• WordNet 3.6
    • n tabor a small drum with one head of soft calfskin
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Tabor (Mus) A small drum used as an accompaniment to a pipe or fife, both being played by the same person.
    • v. t Tabor To make (a sound) with a tabor.
    • Tabor To play on a tabor, or little drum.
    • Tabor To strike lightly and frequently.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n tabor A small drum or tambourine (without jingles), especially one intended to be used by a piper while playing his pipe; a tabret or timbrel.
    • tabor To play upon or as upon a tabor; drum.
    • tabor To beat as a tabor; drum upon.
    • n tabor Among the ancient nomadic Turks and Slavs, an encampment fortified by a circle of wagons or the like; afterward, a fortified camp or stronghold in general.
    • n tabor plural An intrenchment of baggage for defense against cavalry.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Tabor tā′bor a camp amongst the ancient nomadic Slavs and Turks, inside a ring of wagons.
    • n Tabor a small drum like the timbrel or tambourine without jingles, usually played with one stick, and in combination with a fife
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. tabor, tabour, F. tambour,; cf. Pr. tabor, tanbor, Sp. & Pg. tambor, atambor, It. tamburo,; all fr. Ar. & Per. tambr, a kind of lute, or giutar, or Per. tabīr, a drum. Cf. Tabouret Tambour
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. tabour (Fr. tambour)—Pers. tambūr, a kind of cithern.


In literature:

Bonaparte's victory over the Turks at Mount Tabor seemed a great step towards conquest.
"The Political History of England - Vol. X." by William Hunt
The band, which alone was a small army, consisted of drums, tabors, trumpets, and sistras.
"The Best of the World's Classics, Restricted to Prose, Vol. VIII (of X) - Continental Europe II." by Various
When about fifteen years of age the Methodists had a big revival at Mount Tabor, a neighboring country church.
"Autobiography of Frank G. Allen, Minister of the Gospel" by Frank G. Allen
Here Jesus expires on the cross; there he is transfigured on Mount Tabor.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 9" by Various
Tabor, Mrs. Sydney Richmond, rug owned by, 56 (plate).
"Rugs: Oriental and Occidental, Antique & Modern" by Rosa Belle Holt
Rabbi Jannai solemnly asserts that he saw a young rhinoceros, only a day old, as big as Mount Tabor.
"Flowers of Freethought" by George W. Foote
And every face did shine like the Holy One's face upon Tabor.
"The Song of Hiawatha" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
His early education was conducted at home, and at Mr Tabor's preparatory school at Cheam.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 3" by Various
She is Betty Tabor, Sec's daughter, and one of the best little women in the world.
"Jimmy Kirkland and the Plot for a Pennant" by Hugh S. Fullerton
Oft to the tabor's festive sounds replied!
"The Poetical Works of William Lisle Bowles Vol. 2" by William Lisle Bowles
In "Love's Labour's Lost" (v. 1), Dull says: "I will play on tabor to the Worthies, and let them dance their hay.
"Folk-lore of Shakespeare" by Thomas Firminger Thiselton-Dyer
In the summer of 1419, the first public communion was celebrated at a place where the town of Tabor was afterwards built.
"Sketches of Church History" by James Craigie Robertson
Then Tabor made the mistake of his life.
"History of the Kentucky Derby, 1875-1921" by John Lawrence O'Connor
And they told Sisera that Barak the son of Abinoam was gone up to Mount Tabor.
"The Bible Story" by Rev. Newton Marshall Hall
The band, which alone was a small army, consisted of drums, tabors, trumpets, and sistras.
"Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 15" by Various
See "The Cathedrals of England," by Mary J. Tabor (The Page Company).
"The Complete Club Book for Women" by Caroline French Benton
At what distance are we from this Tabor Island?
"Abandoned" by Jules Verne
A much simpler instrument known as the tabor pipe {85} was in general use in the twelfth century.
"Springtime and Other Essays" by Francis Darwin
Debra Tabor, about 30 miles east of Lake Dembea, was his chief residence.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 1" by Various
Shall I sound the tabor and speak the prologue now?
"Idonia: A Romance of Old London" by Arthur F. Wallis

In poetry:

Coy and still when flying wheel
Rested from its labour;
Singing when it ground the meal,
Gay as lute or tabor.
"Bouche-Mignonne" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
Bid the merry, merry tabor sound,
And with the Fays of lawn or glade,
In tripping circlet beat the ground,
Under the high trees' trembling shade.
"Air" by Ann Radcliffe
As a happy people come,
So came they,
As a happy people come
When the war has roll'd away,
With dance and tabor, pipe and drum,
And all make holiday.
"A Chanted Calendar" by Sydney Thompson Dobell
For from Mount Tabor usually this day
There comes a light without a flame to shine,
And autumn draws all eyes upon itself
As clear and unmistaken as a sign.
"August" by Boris Pasternak
Yet are there many mansions of His glory!
Both North and South rejoicing in His name;
Tabor and Herman, each with his own story,—
All are as pillars of th' eternal fame.
"The Maiden's Reply To The Mountain" by Samuel John Stone
Then, why should I give way to grief?
Come, strike up pipe and tabor
He that affecteth God in chief,
And as himself his neighbour,
May still enjoy a happy life,
Although he lives by labor.
"The Contented Man's Morice" by George Wither

