tear down


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v tear down tear down so as to make flat with the ground "The building was levelled"
    • ***


  • W. S. Gilbert
    “Down went the owners -- greedy men whom hope of gain allured: oh, dry the starting tear, for they were heavily insured.”


In literature:

He says that the white men are going to come and tear down our houses and trample our fields.
"The Mississippi Bubble" by Emerson Hough
Tears flowed down my cheeks as I clung to my uncle's hand and walked back to the main street of the village.
"The Light in the Clearing" by Irving Bacheller
Tear down the hempstalks, eat up the old man and woman, and carry off the little girl!
"More English Fairy Tales" by Various
Horrocks's survey was cut short, however, for now the herd of cattle was tearing down upon him at a desperate racing pace.
"The Story of the Foss River Ranch" by Ridgwell Cullum
She looked up at her sons with eyes full of intelligence, made an effort to speak, but in vain; and the big tears rolled down her cheeks.
"Grandmother Elsie" by Martha Finley
She brought them, keeping her eyes cast down to hide the tell-tale tears.
"Elsie's New Relations" by Martha Finley
A tear stole down her cheek.
"Children of the Market Place" by Edgar Lee Masters
Mrs. Peckaby sat down and burst into tears.
"Verner's Pride" by Mrs. Henry Wood
Joanna looked down into her lap, for her eyes were full of tears.
"Joanna Godden" by Sheila Kaye-Smith
Do it just to have the right to tear down that blooming sign, did you?
"The Witness" by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz

In poetry:

Let a little time have fled,
And anon it topples down;
And we tear away the crown
From that usurper's head!
"Chaos Crystallising" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
My thoughts are all in yonder town,
Where, wept by many tears,
To-day my mother's friend lays down
The burden of her years.
"The Friend’s Burial" by John Greenleaf Whittier
"She's waving from the wharfside, palely grieving,
As down we draw . . . Her tears make little show,
Yet now she suffers more than at my leaving
Some twenty years ago.
"The Colonel's Soliloquy" by Thomas Hardy
Nae longer she mourned, her tears were a' spent;
Despair it was come, and she thought it content--
She thought it content, but her cheek it grew pale,
And she bent like a lily broke down by the gale.
"Auld Robin Gray" by Henry Morley
And tell me her life, since we left her that day
In the white lilied coffin, and rained down our tears;
But the grave held no answer, though long I should stay;
How strange that this clay should mingle with hers!
"The Child's Grave" by Edmund Blunden
And while lying there, poor fellow, he thinks of his wife at home,
And his heart bleeds at the thought, and he does moan;
And down his cheek flows many a silent tear,
When he thinks of his friends and children dear.
"Lines in Praise of Tommy Atkins" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Construction crews are expected to be gone by June 29 – just five months after tearing down much of the stadium's lower bowl.
Lawmaker Considers Tearing Down Raleigh Springs Mall.
OCEAN SPRINGS — The state Department of Marine Resources is going to tear down and remove the large boat storage shed it owns in Ocean Springs Harbor.
The Port of Port Angeles has hired a Tacoma company to tear down the former PenPly mill on Marine Drive.
Crews with Dore and Associates razed the former River City Dance Studio Tuesday morning on Main Street in downtown in the continuing job to tear down the 1100 block in Wheeling.
LU is spending 120-million dollars to tear down and rebuild many of the school's residential and academic buildings.
Imagine a new Dodger Stadium - without tearing down the old one.
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources plans to take money that would have been spent tearing down a Morgan County lodge and instead, put the funds toward renovating the facility.
The secret to Root 's successful remodel was owner Jim Koktavy's belief that it was time to tear down walls instead of build them up.
Planning board must reject CA plan to tear down Symphony Woods trees.
Times file photo The state gave the go-ahead to tear down the 130-year-old G.G.
El Zunzal Tear-Down to Begin Tomorrow.
Last year, contractors tearing down half of the Mulholland Drive bridge finished about 17 hours ahead of schedule.
Video has surfaced showing Fox News contributor Steven Crowder being repeatedly punched while trying to stop Michigan pro-union protestors from tearing down a conservative tent outside the state's capitol.

In science:

The ability to tear down the barriers to interdisciplinary science and barriers which often separate the scientific community from the universe of science’s beneficiaries is a great strength of FuturICT, enabling us to quickly move forward on a complex project.
Eve MP (2012) Tear it down, build it up: the Research Output Team, or the library-aspublisher.
Deep Impact: Unintended consequences of journal rank
Iconoclasts gather together to tear down each other’s icons—their theories and general ‘Weltaufbau und Weltanschaung’, like we have gathered here today.
`Iconoclastic', Categorical Quantum Gravity
First, in contrast to the heterogeneous design heuristics for production code, design guidelines for test code are quite strict, emphasizing recurrent design idioms such as the setup-stimulate-verify-tear down cycle (S-S-V-T).
Exploring the Composition of Unit Test Suites
It is typically encapsulated in a method of a test case. • the Test Case Setup is a method of the test case in which the fixture is initialized into the desired state for testing. A corresponding Test Case Tear Down method releases resources again.
Exploring the Composition of Unit Test Suites