sudden death


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n sudden death (sports) overtime in which play is stopped as soon as one contestant scores; e.g. football and golf
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  • Gerald Brenan
    Gerald Brenan
    “Middle age snuffs out more talent than even wars or sudden death does.”


In literature:

And then she felt glad, suddenly remembering how rich she was now, since the death of her father.
"December Love" by Robert Hichens
But my death will not be so sudden, father.
"Love and Intrigue A Play" by Friedrich Schiller
The sudden death of Shubin's father very nearly effected a complete transformation in the young man's future.
"On the Eve" by Ivan Turgenev
But the execution of Philip's orders was prevented by the sudden death of Santa Cruz.
"By England's Aid" by G. A. Henty
We did our business amidst battle, murder, and sudden death.
"Tomaso's Fortune and Other Stories" by Henry Seton Merriman
Suddenly Cadoudal appeared, erect, a pistol in each hand; it was the death of two men; two men fell.
"The Companions of Jehu" by Alexandre Dumas, père
His rapier hung in the skirt of my coat, so close had I been to sure and sudden death.
"The Yeoman Adventurer" by George W. Gough
I have not called on me the hand of God, but it is terror in my body, like that which brings sudden death.
"Egyptian Tales, First Series, IVth To XIIth Dynasty" by W. M. Flinders Petrie
Nothing in Helen's state forbodes sudden death by natural means.
"Lucretia, Complete" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
The sudden death of a man like Egerton had even in those excited times created intense, though brief sensation.
"My Novel, Complete" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
He told hospital stories bearing on deaths sudden and unexpected; some of them he treated in a jocular vein.
"Blind Love" by Wilkie Collins
Death, quick, short and sudden, this I am ready for.
"Diary of a U-Boat Commander" by Anonymous
After her father's sudden death, the shelter, such as it was, of his name and companionship was withdrawn.
"The History of David Grieve" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
She has been looking battle, murder, and sudden death at me ever since.
"The Virginians" by William Makepeace Thackeray
Godfrey felt as if suddenly damned; and his hell was death.
"Mary Marston" by George MacDonald
The death of Greeley fell upon the country with a sudden shock.
"Marse Henry, Complete" by Henry Watterson
I'm the man they call Sudden Death and General Desolation!
"Life On The Mississippi, Part 1." by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
We announce with regret the death of Major Sir William Palliser, which took place suddenly on February 4, 1882.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 324, March 18, 1882" by Various
It would only be an act of mercy to the colonists, who lived in momentary fear, not so much of sudden death as of barbarous torture.
"The Minute Boys of the Mohawk Valley" by James Otis
Constance, on the morrow of Maurice's sudden death, was like one who has just lost a limb.
"Fruitfulness Fecondite" by Emile Zola

In poetry:

She covers her face with her blanket,
Her fierce soul hates her breath,
As it cries with a sudden passion
For life or death.
"The Half-Breed Girl" by Duncan Campbell Scott
"Before thy face the shades of death
Shall take to sudden flight;
The people who in darkness dwell
Shall hail a glorious light;
"Hymn VI. Behold! th' Ambassador Divine" by John Logan
The tempest as its sudden swell
In gusty howlings came,
With cold and death-like feelings seem'd
To thrill his shuddering frame.
"Lord William" by Robert Southey
The cannon's sudden, sullen boom,--
The bells that toll of death and doom,--
The rolling of the drums,--
The dreadful Car that comes?
"Abraham Lincoln: An Horatian Ode" by Richard Henry Stoddard
When waking, on my heaving breast
I felt a hand as cold as death:
A sudden fear my voice suppress'd,
A chilling terror stopp'd my breath.
"The Hall Of Justice" by George Crabbe
And stops where the yawning chasm,
Shows the yawning wave beneath,
And she knows with sudden horror,
That she has been brought to her death
"A Legend Of Buckingham Village" by Nora Pembroke

In news:

