take down


  • It Takes Nine Baths to Get Down To American Epidermis 304
    It Takes Nine Baths to Get Down To American Epidermis 304
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v take down make a written note of "she noted everything the teacher said that morning"
    • v take down tear down so as to make flat with the ground "The building was levelled"
    • v take down reduce in worth or character, usually verbally "She tends to put down younger women colleagues","His critics took him down after the lecture"
    • v take down move something or somebody to a lower position "take down the vase from the shelf"
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: It takes about three hours for food to be broken down in the human stomach
    • Take down to reduce: to bring down from a higher place, to lower: to swallow: to pull down: to write down
    • ***


  • Vicky Aragon
    Vicky Aragon
    “What it comes down to is that anybody can win with the best horse. What makes you good is if you can take the second or third-best horse and win.”
  • Sam Rayburn
    Sam Rayburn
    “Any jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build it.”
  • Oprah Winfrey
    “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”
  • Dag Hammarskjold
    “Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only those who keep their eye fixed on the far horizon will find their right road.”
  • Richard Rohr
    Richard Rohr
    “The journey to happiness involves finding the courage to go down into ourselves and take responsibility for what's there: all of it.”
  • Marty Allen
    Marty Allen
    “If a man works like a horse for his money, there are a lot of girls anxious to take him down the bridal path.”


Take someone down a peg - If someone is taken down a peg (or taken down a peg or two), they lose status in the eyes of others because of something they have done wrong or badly.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
M. E. taken—Scand.; Ice. taka pa.t. tók, pa.p. tekinn); conn. with L. tangĕre, tetig-i, to touch, and with Eng. tack.


In literature:

You'll see me take her down if she presumes.
"The Girls at Mount Morris" by Amanda Minnie Douglas
I tuck'n push you up, en ef I 'uz dar whar you is, I'd take'n push you down.
"Nights With Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris
But what was the use of taking down the boards in front of the window?
"Down South" by Oliver Optic
They've started to take down the scaffolding.
"Space Platform" by Murray Leinster
Mr. Finnegan, take down the names.
"The Varmint" by Owen Johnson
She tried to obey, straightening up, and taking down her hands.
"The Woman from Outside" by Hulbert Footner
She permitted Winifred to take her wrap from her, and then sank down into a chair.
"Masters of the Wheat-Lands" by Harold Bindloss
Take down your blackthorn, Tim, and get your muscle up.
"Grey Town" by Gerald Baldwin
Take care, Rashe; you'll pound me into dust if you slip down over me.
"Hopes and Fears scenes from the life of a spinster" by Charlotte M. Yonge
I'd like to take you down there sometime.
"Elizabeth Hobart at Exeter Hall" by Jean K. Baird
After we were down on the planet, I was going to steal the Mooncat and take off by myself.
"The Star Hyacinths" by James H. Schmitz
Now, if you'll take down them wet clothes and dry them for us, we will be much obliged.
"Tom, The Bootblack" by Horatio Alger
And he said to him: Take thy bill, and sit down quickly, and write fifty.
"The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." by Various
I tuck'n push you up, en ef I 'uz dar whar you is, I'd take'n push you down.
"Nights With Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris
An' I up an' ast' her to take me down to see 'em.
"Friendship Village" by Zona Gale
I assume, that the reader will take down his first volume of Carlyle, and read attentively the passages to which I refer him.
"The Crown of Wild Olive" by John Ruskin
Mat used to run down for a day or two when business permitted, and take possession of his shabby little room under the roof.
"Lover or Friend" by Rosa Nouchette Carey
More Sauk braves were riding closer, and Wegner must be taking aim in the darkness down there.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
Blake had already arranged everything that he and Ashton were to take down with them.
"Out of the Depths" by Robert Ames Bennet
Run along and take down my cloak and put it in the carriage.
"The Prisoner" by Alice Brown

In poetry:

I am a bubble
Upon thy ever-moving, resting sea:
Oh, rest me now from tossing, trespass, trouble!
Take me down into thee.
"An Evening Prayer" by George MacDonald
Ajax, in the stillness of the night,
Lie down and take thy rest;
Live in the dreams of the starry light
As the bird in its nest.
"Ajax is Chastised" by Frank Barbour Coffin
By night, by day,
Waking or sleeping—o'er the sea,
Up to the heaven—where'er thou take thy way,
Down to the grave—He follows thee.
"God always nigh" by John Bowring
But, O unutterable grace
The Son of God takes Adam's place;
Down to our world the Savior flies,
Stretches his arms, and bleeds, and dies.
"Hymn 43 part 1" by Isaac Watts
I heard a cow low, a bonnie cow low,
An' a cow low down in yon fauld;
Lang, lang will my young son greet,
Or is mither take him frae cauld.
"The Elphin Nourrice" by Andrew Lang
These have more language than my song,
Take them and let them speak for me.
I whispered them a secret thing
Down the green lanes of Allary.
"With Flowers" by Francis Ledwidge