In news:

Tabor Lives Lessons from a taxpayer setback in Colorado.
Monroe, Tabor run over Coyotes.
Xavier McClish scored 25 points and Connor Brooks and Dalen Qualls both added 16 points as Northern Oklahoma College Enid's men routed Tabor JV, 87-55 in the first day of the Hesston Classic Friday.
Lowest Gas Prices in Tabor City.
Find Tabor City Gas Prices.
Tabor City runs into a Blackout as conference foes meet in the 4A state playoffs, the Knights defend home turf by eliminating the Spartans 20-14.
News Politics Tabor , Dorn Lead Run-Off.
Hearing rescheduled for men accused in Tabor student death.
A McPherson County Judge has rescheduled the preliminary hearing for two men accused in the death of a Tabor College student.
Amber Tabor , the daughter of Dale and Lori Tabor of Jay, and Dan Demers, the son of Elena Demers of Newport Center and Mark Demers of Newport Center, were united in marriage on July 21, 2012.
Eagle River's Corina Sue Bridges and Steven Paul Tabor were married on May 7, 2011 at Muldoon Baptist Church in Anchorage.
When filmmaker Laura Tabor -Huerta was an Arlington high school student in the early 1980s, punk was for the freaks.
Scoring comes with ease for Tabor .
SMALL COLLEGES Tabor smashes Friends in finale.
Safeco Insurance in Tabor City.

In science:

In the fourth section we explain how the preceding analysis can be bypassed by a direct consideration of the singularity structure of a PDE, by using the method of Weiss, Tabor and Carnevale [100].
Painleve tests, singularity structure and integrability
This approach was pioneered by Weiss, Tabor and Carnevale [100] (hence it is usually referred to as the WTC Painlev´e test).
Painleve tests, singularity structure and integrability
The Weiss-Tabor-Carnevale test is only passed if all resonance conditions are fulfilled for every possible balance in the PDE (i.e. all consistent choices of µ).
Painleve tests, singularity structure and integrability
To see how the Weiss-Tabor-Carnevale test works, we will indicate the first steps of the analysis for the example of the KdV equation (21).
Painleve tests, singularity structure and integrability
Before doing so, we would like to illustrate ways in which the basic Weiss-Tabor-Carnevale test may be further simplified, taking the non-integrable Benjamin-Bona-Mahoney equation (31) as our example.
Painleve tests, singularity structure and integrability
With this ansatz, the Weiss-Tabor-Carnevale analysis for PDEs becomes only slightly more involved than applying the Painlev´e test for ODEs, and so constitutes a very effective way to decide if a PDE is likely to be integrable.
Painleve tests, singularity structure and integrability
For the reader who is interested in applying either the Painlev´e test for ODEs, as described in section 2, or the Weiss-Tabor-Carnevale Painlev´e test for PDEs, it is worth remarking that software implementations of these tests are now freely available.
Painleve tests, singularity structure and integrability
Thus the corresponding Lax-integrable PDEs have algebraic branching in their solutions, and fail the Weiss-Tabor-Carnevale test described in section 4.
Painleve tests, singularity structure and integrability
Tabor, Painlev´e property for partial differential equations, in Soliton theory: a survey of results (ed. A.P.
Painleve tests, singularity structure and integrability
Weiss, Tabor and Carnevale (WTC) proposed an algorithm for testing PDEs directly (which is analogous to the ARS algorithm for testing ODEs).
Symbolic Software for the Painleve Test of Nonlinear Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
Tabor M, Painlev´e Property for Partial Differential Equations, in Soliton Theory: A Survey of Results, Editor: Fordy A P, Manchester University Press, Manchester, U.K., 1990, 427–446.
Symbolic Software for the Painleve Test of Nonlinear Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
Weiss J, Tabor M, and Carnevale G, The Painlev´e Property for Partial Differential Equations, J.
Symbolic Software for the Painleve Test of Nonlinear Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
Tabor in Ref. , page 174) it is not a system ”whose motion is as random as a fair coin toss”.
The RANLUX generator: resonances in a random walk test
Tabor, Chaos and integrability in non-linear dynamics.
A unified (classical-quantum-statistical) formalism for continuous spectrum systems
Similar conclusions concerning the effect of AGN heating were reached by Binney & Tabor (1995); their analysis also predicts suppression of the cooling flow followed by a period of catastrophic cooling after the period of AGN heating.
On the interaction of FR-II radio sources with the intracluster medium