in each bond can be writi,j eikx + a(k)∗ ten as Ψi,j (x) = a(k) i,j e−ikx , for an eigenstate at energy k2/2m.
Eigenstate Structure in Graphs and Disordered Lattices