• WordNet 3.6
    • n suppresser an electrical device for suppressing unwanted currents
    • n suppresser a gene that suppresses the phenotypic expression of another gene (especially of a mutant gene)
    • n suppresser someone who suppresses "dictators are suppressors of free speech"
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die
    • n suppresser One who suppresses; a suppressor.
    • ***


  • Thomas Carlyle
    “Talk that does not end in any kind of action is better suppressed altogether.”
  • Benjamin Franklin
    “It is much easier to suppress a first desire than to satisfy those that follow.”
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    “Some facts should be suppressed, or, at least, a just sense of proportion should be observed in treating them.”
  • Marcus T. Cicero
    “Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered.”
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald
    “The intimate revelations of young men, or at least the terms in which they express them, are usually plagiaristic and marred by obvious suppressions.”
  • Aleister Crowley
    “Modern morality and manners suppress all natural instincts, keep people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales.”


In literature:

Sex is practically suppressed.
"Books and Habits from the Lectures of Lafcadio Hearn" by Lafcadio Hearn
Indeed his voice was more than gruff: it betrayed ill-suppressed passion.
"The Empty House And Other Ghost Stories" by Algernon Blackwood
The Viceroy had abundant occupation suppressing the feuds both of the Irish and the colonists.
"An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800" by Mary Frances Cusack
A suppressed titter rippled around the tables.
"The Meadow-Brook Girls Under Canvas" by Janet Aldridge
Some there were, doubtless, who failed to achieve distinction because they had no foreign foe to oppose, no internal rebellion to suppress.
"The Awakening of China" by W.A.P. Martin
Opium-smoking was much indulged in until the use of the drug was forcibly suppressed (1906-16).
"Myths and Legends of China" by E. T. C. Werner
By armies under command; by military organization and authority, advancing to suppress insurrection and rebellion.
"American Eloquence, Volume IV. (of 4) Studies In American Political History (1897)" by Various
And he suppressed all robber-gangs with a mighty hand.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 1"
Adequate measures were then taken for the systematic suppression of the evil.
"Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official" by William Sleeman
He points out various dangers from the proposed suppression of he Philippine-Mexican trade.
"The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Volume XVII, 1609-1616" by Various

In poetry:

Cheerful at the board's head she sat,
Meek in the firelight dreamed.
The shining angel she suppressed,
And only woman seemed.
"Immortal Eve - IV" by Manmohan Ghose
"But hark! his welcome feet are near—
Thy rising grief suppress:
By darkness veil'd, he hastens here
To comfort and to bless."
"An American Tale" by Helen Maria Williams
So she bowed her forehead lowly,
Tightened her tiara holy;
And, with every sigh suppressed,
Clasped her hands on passion's breast.
"Lita of the Nile" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore
Suppressing, with sublime self-slight,
The awful face of that distress
Which fell upon her youth like blight,
She shone like happiness.
"In Memoriam~ -- Alice Fane Gunn Stenhouse" by Henry Kendall
When waking, on my heaving breast
I felt a hand as cold as death:
A sudden fear my voice suppress'd,
A chilling terror stopp'd my breath.
"The Hall Of Justice" by George Crabbe
Unnumbered are the pearls and fair,
If burdens of the weary share;
And deeply wrought with threads of gold,
If smiles of peace suppress our woe.
"The Cross Of Pearls" by Mary Alice Walton

In news:

Chief weapons in this effort are voter suppression and billionaire campaign funding.
Judge denies request to suppress Pierick statement in enticement case.
A Waukesha County judge Thursday denied a bid to suppress a statement Brian Pierick gave to investigators regarding a child enticement case.
With her "pizza bomber" trial about a week away, Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong and her lawyer will appear in federal court in Erie today to ask a judge to suppress evidence in her case.
Merv Griffin's 'Quartre-Sexuality' Suppressed in Times Obituary. file photo Former Michigan Gov Jennifer Granholm said election reform efforts are attempts to suppress Democratic voters.
Attorney General Investigates Voter Suppression.
Election suppression is "unbelievably awful ".
FitzGibbon Media hails decision by Bain Capital's Clear Channel to take down "voter suppression" billboards funded by unnamed backer.
Now that it's been resolved that photo IDs won't be required in the current election, can we move on to other measures that enhance, not suppress, turnout.
"The GOP's efforts to suppress the black vote became a stimulus for black voters," the Rev.
Chesapeake Energy is sending the Carthage , Texas Fire Department one of its former work trucks this week in the hopes of strengthening the group's training and fire suppressant abilities.
Not only for private use, but for fire suppression.
Robo-calls: Ehrlich aide, consultant accused of trying to suppress black vote.
The club must not only renovate the building, built in 1937, but also add a fire suppression system.

In science:

This means that the literal ansatz (14) would suppress the effect by a factor of 3 to 4, yet 1/mc corrections may be thought to softening this suppression.
On Extracting Heavy Quark Parameters from Moments with Cuts
To summarize, the cuts essentially decreasing the hardness in B decays introduce terms some of which are exponentially suppressed though only in the effective hardness, but not suppressed by powers of the heavy quark mass.
On Extracting Heavy Quark Parameters from Moments with Cuts
In this approach, experiments search for effects that are heavily suppressed at ordinary energies, e.g., with suppression factors proportional to the ratio of a low-energy scale to the Planck scale.
Lorentz and CPT Tests in Matter and Antimatter
These results show no hadron or jet suppression in dAu implying that the suppression is NOT present in the nuclear wavefunction.
Exploring QCD with Heavy Ion Collisions
This suppression of th e flux, usually named the ”GZK suppression,” is generic to all models where UHECRs are protons produced by a homogeneous distribution of extra-Galactic sources.
High energy cosmic-rays: puzzles, models, and giga-ton neutrino telescopes