swing around


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v swing around turn abruptly and face the other way, either physically or metaphorically "He turned around to face his opponent","My conscience told me to turn around before I made a mistake"
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In literature:

The Wear, swinging around a curve like an elongated horseshoe, has excavated a precipitous valley out of the rocks.
"England, Picturesque and Descriptive" by Joel Cook
He had intended to swing around; he had wanted only to take a clear picture of the place with him.
"Two Thousand Miles Below" by Charles Willard Diffin
They do so and the pointer swings around to some new position.
"Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son" by John Mills
Jack gave orders as to just how the swinging around of the tree might be managed.
"The Rover Boys in the Land of Luck" by Edward Stratemeyer
They will swing around our flank, and crush us as they did but an hour before.
"In The Ranks" by R. E. McBride
Stooping down, he begins swinging this around the circle.
"What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games and Pastimes" by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
The needle begins to swing around, and the compass is thus rendered useless for the time being.
"Cavalry of the Clouds" by Alan Bott
Swing 'em around a little behind the level of the shoulders turning 'em palm outward as you go.
"The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers" by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
She was swinging around again!
"The Deaves Affair" by Hulbert Footner
Presently the dog swings around the corner and dashes up to you.
"Psychology" by Robert S. Woodworth
With an exclamation of rage and disdain he seized the bridle rein and pulled sharply on it, swinging the pony's head around.
"The Coming of the Law" by Charles Alden Seltzer
Its part was the imposing swinging movement of 12,000 mounted men against and around the Confederate left.
"Was General Thomas Slow at Nashville?" by Henry V. Boynton
Swing her around a bit, you fellows over there!
"To Alaska for Gold" by Edward Stratemeyer
I reached up and eased the hitch of my line around the hand so I could swing toward him.
"Careers of Danger and Daring" by Cleveland Moffett
I bent to the oar, swinging the bow around, and went by the rock in good shape.
"The Frontier Boys in the Grand Canyon" by Wyn Roosevelt
As you stand there, and the shadow of old St. Paul swings around and covers you, shut your eyes and listen.
"The Only Woman in the Town" by Sarah J. Prichard
Curt Newsom says he thinks the fire will swing around us.
"Janet Hardy in Radio City" by Ruthe S. Wheeler
Kathleen was swinging around from the piano, laughing up at the singers.
"The Land of Strong Men" by Arthur M. Chisholm
Suddenly swinging around, the Merrimac paused for a minute, then steamed with full head against the Monitor.
"A Flight in Spring" by J. Harris Knowles
Within half an hour a breeze sprang up and away started the ship, swinging the boats around and towing them stern first.
"The Story of a Strange Career" by Anonymous

In poetry:

When the hour swings around
Come and barter and buy;
Come away, come away,
From green earth and blue sky.
"Modern Poets" by Mary Eliza Fullerton
Old Man Death's a lousy heel who will not play the game:
Let Graveyard yawn and doom down crash, he'll sneer and turn away.
But when the sky with rapture rings and joy is like a flame,
Then Old Man Death grins evilly, and swings around to slay.
"Death's Way" by Robert W Service

In news:

With calving season in full swing for some operations and just around the corner for others, being prepared for the unexpected is critical.
Now that fall is here and winter's peeking around the corner, the season for sneezing and coughing is in full swing.
The holidays are right around the corner and fall is in full swing.
It's safe to say, now, that Norman Mailer did not become the heavyweight champion of fiction — safe to say because he's no longer around to take a swing at you with his cane.
The article by Carli Broseau focused on a run-down (no pun intended) of the development that is in full swing or being planned in and around downtown Tucson and The University of Arizona.
Perhaps this time around, seventies-style swinging and slutting will actually be feasible—and fair.
With the cooler weather, deer start to move around more and bow and arrow season is in full swing.
Congressman Brad Sherman swings his arm around Congressman Howard Berman during a debate Thursday night in the San Fernando Valley .
Various Artists Swing Around the World Putumayo World Music.
In 2002, 14-year-old Canadian high-schooler Ghyslain Raza used his school's studio to record himself swinging around a metal rod like it was a Star Wars -style lightsaber.
Who wouldn't want to pick up a giant axe and swing it around after winning a game.
Here's another gecko trick: running off a ledge, swinging around, and hiding on the underside of ledge.
District Volleyball is in full swing around the area.
Congressman Brad Sherman swings his arm around Congressman Howard Berman during a debate Thursday night in the San Fernando Valley.
Flower and garden shows are in full swing around the country and elsewhere in the world.

In science:

If we swing S once around ∂iB , then the resulting arc remains disjoint from R but now leaves ∂iB before R.
On 4-Manifolds, Folds and Cusps
We first swing Rc once around the boundary of A so that the resulting reference path R(cid:48) c is adjacent to R1 and thus γ (R(cid:48) c ) is geometrically dual to γ (R1 ).
On 4-Manifolds, Folds and Cusps
Furthermore, it is easy to see that any two reference paths which have the same reference points and hit the same fold arc become isotopic after suitably swinging around the boundary components of A.
On 4-Manifolds, Folds and Cusps
Now, by further swinging all of S (cid:48) simultaneously, but this time independently around the boundary components, we can match the two first reference paths and thus the whole reference systems.
On 4-Manifolds, Folds and Cusps
Thus swinging around the lower genus boundary does not change the circuit.
On 4-Manifolds, Folds and Cusps
If we take the canonical reference system for wS and swing the last reference path once around the boundary, we obtain a reference system which induces S .
On 4-Manifolds, Folds and Cusps
As noted above, there is a glimmer of hope for the lowest velocities and smallest angles, where the swing in the curves around the true distance is not too dramatic.
Uses and limitations of relativistic jet proper motions: lessons from galactic microquasars
Doppler swing due to our orbit around the sun, and there is not.
Astrophysics in 2005