• WordNet 3.6
    • v target intend (something) to move towards a certain goal "He aimed his fists towards his opponent's face","criticism directed at her superior","direct your anger towards others, not towards yourself"
    • n target sports equipment consisting of an object set up for a marksman or archer to aim at
    • n target the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable) "the sole object of her trip was to see her children"
    • n target a reference point to shoot at "his arrow hit the mark"
    • n target the location of the target that is to be hit
    • n target a person who is the aim of an attack (especially a victim of ridicule or exploitation) by some hostile person or influence "he fell prey to muggers","everyone was fair game","the target of a manhunt"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The term "the whole 9 yards" came from WWII fighter pilots in thePacific. When arming their airplanes on the ground, the .50 calibermachine gunammo belts measured exactly 27 feet, before being loaded into thefuselage. If the pilots fired all their ammo at a target, it got "the whole 9yards."
    • Target A butt or mark to shoot at, as for practice, or to test the accuracy of a firearm, or the force of a projectile.
    • Target (Railroad) A conspicuous disk attached to a switch lever to show its position, or for use as a signal.
    • Target A goal for an activity; as, the target of this year's fundraising drive is 2 million dollars.
    • Target A kind of small shield or buckler, used as a defensive weapon in war.
    • Target A metallic object toward which a beam of electrons is aimed in a tube designed to generate X-rays; when the electrons strike the target, the impact causes emission of X-rays.
    • Target A person who is the subject of criticism or ridicule.
    • Target A tassel or pendent; also, a shred; tatter.
    • Target A thin cut; a slice; specif., of lamb, a piece consisting of the neck and breast joints.
    • Target Any object toward which a beam of photons, a laser beam, an electron beam, or a beam of atomic or subatomic particles is aimed.
    • Target The pattern or arrangement of a series of hits made by a marksman on a butt or mark; as, he made a good target .
    • Target (Surveying) The sliding crosspiece, or vane, on a leveling staff.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: You're more likely to be a target for mosquitoes if you consume bananas.
    • n target In archery, the five circles count as follows: gold center, 9; red, 7; inner white or blue, 5; black, 3; outer white, 1.
    • n target A shield. Specifically— A small round shield; a buckler. See cut on preceding page.
    • n target In the seventeenth century, a shield of any form used by an infantry soldier as a substitute for body-armor. Compare targeteer.
    • n target A shield-shaped, circular, or other mark at which archers or users of firearms shoot for practice or for a prize: so called from the mark, which usually consists of concentric rings. For archery (see butt, 9) it is commonly painted on canvas drawn over a wedge-shaped frame, and stuffed with straw; that for practice with the musket or rifle was formerly flat, and made of planks in one or more thicknesses. Modern targets for long-range practice with the rifle are made of metal, and the compartments are usually square, one within the other; the target for practice with cannon is generally intended to test the penetrating power of the projectile, and is accordingly built up in imitation of the side of a ship, or of a turret.
    • n target Figuratively, anything at which observation is aimed; one who or that which is a marked object of curiosity, admiration, contempt, or other feeling.
    • n target On a railroad, the frame or holder in which a signal is displayed, as at switches.
    • n target The sliding sight on a leveling-staff. Also called vane. See cut under leveling-staff.
    • n target In heraldry, a bearing representing a round shield, or buckler.
    • n target A pendant, often jeweled; a tassel.
    • n target A shred; slice.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Karl Marx was targeted for assassination when he met with two Prussian officers in his house in Cologne in 1848. Marx had friends among the German labor unions, and he was considered a threat to the autocrats. Dressed in his bathrobe, he forced the officers out at the point of a revolver, which, it turned out, was not loaded.
    • n Target tär′get a small buckler or shield: a mark to fire at for practice or competition: any object of desire or ambition: the frame holding railway-signals: :
    • n Target tär′get (her.) a bearing representing a buckler
    • n Target tär′get (Scot.) a pendant, tassel—also Targe
    • ***


