• WordNet 3.6
    • n suburb a residential district located on the outskirts of a city
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Metro subway of Washington, DC, has several really deep stations. Its Forrest Glen station - in the Maryland suburbs - is 196 feet deep and has the longest subway escalator in the Western Hemisphere. But MOST of the subway stations in Leningrad are deeper than that.
    • Suburb An outlying part of a city or town; a smaller place immediately adjacent to a city; in the plural, the region which is on the confines of any city or large town; as, a house stands in the suburbs; a garden situated in the suburbs of Paris. "In the suburbs of a town.""London] could hardly have contained less than thirty or forty thousand souls within its walls; and the suburbs were very populous."
    • Suburb Hence, the confines; the outer part; the environment. "The suburbs . . . of sorrow.""The suburb of their straw-built citadel."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n suburb An outlying part of a city or town; a part outside of the city boundaries but adjoining them: often used in the plural to signify loosely some part near a city: as, a garden situated in the suburbs of London. The form suburbs was formerly often used as a singular.
    • n suburb The confines; the outskirts.
    • suburb Suburban; suited to the suburbs, or to the less well regulated parts of a city.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Suburb the district which is near but beyond the walls of a city: the confines, outskirts
    • n Suburb one living in a suburb
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  • Philip Guedalla
    Philip Guedalla
    “I had always imagined that Clich? was a suburb of Paris, until I discovered it to be a street in Oxford.”
  • Cyril Connolly
    “Slums may well be breeding-grounds of crime, but middle-class suburbs are incubators of apathy and delirium.”
  • Jorge Luis Borges
    “I cannot walk through the suburbs in the solitude of the night without thinking that the night pleases us because it suppresses idle details, just as our memory does.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. suburbium,; sub, under, below, near + urbs, a city. See Urban


In literature:

Thence we passed into the Maabidah (northern suburb), where the Sherif's palace is built.
"Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 7" by Various
At Nancy, no one; whoever it was, had gone to a street in one of the suburbs.
"A Nest of Spies" by Pierre Souvestre
This is a suburb of Honolulu and is called Kupalama.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. 26, October, 1880" by Various
Next comes Geelong, which, with its suburbs, has 21,000.
"Six Letters From the Colonies" by Robert Seaton
The latter suburb already contains nearly ten thousand inhabitants.
"Aztec Land" by Maturin M. Ballou
In the suburbs the illuminations were general but simple in design.
"The Last Voyage" by Lady (Annie Allnutt) Brassey
The remains of the Black Friars' monastery are in the Widemarsh suburb.
"England, Picturesque and Descriptive" by Joel Cook
Partial attacks were continued against the suburbs, but the Russians obstinately maintained themselves there.
"Through Russian Snows" by G. A Henty
Thus, in the course of a generation only, this city and its suburb have arisen.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition" by Robert Louis Stevenson
She has hired a van and ridden about the suburbs pretending to sell domestic articles.
"An Ocean Tramp" by William McFee

In poetry:

There is no Death! What seems so is transition;
This life of mortal breath
Is but a suburb of the life elysian,
Whose portal we call Death.
"By The Fireside : Resignation" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Yes, I shall swear by you, my verse,
I shall wheeze out, before I swoon:
You're not a tenor's shape and voice,
You're summer travelling third class,
You are a suburb, not a tune.
"Poetry" by Boris Pasternak
The skylarks are far behind that sang over the down;
I can hear no more those suburb nightingales;
Thrushes and blackbirds sing in the gardens of the town
In vain: the noise of man, beast, and machine prevails.
"Good-Night" by Edward Thomas
and seeing her feet, in a visit, side by side
paused on the sill of The Tomb, she shrank: 'No.
They are not worthy,
fondled by many' and rushed from The Crucified
back through her followers out of the city ho
across the suburbs, plucky
"Dream Song 47: April Fool's Day, or, St Mary of Egypt" by John Berryman
Jiggs owned a bijou villa in a little suburb here;
His wife was small but precious, and their baby was a dear;
But a fly in William’s ointment (and intrude such creatures will)
Was his father, known about the neighborhood as “Bill.”
"William And Bill" by Edward Dyson
But for him it was his last afternoon as himself,
An afternoon of nurses and rumours;
The provinces of his body revolted,
The squares of his mind were empty,
Silence invaded the suburbs,
The current of his feeling failed; he became his admirers.
"In Memory Of W.B. Yeats" by W H Auden

In news:

Now back on the campaign trail, the GOP presidential candidate is in battleground state of Colorado on Thursday, trying to sway independent voters in Denver suburbs.
Kid Rock spent Saturday (August 18) helping to give an Army sergeant and his wife the surprise of a lifetime: A free new home in a northern Detroit suburb.
Are two tiers of bus service really fair, and are affluent suburbs getting more than their share of the bucks.
Just south of the centre in the leafy suburb of Montigny-le-Tilleul is a trio of exceptional restaurants.
Today, many suburbs are even more attractive to people with kids — or at least more affordable — because that's where home prices fell hardest during the housing crash.
With the sentencing of former governor Rod Blagojevich just over three weeks away, a group of jurors from his retrial got together Sunday night in the northwest suburbs.
The Orland Grassland preserve area in the southwest suburbs will grow by more than 1,000 acres with the purchase of new land.
Forest District purchases another 162 acres of grassland in southwest suburbs.
Sar Eppel's series of stories set in a shabby Moscow suburb may take place during the 1940's, but they could easily be happening in contemporary Russia -- or the Russia of the 19th century.
Population growth slows, especially in far suburbs.
A retired couple from the London suburb of Bedford unknowingly tended to a marijuana plant they bought at a flea market.
Suburbs' reaction to court ruling on schools ' guardedly optimistic'.
Hailing from Brooklyn — via Brazil (Isabel Almeida, 27) and a woodsy suburb of Philadelphia (Derek Watson, 29) — Hunters met in late 2009 while working at an arcade in New York's Chinatown.
Handout photo of Jessica Ridgeway, who vanished after leaving for school in the Denver suburb of Westminster, Colorado.
Other than that, about 30 Buffalo Bills conducted a workout sans pigskin Monday morning at Sahlen's Sports Park in the bucolic suburbs.

In science:

For the LN, we can see that there is a large concentration of intersections in the centre, while the suburbs have a more homogeneous shape characterised by high peaks.
Random planar graphs and the London street network
UDEM is a small private college observatory having Minor Planet Center Code 720 located in the suburbs of Monterrey, M ´exico.
TASTE. III. A homogeneous study of transit time variations in WASP-3b
One had the choice of simulating a rather large area (e.g. the metropolitan area of Los Angeles) at a low fidelity (vehicle densities instead of individual vehicles) or simulating a small excerpt (e.g. a suburb) at a high resolution.
Experiences with a simplified microsimulation for the Dallas/Fort Worth area
An urban agglomeration is distinct from a city and is usually defined as an extended city or town area comprising the built-up area of a central place (usually a municipality) and any suburbs linked by continuous urban area.
Robust Statistical Tests of Dragon-Kings beyond Power Law Distributions
El Campillo ” lake of Madrid’s Southeast Regional Park, outside the suburb of Rivas Vaciamadrid.
Field Geology with a Wearable Computer: First Results of the Cyborg Astrobiologist System