ten thousand


  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj ten thousand denoting a quantity consisting of 10,000 items or units
    • n ten thousand the cardinal number that is the product of ten and one thousand
    • ***


  • John Balguy
    John Balguy
    “Contentment is a pearl of great price, and whoever procures it at the expense of ten thousand desires makes a wise and a happy purchase.”
  • William James Mayo
    William James Mayo
    “Given one well-trained physician of the highest type he will do better work for a thousand people than ten specialists.”
  • Euripides
    “One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.”
  • Joseph Addison
    “Better to die ten thousand deaths than wound my honor.”
  • Charles F. Kettering
    “The opportunities of man are limited only by his imagination. But so few have imagination that there are ten thousand fiddlers to one composer.”
  • H. L. Mencken
    “One horse-laugh is worth ten thousand syllogisms. It is not only more effective; it is also vastly more intelligent.”


In literature:

Their loss was ten thousand left on the field, of whom three thousand were killed.
"With Frederick the Great" by G. A. Henty
I myself have a sum of ten thousand dollars ready; you may have it any day.
"Debit and Credit" by Gustav Freytag
Our great Sheikh would have come in person with ten thousand men, were not your wilderness here fit only for Giaours.
"Tancred" by Benjamin Disraeli
Ten thousand pounds for trinkets, and nearly as much for old furniture!
"The Young Duke" by Benjamin Disraeli
He has set himself at sixty thousand double florins, when I would have willingly accepted ten thousand.
"Historical Tales, Vol. 6 (of 15)" by Charles Morris
Other leaders joined them with their followers, until some ten thousand men were gathered outside the town.
"No Surrender!" by G. A. Henty
This hundred weight of iron, converted into watch-springs, is increased in value by this process, ten thousand francs.
"Sophisms of the Protectionists" by Frederic Bastiat
Thrifty and far-sighted, as witness the good ten thousand in cash.
"Gigolo" by Edna Ferber
The secessionists have ten thousand men and forty rifled cannon.
"The Citizen-Soldier" by John Beatty
Ernest loves me ten thousand times better than I deserve.
"Ernest Linwood" by Caroline Lee Hentz
Upon our arrival there was a tremendous gathering to greet us; not less than ten thousand children were shouting "Viva la Amerique".
"A Journey Through France in War Time" by Joseph G. Butler, Jr.
Perhaps you had better not begin with more than ten thousand.
"Jill the Reckless" by P. G. (Pelham Grenville) Wodehouse
A number about ten thousand times as great as the number of waves of light that have fallen on the earth since historical time began.
"On the Genesis of Species" by St. George Mivart
The thirty thousand miles between us and the enemy was cut to ten thousand; to five.
"Wandl the Invader" by Raymond King Cummings
A strange boy, he had sworn to put ten thousand stones on those ledges before he died, or perish in the attempt.
"Clayhanger" by Arnold Bennett
In a certain district in Boston there are ten thousand students.
"Pushing to the Front" by Orison Swett Marden
That same Lord looks on the ten thousand times ten thousand who in our times go out to meet the bridegroom.
"The Parables of Our Lord" by William Arnot
The circulation meanwhile had not risen above six thousand, and ten thousand were required to make the paper pay.
"The History of "Punch"" by M. H. Spielmann
My captors know who I am, and unless you pay them ten thousand dollars I will be murdered.
"The Camp in the Snow" by William Murray Graydon
I will give you ten thousand for the use of ten thousand.
"Freaks of Fortune" by Oliver Optic

In poetry:

