• WordNet 3.6
    • v subscribe adopt as a belief "I subscribe to your view on abortion"
    • v subscribe mark with one's signature; write one's name (on) "She signed the letter and sent it off","Please sign here"
    • v subscribe receive or obtain regularly "We take the Times every day"
    • v subscribe offer to buy, as of stocks and shares "The broker subscribed 500 shares"
    • v subscribe pay (an amount of money) as a contribution to a charity or service, especially at regular intervals "I pledged $10 a month to my favorite radio station"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Subscribe To attest by writing one's name beneath; as, officers subscribe their official acts, and secretaries and clerks subscribe copies or records.
    • Subscribe To become surely; -- with for.
    • Subscribe To declare over one's signature; to publish. "Either or must shortly hear from him, or I will subscribe him a coward."
    • Subscribe To enter one's name for a newspaper, a book, etc.
    • Subscribe To give consent to something written, by signing one's name; hence, to assent; to agree. "So spake, so wished, much humbled Eve; but Fate Subscribed not."
    • Subscribe To promise to give, by writing one's name with the amount; as, each man subscribed ten dollars.
    • Subscribe To set one's name to a paper in token of promise to give a certain sum.
    • Subscribe To sign away; to yield; to surrender.
    • Subscribe To sign one's name to a letter or other document.
    • Subscribe To sign with one's own hand; to give consent to, as something written, or to bind one's self to the terms of, by writing one's name beneath; as, parties subscribe a covenant or contract; a man subscribes a bond. "All the bishops subscribed the sentence."
    • Subscribe To write underneath, as one's name; to sign (one's name) to a document. "They subscribed their names under them."
    • Subscribe To yield; to admit one's self to be inferior or in the wrong. "I will subscribe , and say I wronged the duke."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • subscribe To write beneath: said of what is so written or of the handwriting.
    • subscribe Hence To sign with one's own hand.
    • subscribe By extension To give consent to, as to something written, or to bind one's self to, by Writing one's name beneath: as, to subscribe a covenant or contract. In law subscribe implies a written or printed signature at the end of a document. See sign, 2.
    • subscribe To attest by writing one's name beneath.
    • subscribe To promise to give or pay, by writing one's name under a written or printed agreement: as, each subscribed $10.
    • subscribe To resign; transfer by signing to another.
    • subscribe To write down or characterize as.
    • subscribe To promise a certain sum verbally, or by signing an agreement; specifically, to undertake to pay a definite amount, in a manner or on conditions agreed upon, for a special purpose: as, to subscribe for a newspaper or for a book (which may be delivered in instalments); to subscribe to a series of entertainments; to subscribe for railway stock; also, to contribute money to any enterprise, benevolent object, etc. In law the word implies that the agreement is made in writing.
    • subscribe To give consent; assent as if by signing one's name.
    • subscribe To yield; submit.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Subscribe sub-skrīb′ to write underneath: to give consent to something written, or to attest, by writing one's name underneath: to sign one's name: to promise to give or pay, or to take, as a copy of a book, by attaching one's name: to attest by attaching one's signature
    • v.i Subscribe to promise a certain sum by setting one's name to a paper: to enter one's name for anything
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. subscribere, subscriptum,; sub, under + scribere, to write: cf. F. souscrire,. See Scribe


In literature:

For these purposes a fund was contributed: twenty-four persons subscribed L50 each on the spot.
"The History of Tasmania, Volume I (of 2)" by John West
The shares of this company were rapidly subscribed for.
"Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay
By going in different parts of the country, I have got about enough subscribed and paid to finish it.
"The Story of My Life" by Egerton Ryerson
Before the close of the evening some $17,000 had been subscribed, including $750 from His Royal Highness.
"The Life of King Edward VII" by J. Castell Hopkins
The books were opened February 26, 1696, and the very first subscriber was Anne, dutchess of Hamilton.
"An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America" by J. P. MacLean
In December, 1611, she conveyed a house to William Mountford for L131, and Judith Shakespeare was a subscribing witness.
"Shakespeare's Family" by Mrs. C. C. Stopes
They listened, breathless, while I poured out the story of the terrific rush of Amalgamated subscribers.
"Frenzied Finance" by Thomas W. Lawson
Is given to the new subscribers, or the Bust Premium.
"How To Behave: A Pocket Manual Of Republican Etiquette, And Guide To Correct Personal Habits" by Samuel R Wells
Price to Subscribers, 15s.
"Notes and Queries, Number 207, October 15, 1853" by Various
It was she, Mr. Editor, who got together so many subscribers for your last translation.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
Up to noon $145,257.18 had been subscribed.
"The Johnstown Horror" by James Herbert Walker
For this purpose Thomas Jefferson helped by subscribing $75.00.
"A Portrait of Old George Town" by Grace Dunlop Ecker
Most people's idea of being better and happier is to make other people subscribe to make them richer.
"The Thread of Gold" by Arthur Christopher Benson
She subscribed to any number of charities, and as the little girl now spoke her eyes became full of a soft light.
"Daddy's Girl" by L. T. Meade
Herring & Co., of London, but since that they have been supplied by local chemists, who are subscribers.
"A History of Horncastle from the earliest period to the present time" by James Conway Walter
The only result of this petition was, that the Reformed were forthwith commanded to subscribe the edict.
"Paul Gerhardt's Spiritual Songs" by Paul Gerhardt
What sums the nation subscribed for the relief of the wives and widows and orphans of the Crimean heroes.
"About London" by J. Ewing Ritchie
A subscribing member pays on admission 5s.
"A Concise History and Directory of the City of Norwich for 1811" by C. Berry
Very liberally must these ancient people have subscribed for the fitting worship of their God.
"The Religious Life of London" by J. Ewing Ritchie
And why am I to ask you, in as civil a manner as I possibly can, to subscribe towards its support?
"Speeches and Addresses of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales: 1863-1888" by Edward VII

