• WordNet 3.6
    • v summarize give a summary (of) "he summed up his results","I will now summarize"
    • v summarize be a summary of "The abstract summarizes the main ideas in the paper"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Summarize To comprise in, or reduce to, a summary; to present briefly.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • summarize To make a summary or abstract of; reduce to or express in a summary; state or represent briefly. Also spelled summarise.
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In literature:

It summarizes and arranges, and thus separates the achieved results from the actual steps by which they were forthcoming in the first instance.
"The Child and the Curriculum" by John Dewey
Their plans for the morrow may be summarized in what has been stated.
"Up the Forked River" by Edward Sylvester Ellis
If Dagonet be accepted as summarizing the early French work, we can conclude that their generalizations were on the whole quite sound.
"Benign Stupors" by August Hoch
Ravenel, in summarizing the work of Drs.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle" by U.S. Department of Agriculture
Let me here summarize some of the ideas and principles in which "Leaves of Grass" has its root, and from which it starts.
"Whitman" by John Burroughs
The history of the movement under Laud it is only possible briefly to summarize.
"Presbyterian Worship" by Robert Johnston
All the above conclusions are summarized, as nearly as may be, in the words of the authors of the respective articles.
"Communism and Christianism" by William Montgomery Brown
Of the two types the summarizing lead is by far the more common and may be considered first.
"News Writing" by M. Lyle Spencer
It will here be enough to summarize the various impressions and experiences which are there described in detail.
"Memoirs of Life and Literature" by W. H. Mallock
The story of Unction may be summarized very shortly.
"The Church: Her Books and Her Sacraments" by E. E. Holmes
All information about Chaucer's life available in 1900 will be found summarized by Mr R.E.G.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 1" by Various
Together, we summarized what he'd told us, while Napier puzzled over it.
"Let'em Breathe Space" by Lester del Rey
What, in all probability, he did believe, however, may be summarized as follows.
"A Critical History of Greek Philosophy" by W. T. Stace
Let me briefly summarize the functions of the public library.
"The Library and Society" by Various
Here, for instance, is a portion of the paragraph in which he summarizes the beginnings of science in modern Europe (page 298).
"The Popes and Science" by James J. Walsh
Dey make 'em in summare so it dry by wintare.
"In the Van; or, The Builders" by John Price-Brown
So great an overturn, however, involved other changes in the territorial system, which may be briefly summarized.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 8" by Various
His services previous to that date may be summarized in a few sentences.
"The Canadian Portrait Gallery - Volume 3 (of 4)" by John Charles Dent
This chapter has as its mission the summarizing of the needs of magazines of every class.
"Making Your Camera Pay" by Frederick C. Davis
To summarize, the apparent abrupt ending of a searchlight beam is purely an optical illusion.
"Visual Illusions" by Matthew Luckiesh

In news:

Start by summarizing your responsibilities and tasks, then create sensible guidelines for designating their priority level.
If you can't summarize the intended result of your speech in one sentence, your intent isn't clear.
Which summarizes the feelings of many Democratic voters.
Our partners at the International Mountain Bicycling Association posted a great blog summarizing the insight from last night's keynote speaker, Mark McKinnon.
Mike Masnick summarizes a new article by Jonathan Masur in the Yale Law Journal.
FAIRBANKS — "Short & Sweet" can best be summarized as "theater for the ADD audience.
Regional Project watchdog Ed Mitchell, who unsuccessfully challenged Supervisor Lou Calcagno for the District 2 seat last November, has prepared a table summarizing the meetings Steve Collins billed RMC for last year.
Last week, The New York Times Magazine published a lengthy story that can be summarized in a sentence: The NBA is doing well in Oklahoma City.
Survey responses will be summarized and the results will be presented to the board this summer prior to planning of the 2013 fiscal budget.
Survey responses will be summarized and the results will be presented to the board this summer prior to planning of the 2013 fiscal year budget.
Many Americans, maybe even most, have come to believe that our form of democracy can be summarized in just two words: "majority rules".
I'll summarize the firewall 's features here.
Table 1 summarizes a small selection from the 1:1 balun universe with the relevant specifications pulled from the vendor data sheets.
These have been summarized into five broad priority areas to guide future research activities and initiatives.
Whether we like it or not we summarize people we meet everyday.

In science:

The results are summarized in the tables below.
Identifying Half-Twists Using Randomized Algorithm Methods
The self-tuning can now be summarized as follows.
Mechanical oscillations at the cellular scale
The modular property of these functions is summarized in Appendix A.
Closed String Tachyons in Non-supersymmetric Heterotic Theories
In this appendix, we summarize the modular properties of various functions.
Closed String Tachyons in Non-supersymmetric Heterotic Theories
The estimates of the magnetization scaling dimension, xm , in Eq.(2.10) at different disorder parameter, ω , are summarized in Table I.
The Random-bond Potts model in the large-q limit
This result is summarized by Eq. (21) and by Eq. (50) of the text, which give the dominant behaviour throughout the region t ≪ Y ≪ t2 .
Diffusion corrections to the hard pomeron
Summarizing, L (S (R+ )) is a complete nuclear *-algebra.
An Algebraic Formulation of Quantum Decoherence
In section 2, the details of the numerical techniques are summarized.
Quenched bond dilution in two-dimensional Potts models
In this section we summarize some results from that will be needed.
Clifford correspondence for algebras
In this section, we summarize some of the results of and show how they follow from this note.
Clifford correspondence for algebras
The above facts can be summarized as follows.
The nonabelian bar resolution
The results are again summarized in Table 2.
A Synthesis of Data from Fundamental Plane and Surface Brightness Fluctuation Surveys
In the following appendices we give more details on some of the above parameters and assumptions, and summarize other applications of this model.
Social Effects in Simple Computer Model of Ageing
Some operation properties of translation operator ˆUǫ are summarized below.
Gauge Theory of Gravity
For each random matrix class, the defining relations for p and c are summarized in Table 2.
A Classification of random Dirac fermions