And when these deaths happen suddenly, or under suspicious circumstances, we assume there will be a thorough investigation, just like we see on CSI.
Most of 4,000 sudden infant deaths a year are preventable , studies show.
Drossman Lehmann Marino has begun a national print and television campaign about sudden infant death syndrome.
Price Cutter goes to sudden-death playoff.
Exclusive video interview with the rap star a few short months before his sudden death.
Recent research reveals that sleeping with a fan on reduces a baby's risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
The Detroit Red Wings will hold a special ' Relive the Rivalry' viewing party to celebrate Detroit's unforgettable sudden-death victory over Colorado in 1997.
I just caught Joe Torre's locker room press conference minutes after the Yankees' sudden-death 6-5 loss to the Twins, and it was amazing.
Congregants at the Newark church where Whitney Houston got her start came together Sunday to mourn her sudden death.
The Remsen Lady Rams are the Section III Class D champions for the first time ever after beating Copenhagen 2-1 in sudden death overtime on Saturday.
The sudden death of a young alum from the Class of 2005 is being felt by those still on campus.
As anyone could understand, Whitney's only child, 18 year old Bobbie Kristina is not taking her mothers sudden death well at all.
McKnight served the parish elementary school from 1995 until his sudden death Nov 30.
Poisoning suspected in sudden death of coroner's official.
Scientists square off over causes and treatments of Sudden Oak Death.

In science:

Usually sudden death of Entanglement is associated with the environmental effects.
Entanglement and teleportation via chaotic system
Recently, the dynamics of QD has attracted more attentions, such as the robustness of QD to sudden death , QD in Heisenberg models and Non-Markovian effect of QD .
Robustness of quantum discord to sudden death in NMR
But for a longer time, namely, near relaxation scales, the entanglement manifests a sequence of sudden deaths and revivals, and final ly disappears completely.
Robustness of quantum discord to sudden death in NMR
In a dynamical process, the phenomenon of entanglement disappears in a finite time is named entanglement sudden death .
Robustness of quantum discord to sudden death in NMR
We show analytically that initial entanglement has an interesting subsequent time evolution, including the so-called sudden death effect.
Sudden Death of Entanglement of Two Jaynes-Cummings Atoms
Particularly, we have shown that entanglement can decay to zero abruptly, in a finite time, a phenomenon termed entanglement sudden death [4, 5].
Sudden Death of Entanglement of Two Jaynes-Cummings Atoms
The main result is the appearance of entanglement sudden death in a new environment, the first instance of sudden death without decoherence in the traditional sort.
Sudden Death of Entanglement of Two Jaynes-Cummings Atoms
Below is Leonid Vaksman’s monograph “Quantum bounded symmetric domains” (in Russian), which remains unfinished due to his sudden death.
Quantum Bounded Symmetric Domains
We reveal the possibility of realizing the phenomenon of entanglement sudden death as well as the entanglement sudden birth acting on the environment.
Entanglement sudden death and sudden birth in two uncoupled spins
Quite recently it has been shown that entanglement in two qubits system can experience sudden death and sudden birth.
Entanglement sudden death and sudden birth in two uncoupled spins
We have proved the possibility of realizing periodic sudden death and birth of the entanglement in the two not interacting spins appropriately choosing the initial condition of the environment.
Entanglement sudden death and sudden birth in two uncoupled spins
In addition, we identify parameter values and initial conditions at which the atoms remain separable or are entangled without retardation during the entire evolution time, but exhibit the phenomena of sudden birth and sudden death of entanglement when the retardation is included.
Effect of retardation on the dynamics of entanglement between atoms
The effect of the retardation on the phenomena of sudden death, revival and sudden birth of entanglement is also discussed.
Effect of retardation on the dynamics of entanglement between atoms
In particular, we identify parameters and initial conditions, in which the atoms remain separable without retardation throughout the entire evolution time, but exhibit sudden birth and death of entanglement with retardation, and vice versa.
Effect of retardation on the dynamics of entanglement between atoms
This effect, however, is not sudden death of entanglement because C(t) does not become exactly zero.
Effect of retardation on the dynamics of entanglement between atoms