In news:

3 St John's takes down No.
US and China collaborate to take down Guangdong counterfeiters.
Crawford , Clippers take down Suns.
1 crew member dead, captain missing after Hurricane Sandy takes down famous ship off NC coast.
Hacker collective Anonymous claims responsibility for taking down some websites in Israel.
Will Celtic take down giant Barcelona.
In the video a bicyclist pulls up and takes down a PCO Liberty Alliance campaign sign, which was one of many that disappeared .
Chicks take down Demons in dual .
A November win is all well and good, but until Clippers can take down Lakers in the playoffs it won't mean much.
Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil linebacker Wesley Woodyard take down San Diego running back Jackie Battle.
Grizzlies take down the previously undefeated New York Knicks, 105-95.
Wind Takes Down Large Tree At Faulkner Mansion.
Rodents take down Verizon phones, TV.
Ron Kostelnik (77) and Henry Jordan (74) take down Vikings quarterback Ron Vanderkelen in a 1965 game.
Flooded data centers take down Huffington Post, Gawker and other sites.

In science:

Then, we may check that FE satisfies condition (3.7) by writing down the latter for (Q− + I d)X, (Q− + I d)Y instead of X, Y and taking into account the skew symmetry of ψ and P .
Dirac structures on generalized Riemannian manifolds
Even though it is difficult o r almost impossible to write down the microscopic equation of motion that drives prices at each instant, it is possible to extract a relevant statistical information, that makes sense to take decisions at a local level.
Statistical Methods for Estimating the non-random Content of Financial Markets
Even though it is difficult o r almost impossible to write down the microscopic equation of motion that drives prices at each instant, it is possible to extract a relevant statistical information, that makes sense to take decisions at a local level.
About the non-random Content of Financial Markets
Since the dimension can only get down when taking images by definable functions, φ−1 (H0 ∩ φ(wH )) necessarily has to be weakly generic in the coset wH .
Cartan subgroups of groups definable in o-minimal structures
Si = ±1 and Jij = J when sites i and j are connected and zero otherwise. (We take J = 1 in this paper.) The ground state (minimum energy state at zero temperature) of the Ising spin system in both RMA and RMB is a state with all spins up or all spins down.
Effect of the nature of randomness on quenching dynamics of Ising model on complex networks
Two dimensional manifolds can be broken down into triangles so we define a triangle variable tabc which takes the value 1 or 0 according to whether or not the three events a, b and c are the vertices of a triangle in the triangulation.
Event-Symmetric Physics
Once all the expressions are properly regularized, one can write down the YFS master formula, which takes into account real and virtual photonic corrections to the lowest order process.
Precision Physics at LEP
Each site x ∈ L can take either of two spin values, +1 (“spin up”) and −1 (“spin down”), so that the state space is equal to S = {−1, +1}.
The random geometry of equilibrium phases
We are interested in the time in takes to produce an outburst after the disc had settled down to a quiescent state.
The disc instability model of dwarf-novae and low-mass X-ray binary transients
Piles 1 and 3 are turned upside down before the riffling takes place.
Applications of Symmetric Functions to Cycle and Increasing Subsequence Structure after Shuffles (Part 2)
At high temperatures the axion field value is misaligned with the value it takes at low temperatures and as the universe cools the axion begins to “roll down” towards its minimum .
Saxion Emission from SN1987A
This is an important complement to M P , since taking the M P expressions (5.5) to (5.7) straight down to ω = 0, and inserting them into expression (4.45) for the electrical conductance of the array would yield superconducting low frequency behaviour even above the transition temperature.
Dynamics of two-dimensional Josephson junction arrays
We can, however, take the different behavior of the curves to establish where the approximation breaks down.
SYM Correlators and the Maldacena Conjecture
K-orbit. (For K = U(n) this takes a Hermitian matrix M to the diagonal matrix with M’s eigenvalues decreasing down the diagonal.) Then Kirwan convexity says that the image of this composite map is a convex polytope (the same as constructed before by intersecting).
The symplectic and algebraic geometry of Horn's problem
Clearly, B is path-connected: take two points in B , lift them to the affine space A and then pro ject down a path joining the two lifted points.
k-Gerbes, Line Bundles and Anomalies