In poetry:

Bewitching ill, indors'd with hope;
Subscribed with despair:
Ugly in death, when eyes are ope,
Though life may paint it fair.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. V." by Ralph Erskine
I say, as one who never feared
The wrath of a subscriber's bullet,
I pity him who has a beard
But has no little girl to pull it!
"Beard And Baby" by Eugene Field
"But it knows any friend it has met once before:
It never will look at a bride:
And in charity-meetings it stands at the door,
And collects—though it does not subscribe.
"The Hunting Of The Snark " by Lewis Carroll
Then the wood-cutter gave a golden coin away,
So the crowd subscribed largely without delay;
Which made the poor boy's heart feel gay,
Then the wood-cutter thanked the crowd and went away.
"A Tale of Christmas Eve" by William Topaz McGonagall
Homage to him
His debtor band, innumerable as waves
Running all golden from an eastern sun,
Joyfully render, in deep reverence
Subscribe, and as they speak their Milton's name,
Rays of his glory on their foreheads bear.
"Milton--December 9, 1608: December 9, 1908" by George Meredith
I am very glad to see Henry Irving has sent a hundred pounds,
And I hope his brother actors will subscribe their mite all round;
And if they do it will add honour to their name,
Because whatever is given towards a good cause they will it regain.
"Burning of the Exeter Theatre" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

If you want to download the September 2012 Model Retailer, please enter your subscriber number or subscribe below, it's free.
Larry McMillan's subscribers doubled their money in call options on (CTRP) and United Airline's parent UAL Corp.(UAUA).
Offer valid for new MI subscribers only.
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Lois Chaddick left Winsted with her family in 1927, but she still keeps in touch with the area by subscribing to the Herald Journal newspaper, and reading the McLeod County Historical Society newsletter.
Turning an individual paid content subscriber into a corporate sale.
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Howie, a Birder's World subscriber from Randolph, New Hampshire, was hiking at Cape Perpetua when he came across the owl (Glaucidium gnoma).
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Verizon only throttles if the specific cell tower a "heavy user" subscriber's phone is communicating with is congested at that moment.

In science:

RedGreenCentralized is an independent class which subscribes to the events of the topology by means of the TopologyListener interface.
The JBotSim Library
Albano, M., and Chessa, S. (2009), Publish/subscribe in wireless sensor networks based on data centric storage, in CAMS '09: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Context-Aware Middleware and Services, ACM, New York, NY, USA, pp. 37-42.
Acdmcp: An adaptive and completely distributed multi-hop clustering protocol for wireless sensor networks
RoboComp provides both client/server and publish/subscribe communication models.
Improving the lifecycle of robotics components using Domain-Specific Languages
Similar scenarios exist when providing new interfaces, subscribing or publishing new topics (see for more details).
Improving the lifecycle of robotics components using Domain-Specific Languages
There is a weakening of this property, however, that compacta can subscribe to.
A Survey of Ultraproduct Constructions in General Topology
At this point one might subscribe to the following view.
Heavy Flavour Physics: On Its More Than 50 Years Of History, Its Future And The Rio Manifesto
Before subscribing to a particular proposal for a quantum GR, one may make some progress in terms of very general pictures of what a black hole may look like in quantum gravity. A crucial role is played by the Planck length ℓP , which is like ¯h in the quantum theory of spacetime.
Black hole entropy: classical and quantum aspects
The problems discussed at this meeting are already rewriting the scientific case for the longer term missions and it is hoped that this will be reflected in further improvements in mission design and optimal use of over-subscribed international resources for space astronomy.
X-ray astronomy in the new Millenium. A Summary
Peres’ statement, to which they subscribe, does little to explain why there is no paradox.
Comment on ``Experimental Nonlocality Proof of Quantum Teleportation and Entanglement Swapping'' - by L.C. Ryff
Clients subscribed to a certain list are notified whenever an item changes its value or status.
The COMPASS Experiment at CERN
For arXiv, this is especially visible during the first month after publication: Many users subscribe to announcements listing all new articles.
Recommending Related Papers Based on Digital Library Access Records
Abdalla, N. and Boucherie, R.J. (2002) Blocking probabilities in mobile communications networks with time-varying rates and redialing subscribers.
Loss networks
The above described subscribe operation only defines a mechanism to subscribe at the tuple level.
A Case for a Global Information Network
Subscribing at the graph level requires performing joins across tuple streams.
A Case for a Global Information Network
Larger changes are necessary to support the subscribe operation.
A Case for a Global Information Network