  • Mal Pancoast
    “The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it.”
  • Nido Qubein
    Nido Qubein
    “Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets.”
  • W. Clement Stone
    “You. too, can determine what you want. You can decide on your major objectives, targets, aims, and destination.”
  • Geoffrey F. Fisher
    Geoffrey F. Fisher
    “When you aim for perfection, you discover it's a moving target.”
  • Doug Horton
    “Thoughts are the gun, words are the bullets, deeds are the target, the bulls-eye is heaven.”
  • Napoleon Hill
    “Set your target and keep trying until you reach it.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. targette, dim. of OF. & F. targe, of Teutonic origin; cf. AS. targe, OD. targie, G. zarge, a frame, case, border, OHG. zarga, Icel. targa, shield
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. targe; Old High Ger. zarga, a frame, wall; Fr. targe is of Teut. origin.


In literature:

But the jatos had thrown the plane out ahead of the target area.
"Space Platform" by Murray Leinster
It assists in a sort of concentration, and gives the orator a willing target.
"The Candidate" by Joseph Alexander Altsheler
Twice sharpshooters who never missed had missed a good target.
"The Border Watch" by Joseph A. Altsheler
The aeroplanes are really the target aimed at.
"The Incomparable 29th and the "River Clyde"" by George Davidson
What targets they were!
"The Airlords of Han" by Philip Francis Nowlan
They were on the target, and this was good enough.
"Blackbeard: Buccaneer" by Ralph D. Paine
That's on the target, and it emphasizes that how fast and far each of us travels is largely a matter of free choice.
"The Armed Forces Officer" by U. S. Department of Defense
The class which confines itself to targets had not even been thought of.
"The Adventures of Bobby Orde" by Stewart Edward White
He told us that his guns had had a wonderful target on the Somme in July 1916.
"Q.6.a and Other places" by Francis Buckley
Out in the open he would be too good a target for whatever or whoever might be standing within the deep-welled frames.
"The Defiant Agents" by Andre Alice Norton
There was no reason why the silent marksman who hung upon them should not pick him out for a target.
"The Keepers of the Trail" by Joseph A. Altsheler
Where there are numerous players, they are divided into opposing teams, which alternate in throwing at the target (hoop).
"Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium" by Jessie H. Bancroft
The arrow sang its curving flight through the air and stuck, with a quick quiver, in the very centre of the target.
"Sea-Dogs All!" by Tom Bevan
Some even target government ministries.
"The Iraq Study Group Report" by United States Institute for Peace
Cortin smiled, continuing to aim and fire as coolly as if she were on the target range.
"The Alembic Plot" by Ann Wilson
I'll alert the nobility, have them take extra precautions since they're bound to be targets.
"A Matter of Honor" by Ann Wilson
We shall have to have a target, I suppose?
"The Range Boss" by Charles Alden Seltzer
Then they took up another target and we had leisure to examine the damage.
"The Red Watch" by J. A. Currie
Very early in the history of aviation dummy bombs had been dropped, for spectacular purposes, at targets marked on the ground.
"The War in the Air; Vol. 1" by Walter Raleigh
Suppose shots to be fired at a target at fixed intervals of time.
"A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century" by Agnes M. (Agnes Mary) Clerke

In poetry:

'O whair get thou these targets, Johnnie,
That blink see brawly abune thy brie?'
'I get them in the field fechting,
Wher, cruel king, thou durst not be.
"Johnny Armstrong (original)" by Anonymous British
We simply cannot get into our minds
That people do not always die in bed.
They die abruptly, with unfinished work,
Before they reach the target, they are dead!
""All through his life he drew the scenes of war..."" by Konstantin Simonov
It was not your fault.
What should have gone on,
Arrow aimed from a tried bow
At a tried target, has turned back,
Wounding itself
With questions you had not asked.
"Sorry" by R S Thomas
O you blessed ones, you who are whole,
you who seem the beginning of hearts,
bows for the arrows and arrows' targets—
tear-bright, your lips more eternally smile.
"The Sonnets To Orpheus: IV" by Rainer Maria Rilke
Oh, boy-god, Love!--An archer thou!--
Thy utmost skill I fain would test;
One arrow aim at Lelia now,
And let thy target be her breast!
Her heart bind in thy captive train,
Or give me back my own again!
"Lines After The Manner Of The Olden Time." by George Pope Morris
"For hate men seek a weapon, for fear they seek a shield —
"Keener blades and broader targets than their frantic neighbours wield —
"For gold I arm their hands,
"And for gold I buy their lands,
"And for gold I sell their enemies the yield.
"The Peace of Dives" by Rudyard Kipling

