• WordNet 3.6
    • v subside wear off or die down "The pain subsided"
    • v subside descend into or as if into some soft substance or place "He sank into bed","She subsided into the chair"
    • v subside sink down or precipitate "the mud subsides when the waters become calm"
    • v subside sink to a lower level or form a depression "the valleys subside"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Self-made millionaire Cyrus Field championed the idea of a telegraph from England to Newfoundland. Britain quickly agreed to subsidize. Congress went along by a one-vote margin. That was in 1856. Laying cable was tough. It kept breaking. The first line - two years later - died almost immediately. But 10 years later, there were two working lines. Communications changed forever.
    • Subside To fall into a state of quiet; to cease to rage; to be calmed; to settle down; to become tranquil; to abate; as, the sea subsides; the tumults of war will subside; the fever has subsided . "In cases of danger, pride and envy naturally subside ."
    • Subside To sink or fall to the bottom; to settle, as lees.
    • Subside To tend downward; to become lower; to descend; to sink. "Heaven's subsiding hill."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • subside To sink or fall to the bottom; settle, as lees from a state of motion or agitation.
    • subside To cease from action, especially violent action or agitation; fall into a state of quiet; be calmed; become tranquil; abate: as, the storm subsided; passion subsides.
    • subside To fall to a lower level; tend downward; sink; fall; contract after dilatation.
    • subside To stop talking; be quiet; be less conspicuous: as, you had better subside.
    • subside Synonyms Abate, Subside. Intermit (see abate); retire, lull.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Subside sub-sīd′ to settle down: to settle at the bottom: to fall into a state of quiet: to sink to a lower level:
    • v.i Subside sub-sīd′ (coll.) to cease talking, to take a less prominent place
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  • Joseph A. Schumpeter
    Joseph A. Schumpeter
    “Capitalism inevitably and by virtue of the very logic of its civilization creates, educates and subsidizes a vested interest in social unrest.”
  • Ronald Reagan
    “Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.”
  • Christopher Fry
    Christopher Fry
    “The moon is nothing but a circumambulating aphrodisiac divinely subsidized to provoke the world into a rising birth-rate.”
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    “It is curious to note the old sea-margins of human thought! Each subsiding century reveals some new mystery; we build where monsters used to hide themselves.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. subsidere,; sub, under, below + sidere, to sit down, to settle; akin to sedere, to sit, E. sit,. See Sit
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. subsidĕresub, down, sidĕre, to settle.


In literature:

There was a game of hide-and-seek on the lawn, and when the shrieks and laughter were subsiding, some one began to sing within.
"The Late Miss Hollingford" by Rosa Mulholland
The thrilling rattle immediately subsided.
"The Saddle Boys of the Rockies" by James Carson
By the time he reached Mrs. Westmore's door his wrath had subsided, and he felt that he had himself well in hand.
"The Fruit of the Tree" by Edith Wharton
Then it quickly subsided.
"The Young Pitcher" by Zane Grey
The girls, whose curiosity had revived as their fears subsided, listened with interest to this rather long speech of the mountain girl.
"The Outdoor Girls in the Saddle" by Laura Lee Hope
The struggle between the Pietists and the Orthodox subsided on the appearance of Wolff's demonstrative philosophy.
"History of Rationalism Embracing a Survey of the Present State of Protestant Theology" by John F. Hurst
Grio's brutal nature broke out once or twice when he had had wine; but discouraged by Basterga, he subsided quickly.
"The Long Night" by Stanley Weyman
Roger's attitude, once openly defiant, had now subsided into a stream of never-ending sarcasm.
"Stand by for Mars!" by Carey Rockwell
After the cheering had subsided we prepared for the descent.
"Sixty Years of California Song" by Margaret Blake-Alverson
I subsided into my chair again, and softly, very softly, hitched it closer to the table which pretended to be a writing-desk.
"Everyman's Land" by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson

In poetry:

Soon shall our doubts and fears
Subside at His control;
His lovingkindness shall break through
The midnight of the soul.
"Your Harps, Ye Trembling Saints" by Augustus Montague Toplady
Then its voice subsides in wailing,
And, ere the dawning of day,
Murmuring fainter and fainter,
In the distance dies away.
"Psychaura" by Henry Howard Brownell
"And is it thus, my friends," she cry'd,
"When every storm is past,
When all our fears at once subside,
Thus do we meet at last!
"Louisa. A Tale." by Jane Bowdler
THOU tranquil friend! to thee I'll fly,
When foes my peace invade;
With thee shall ev'ry care subside,
Nor storms thy realms invade.
"Address To Solitude" by Elizabeth Bath
Soon the dazzled light subsided,
And he seem'd a beauteous youth,
Form'd to gain the maiden's murmurs,
And to pledge the vows of truth.
"Daphne" by George Meredith
HELP , Master, help!—we sink—our toil is vain—
We perish—help!—the faint disciples cried:
The Saviour rose and look'd upon the main,
And lo! the billows at his word subside.
"To Mrs. Fry" by Joanna Baillie

In news:

Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables.
To Subsidize 25% of Electric Car's Price.
All the News That's Fit to Subsidize .
We Can't Subsidize the Banks Forever.
It looks like the Italians will be getting a subsidized iPhone, too.
'River' subsides, Charles Street businesses re-open.
Post Thrombotic Syndrome usually subsides with time, although there is little data to give you an evidence based answer to the problem.
But once the rage subsides, realize that doing nothing would be disastrous.
The flight delays that hit American Airlines Inc in late September seem to have subsided, but the carrier is acknowledging that an apology is in order.
An effort to unionize state-subsidized child care providers remains in limbo after a second court hearing Wednesday in Ramsey County.
With traffic at the malls subsiding steadily throughout the month, same-store sales came in well beneath plan for the fifth and final week of June, producing lackluster results for the entire month, the Johnson Redbook Index reported.
Council Speaker Christine Quinn unveiled a plan today for the city to buy unsold luxury condominiums and turn them into subsidized housing for middle-income families.
A reader writes out against abortions being subsidized as a mandated provision in the health care bill.
Cass said Mr Romney's answer was not to tax emissions, impose new regulations or subsidize clean energy ventures.
Federal flood insurance subsidizes risks.

In science:

First, we discuss the degree to which the condensation process of large-scale perturbations generates large velocities, and the times required for them to subside.
The nonlinear development of the thermal instability in the atomic ISM and its interaction with random fluctuations
In particular, we seek to determine the physical perturbation sizes at which the condensation develops supersonic velocities, the times needed for these velocities to subside, and the state of the leftover diffuse gas, which, as we shall see, contains significant fractions of mass still in the unstable density range.
The nonlinear development of the thermal instability in the atomic ISM and its interaction with random fluctuations
Nevertheless, it is reasonable to assume that the number of resonances involved is constant, of order l∞ , and therefore the extreme tail of the distribution should subside at large L at the rate ∼ l∞/L.
Resonance width distribution for high-dimensional random media
An advantage of the acoustic mechanism is that acoustic power does not abate until accretion subsides, so that it is available as long as it may be needed to explode the star.
Multi-Dimensional Explorations in Supernova Theory
This refinement is essential for obtaining a physically meaningful description since it ensures both that there is an interface tension between the two coexisting phases and that the spinodal growth rates subside at large wave numbers.
Spinodal phase separation in relativistic nuclear collisions