• WordNet 3.6
    • n synchrony the relation that exists when things occur at the same time "the drug produces an increased synchrony of the brain waves"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Synchrony The concurrence of events in time; synchronism. "Geological contemporaneity is the same as chronological synchrony ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n synchrony Occurrence or existence at the same time; simultaneity.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Synchrony simultaneity
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. synchronismossynchronizein, to agree in time—syn, together, chronos, time.


In literature:

So much for synchrony: and as for surprise, it is obvious that for the success of this plan it was necessary to work both rapidly and secretly.
"Tourcoing" by Hilaire Belloc

In news:

Listen to a Daily Symphony with PSB's Synchrony .
PSB has raised the bar on its speakers with a new flagship line of Synchrony editions.
Synchrony Inc Enters Partnership with Gardner Denver Inc. Gardner Denver will use Synchrony high-speed motors in new blower line.
Synchrony Inc announced a new partnership that capitalizes on its award-winning magnetic bearing technology.
Business systems services provider divine, inc Tuesday acquired Synchrony Communications, a privately held provider of Web-hosted CRM suites, for an undisclosed amount.
Strogatz is a Cornell mathematician and pioneer of the science of synchrony, which brings mathematics, physics and biology to bear on the mystery of how spontaneous order occurs at every level of the cosmos, from the nucleus on up.
Many of the populations have resistance to both glyphosate as well as herbicides that are ALS inhibitors such as Classic, Synchrony, or FirstRate.

In science:

This paper analyzes the behaviour of individual oscillators in the vicinity of the critical coupling where all the oscillators evolve in synchrony with each other.
Transition to complete synchronization in phase coupled oscillators with nearest neighbours coupling
In this way we establish that the coordinate clocks at the receiver and emitter run at the same rate. Synchrony according to Einstein can now be used to establish a coordinate time.
The Behaviour of Clocks and Rods in Special and General Relativity
The charges are shifted forwards and backwards between the open and covered rows in synchrony with the modulator.
Observing the Second Solar Spectrum at IRSOL
However, synchrony is not necessary for this property to hold:, the fact that the name is bound is the important point: even if internal transitions can occur on a bound name, visible transition are possible only after the name has been revealed by the action it is bound to.
Quantitative testing semantics for non-interleaving
Synchrony was established already within the first few oscillations.
Neural Networks
Model calculations show that some initial jitter in the volleys can even be reduced and synchrony sharpened up, stabilizing the propagation along the chain.
Neural Networks
This means that such systems can not be kept to oscillate in synchrony due to their sensitivity to initial conditions.
Collection of Mutually Synchronized Chaotic Systems
Lag synchronization, in which there is a phase shift between observed signals, is one of the routes to complete synchrony as coupling is increased and may occur without the presence of delay in the coupling terms.
Isochronal synchronization of delay-coupled systems
Although the sum of the TLE is negative, loss of synchrony due to instability may occur at intermediate values of ǫ, as seen in Fig. 3.
Isochronal synchronization of delay-coupled systems
Isochronal synchrony can been seen when self feedback is included, while in the absence of self feedback the lasers are delay synchronized.
Isochronal synchronization of delay-coupled systems
The spatiotemporal plots in 5(c) and (d) are nearly identical due to the isochronal synchrony.
Isochronal synchronization of delay-coupled systems
To quantify the synchrony, we align the time traces for the two lasers with various time shifts between them.
Isochronal synchronization of delay-coupled systems
In summary, we have considered delay-coupled systems and, through the addition of self feedback, obtained stable isochronal synchrony in coupled semiconductor and fiber ring laser models.
Isochronal synchronization of delay-coupled systems
Model analysis for incoherent pump coupled lasers reveals scaling of the Lyapunov exponents transverse to the synchronized state, while computations on systems of coupled fiber ring lasers show how self feedback may cause the onset of synchrony in coupled spatio-temporal systems.
Isochronal synchronization of delay-coupled systems
Note that (4.41) yields smaller lower bounds for the onset of synchrony for graphs with larger algebraic connectivity.
The geometry of spontaneous spiking in neuronal networks