In news:

It's always been my motto that the targets of my verbal swipes should be sharks, not minnows.
All juniors and seniors will attend the program organized by the Target Leadership team.
Pentagon's Newest Ballistic Missile- Blaster Shoots Down Its Target.
Sesame Street's target audience remains blissfully unaware amid sex claims.
In my City Journal Online piece on the Paul Ryan budget's over-reliance on optimistic targets for health care savings, I touch on the issue of Medicaid block grant s.
Ahmadinejad Allies Arrested, Top Aides Targeted.
A burglar seems to be choosing an unusual target for a jewelry heist.
Political tensions targeting some supporters.
Bin Laden eyed new targets, big body count .
Bogota bomb blast targets former interior minister Fernando Londono.
BERGEN COUNTY — A Bogota police officer is fighting her termination, claiming that she was targeted for intervening in a case of excessive force.
Target-date funds easily won over the hearts and minds of production workers at Diamatrix in Fairless Hills, Pa.
The blast is believed to have targeted a provincial political leader, police say.
Bogota bomb blast targets former interior minister Fernando Londono.
The latest US drone attack killed 14 suspected militants in Pakistan, bringing the number of people killed by drones in September alone to 75 as the US targets the Haqqani network.

In science:

At the end of experiment the emulsion target was replaced by this set of 4 targets.
MC generators in CHORUS
The on-target exposure time ranged between 15 and 30 min according to the brightness of the targets.
Optical spectroscopy and the UV luminosity function of galaxies in the Abell 1367, Coma and Virgo clusters
The on-target exposure time ranged between 20 and 40 min according to the brightness of the targets.
Optical spectroscopy and the UV luminosity function of galaxies in the Abell 1367, Coma and Virgo clusters
The on-target exposure time ranged between 15 and 30 min according to the brightness of the targets.
Optical spectroscopy and the UV luminosity function of galaxies in the Abell 1367, Coma and Virgo clusters
Consider a node in the target set with actual degree m, that defines the target for a node with degree k in γ .
Random Graph Models with Hidden Color
Consider the target percolation with target set B (0) = {x ∈ R∞ : Pn i=1 xi ≥ 0 for all n}.
Critical RWRE on trees and tree-indexed random walks
First, in diffraction the helicity properties of the target and pro jectile are uncorrelated, and in the forward case strict SCHC holds separately for the pro jectile and the target.
Production of spin-3 mesons in diffractive DIS
Using Corollary 1 we can re-target all the edges from negative I s to target leaves.
Simple free star-autonomous categories and full coherence
Each discrete position may contain no target or one target, though extensions to non-binary targets is straightforward.
Sensing Capacity for Markov Random Fields
Thus, the target con figuration is represented by a k2 -bit ‘target field’ f .
Sensing Capacity for Markov Random Fields
We assume that all f have positive probability, and that given its neighbors, the probability of a target is independent of the remaining targets.
Sensing Capacity for Markov Random Fields
Note that for any pair of ob jects A, B , we have a category H OM (A, B ) , with the set of 1-arrows with source A and target B as ob jects of H OM (A, B ) and the set of 2-arrows with the latter as source and target as arrows and ◦ as composition and 1 as unit map.
2-C*-categories with non-simple units
If an observation contains more than one target, the targets may share, or have distinct, secondary calibrators, depending on their separation in the sky.
Data storage, processing and visualisation for the ATCA
In practice, brighter targets with short exposure times were observed much more often than fainter targets requiring longer visits.
Hubble Space Telescope Images of Magellanic Cloud Planetary Nebulae
For example, in random routing or search problems on complex networks, an appropriate node betweenness can defined as the expected number of visits to node i by a random walker (starting at a source node and before reaching its randomly chosen target), averaged over all source and target pairs [74, 75].
Diffusion Processes on Small-World Networks with Distance-Dependent Random-Links