One Name above all glorious names
With its ten thousand tongues
The everlasting sea proclaims.
Echoing angelic songs.
"Septuagesima Sunday" by John Keble
Ten thousand times ten thousand,
Their cheerful voices raise,
While golden harps in harmony
Are tuned to sound the praise
"To Mr. C.R." by Mary Ann H T Bigelow
God is their fear, and God their trust;
When plagues or famine spread,
His watchful eye secures the just
Among ten thousand dead.
"Psalm XXXIII: Rejoice, Ye Righteous" by Isaac Watts
Then out there came the great Kaiser,
With twice ten thousand men;
But never a Thuring was coward enough
To wish himself home again.
"The Song of The Little Baltung: A.D. 395" by Charles Kingsley
And the nation has every reason to be proud,
And in praise of his little band we cannot speak too loud,
Because that gallant fifteen hundred soon put to flight
Ten thousand Arabs, which was a most beautiful sight.
"The Battle of Abu Klea" by William Topaz McGonagall
So fortune and comfort, that should be like brothers,
Though fought for and bled for where fortunes are made,
Though sought for and failed of by ten thousand others,
Are not worth the fighting and fuss that is made.
"Nothing To Eat" by Horatio Alger Jr

In news:

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In science:

The source is well localized in the LMC (§14.6), and so the isotropic energy of the flare was 5 × 1044 ergs – some ten thousand times larger than a typical thermonuclear flash.
Soft Gamma Repeaters and Anomalous X-ray Pulsars: Magnetar Candidates
The number of occultations expected per year ranges from tens to a few thousands, depending on what model of the Kuiper Belt is used.
Estimating the proportion of false null hypotheses among a large number of independently tested hypotheses
There will likely be tens of thousands of CO capture sources in the LISA band at any instant, most of which—as we shall see—unresolvable.
Confusion Noise from Extreme-Mass-Ratio Inspirals
The boost factor can be obtained from the fitted normalizatio n and can be large, from a few tens to a few thousands, depending on the unknown details of the DM clustering.
EGRET Excess of Diffuse Galactic Gamma Rays as Tracer of Dark Matter
The following tables contain the percentage of rejections for ten thousand samples, under the nominal level 5%.
Empirical likelihood based testing for regression
Table 4 contains the percentage of rejections for ten thousand samples, under the nominal level 5%.
Empirical likelihood based testing for regression
These are typically semiconductor quantum dots or small metallic nano-particles, within which a few tens to a few thousands of electrons interact through a screened Coulomb interaction.
Many-Body Physics and Quantum Chaos
It is remarkable to see how the statistical analysis of tens of thousands of giants in the Magellanic Clouds led to the identification, so far, of fourteen distinct relations in the PL plane ( and references therein).
Variable stars across the observational HR diagram
The timescale of the deviations of the binary motion from the Keplerian orbit is in the range between tens and thousands of years, whereas the last class timescale is of the order of millions or billions of years.
Observational Evidence for Tidal Interaction in Close Binary Systems
Observational determination of timing of minima, performed over a baseline of the order of ten years, can reveal a precession of a degree or two, indicating a precession period of thousands of years.
Observational Evidence for Tidal Interaction in Close Binary Systems
These will involve, progressively, tens, then hundreds, and nally a thousand or more detectors per experiment and will test polarization modulation schemes, effective scan strategies, foregroundremoval methods, and algorithms for separating E and B modes.
The Cosmic Microwave Background for Pedestrians: A Review for Particle and Nuclear Physicists
Unlike in case of microarrays, where the number of tests usually reaches tens of thousands, the number of tests performed in scans for QTL usually does not exceed several hundreds.
A comparison of the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure with some Bayesian rules for multiple testing
In contrast to the wealth of detail available for stellar components of galaxies, quantitative measures of the gas content are limited to only a few tens of thousands of objects, and of the gas distribution within them, to only hundreds.
Conference Summary: HI Science in the Next Decade
Together with the complicated structure of the equations — a typical code has between ten and several dozen evolution variables, and, when expanded, the right hand sides of the evolution equations have thousands of terms — this yields a computationally very complex and mathematically very subtle problem.
Numerical modeling of black holes as sources of gravitational waves in a nutshell
And about four of every ten thousand atoms are barium or heavier elements destined to become barium through radioactive transformation.
Single barium ion spectroscopy: light shifts, hyperfine structure, and progress on an optical frequency standard and atomic parity violation